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Greentards shoot themselves in the foot again.

We’re on a roll today! I just posted about how the greentards may have stopped cap & trade in California and we now have a case of them shooting themselves in the foot again. Two in one day, not bad, eh? From the Natural Resource Report we get this little jewel titled “EPA rule jeopardizes 130 renewable energy projects.” You have to love that headline. So, what’s the fuss?

A newly released economic impact study finds that the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule” jeopardizes over 130 renewable energy projects, between 11,000 and 26,000 green jobs, and $18 billion in capital investment across the country. The risk of reduced capacity also could prevent as many as 30 states from meeting national renewable energy targets.


The study finds that the regulatory uncertainty created by the EPA has contributed to stalled investment in at least 23 near-term projects representing 1,519 megawatts of potential electrical capacity while noting that developers of a number of additional projects affected by the rule have chosen to remain anonymous.

So who’s bitching? Seems it’s those forest owners again, like in this article about how the California cap & trade law may induce clear cutting so they can make money from carbon credits by planting new trees after raping the land. You can read their view here.

Regardless who’s doing what to whom, it’s more CO2 Insanity. We have lots of government and private entities push-push-pushing to get all kinds of laws and regulations passed that reflect their point of view or how they can make us do their bidding and/or make a fast buck off the global warming land rush, regardless whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or indifferent.

Meanwhile you have to laugh at them shooting themselves in the foot over and over. Just shows you how ‘good’ their science is and how much ‘thought’ is put into any of this.

Source: Natural Resource Report




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