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Gore denounces global warming!

Today Al Gore denounced global warming. In an apology speech he said……….

Global warming is a fraud and I am ashamed of being conned into believing it!

I have immediately cancelled my order for the new Fisker’s Karma electric car and I have ordered a new Hummer to replace it. The Hummer will have a twin-turbocharged 454 Chevy engine in is that bored out to 515 cubic inches, makes 950 HP and gets 1.2 miles per gallon.

Since being green is no longer a problem with global warming and the drought in California is over I have ordered high-flush toilets for the 9 bathrooms in my new Mansion in Montecito, California. I have also added 3 more heaters and 3 more air conditioning units, the latter of which will be great for cooling me off when I have a hot masseuse over.

Tomorrow I will start writing my new book about global cooling titled “An inconvenient deep freeze,” which will suggest that we start burning more stuff to create more CO2 so we can start warming this planet up before we all freeze to death!

I am also suggesting to President Obama that we immediately start to drill baby drill all over the place. ANWAR? No problem! Deep drilling in the Gulf of Mexico! Go for it! Hell, I’m even going to make sure that off-shore drilling around Santa Barbara is approved again! I can’t wait for the view of all those drilling platforms!

And………if you believe this….. I have a nice bridge that is golden in color that goes from San Francisco, California to Marin County, California and will be accepting bids starting at the minimum bid price of $100 billion.

Have a happy April Fool’s Day!

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California’s drought is over-done-finito-Part Deux


Yes folks. The greentards in Sacramento still want you to think there's a drought!



My oh my! Here’s more proof the drought is over and the greentards in Sacramento and elsewhere are full of untreated sewage. The San Francisco Chronicle has an article today titled ‘Sierra snowpack is one of the biggest on record.” Ummm…hmmmm….so how big is it?

Sierra Nevada snowpack – a key factor in determining the state’s water supply each year – stands at 165 percent of average, a level not seen since 1995 and one that puts the 2010-2011 winter near the top of the record lists.

Statewide, the snow-water content is 165 percent of the April 1 average, compared with 102 percent last year. On the same date in 1995, snowpack was 180 percent; in 1983, it was an astonishing 225 percent.

So how many feet of snow? Well just read this one!

In contrast, a staggering 740 inches of snow have fallen at Donner Summit this winter – one of only four years since 1900 in which totals exceeded 700 inches, according to the Department of Water Resources. The average snowfall for the spot is about 400 inches.

Let’s see…..740 divided by 12 = 61.66 feet.

Drought? What drought? What global warming caused drought? Oh! I know! The warmers will  soon be bantering about how that 61.66 feet of Sierra snow is caused by global warming.

Yeah right!

Source: SF Gate

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UC Berkely Air & Water Radiation Monitoring

If you want a good idea of what kind of radiation is blowing into Northern California from the nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami, you can go to the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering website for your daily update on what kind of dose you’re getting. They are also monitoring rainwater. Click on the source below and it will take you there.

If you go to their Frequently Asked Questions page there are links to two other monitors and other important information such as the half-life of various isotopes.

Source: UC Berkeley Nuclear

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California’s Drought is Over-done-finito


Shasta Lake - Yup! Sure looks empty to me! (NOT) It's only 11.96 feet from being full!


Finally the greentards in Sacramento have awoken! It’s official! According to the San Jose Mercury News the California Drought will be officially over when Governor Jerry Brown announces it tomorrow!

We have areas in the Sierras that have over 50 feet of snow and the reservoirs are filling up fast with a total group average of 115% of normal and the snow-melt hasn’t even started yet.

So next time a greentard tells you there’s a drought in California, or a warmer tells you that there’s a drought in California because of global warming-climate change – climate disruption or whatever lame excuse they have –  tell  him or her to stick it up their aquifer – sideways!

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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Why can’t Caltrans do this?

Remember the Loma Prieta Earthquake in California in 1989? Remember that year, it’s important. The San Francisco Bay Area has languished for over 2 decades now and the new section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is STILL not completed. As of now it’s over a decade overdue and $4 billion over budget and not anticipated to open until sometime in 2014. The construction didn’t even start until 2007, which is 18 years after the earthquake.

Remember the collapse of the Cypress section of the Nimitz Freeway in Oakland? I do, I went down there the day after the earthquake. Seeing it on TV was bad, actually going down there and looking at how this massive concrete structure was torn to shreds was a very humbling experience. I’m certainly glad I wasn’t driving on it when the quake hit. If I was I might not be writing this. Forty-two people were killed on this section of the freeway when it collapsed.

Damage after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake to the Cypress Section of the Nimitz Freeway in Oakland, California, USA

That was an amazing experience on how slow things work in this state, too. This took 9 years to build and wasn’t completed until July, 2007, a ‘mere’ 18 years after the quake at a cost of $1.2 billiion.

So, what happens in Japan with their roads that were destroyed in the recent 9.0 earthquake? Well, it seems they move a lot faster there than we would even think possible with all the BS in California that goes on. You can see the before and after of the road in the photo below.

6 Days to repair this. Caltrans probably would have been at least 6 months

So how long did this take? Well obviously it wasn’t decades or years or even months. It took the Japanese a mere 6 days to repair this section of the road. There were no arguments, no messing around, no lawsuits by the greentards, nope they just hauled ass and fixed it.

My suggestion for Governor Brown is to eliminate  Caltrans and hire the Japanese to fix our roads and bridges. I’d imagine if we’d contracted with them in 1989 the Cypress Section of the Nimitz Freeway and the new Western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge would have been completed over a decade ago and at significantly lower cost.

There’s an old joke about Caltrans that I find amusing……

A lady rushes into the local police station and the Desk Sargent asked “What can I do for you maam?”

The lady says “I was just raped by a Caltrans worker and I want to report it!”

The Desk Sargent asked “How do you know he was a Caltrans worker? Did he have his hard hat on with the Caltrans Logo?”

“No” she says, “but I know he was a Caltrans worker.”

The Desk Sargent asked “Well, did he have his orange Caltrans vest on lady? Is that how you know?”

“No” she says “but I now he was a Caltrans worker.”

The Desk Sargent is now flustered and blurts out “Well lady! If he didn’t have any Caltrans clothes on then how in the hell do you know he was a Caltrans worker?”

She says “Because I had to do all the work!”

Source: The Daily Mail

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Climate Disruption is Really Bank Account Disruption

Well now, here’s some real CO2 Insanity! Think about how the warmers have been and are constantly harping about carbon taxes and carbon trading as a method to eliminate global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or what may be the new name I’m coining – “Bank Account Disruption.”

Remember all the various predictions floating around the internet on how much the temperature will rise in the future? From the EPA’s website we get this bit of nonsense from their take on the 2007 IPCC Report.

  • The average surface temperature of the Earth is likely to increase by 2 to 11.5°F (1.1-6.4°C) by the end of the 21st century, relative to 1980-1990, with a best estimate of 3.2 to 7.2°F (1.8-4.0°C) (see Figure 1). The average rate of warming over each inhabited continent is very likely to be at least twice as large as that experienced during the 20th century.

You can see in the figure below a graph showing the extremely wide range of possibilities predicted by the IPCC. From my point of view they may have done better using a dartboard. I mean with a range like that you just about can’t miss.

The predicted cost of just lowering the Earth’s temperature one lousy degree makes Obama’s proposed 2010 budget of $3.63 trillion look rather miserly. So how much is it? Well according to this article at World Net Daily it will cost only a ‘mere’ $700 trillion to lower the Earth’s temperature by one degree. No that’s not a misprint it’s $700,000,000,000,000 dollars. See why I call it real CO2 Insanity? That’s 7 times the world’s gross production, or we don’t even make enough money to pay for it.

Take the IPCC’s worst high temperature projection of 6.4 degrees centigrade and you have a ‘paltry’ $4,480 trillion dollars. Mind you, we don’t even have the $700 trillion for 1 degree, yet the warmers, in a fit of CO2 Insanity, keep trying to screw us taxpayers out of every penny they can by promoting preposterous claims, use of scare-tactics and plain old brainwashing. Even the EPA has problems with it, though with what goes on with them these days, this is the last thing I’d ever expect to hear.

Citing a study by the EPA’s Dr. Linda M. Chappell and various other sources, the Senate report asserts, “EPA has called the consequences of regulating greenhouse gases under the [Clean Air Act] ‘absurd,’ affecting 6.1 million sources, introducing $78 billion in annual costs, causing ‘at least a decade or longer’ of permit delays, ‘slowing’ construction nationwide for years, ‘introducing burdens that are administratively ‘infeasible,’ ‘overwhelming,’ that will ‘adversely affect national economic development,’ while impacting sources ‘not appropriate at this point to even consider regulating.'”

So, if this is all true (and you just read it from the horse’s mouth above) then why the big push to get rid of coal and oil? Why no drilling? Why do we need ill-advised legislation like California’s global warming law AB32 that will (by the EPA’s own admission) do nothing to save the climate, but will harm California’s economy via raising the cost of just about everything? Why are we wasting money on bird-chopping wind turbines that only make a profit when heavily subsidized? Talk about the big con, this is the ultimate! I mean even Bernie Madoff in his wildest dreams ever thought he’d scam $700 trillion dollars out of anyone!

No this is more CO2 Insanity and it’s proof that the goal isn’t to save the planet from global warming at all, but to rip off as much money as possible from the unsuspecting public, many who genuflect at the altar of the Church of Global Warming and buy into what’s become the globe’s latest religion.

Next time you hear Al Gore at his podium, moaning we’re all going to die from climate disruption, remember to check your wallet to make sure it’s not being disrupted and check your bank account, too. After you’re sure your wallet hasn’t been picked, suggest to Al that he cash the $700 trillion check from Zimbabwe to cover it.

You can read more about it at the source below.

Source: World Net Daily


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MIT Experts Says No Significant Radiation Can Leak from Japan Reactor

Above is a live Geiger counter located in Los Angeles, California, USA that you can watch. If you want to watch it live go here. 60 is considered normal. From what I read there’s not much to get excited about unless it goes over 100.

Top nuclear scientists advise that the reactors at Fukushima damaged by a tsunami and quake cannot explode. Situation is contained.

Dr Josef Oehmen and a team of faculty and staff have set up an information page at  MIT’s Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE). For those concerned about the dangers at the Japanese nuclear disaster should visit the newly launched MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub.

Earlier an initial public statement via a press release  (edited by R Allan) advised the public of the following:

“Up front, the situation is serious, but under control. There was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity. By “significant” I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on, say, a long distance flight, or by drinking a glass of beer that comes from an areas with high levels of natural background radiation. “

(Hat tip: Peter Dun).

What happened at Fukushima

The earthquake that hit Japan was 5 times more powerful than the worst earthquake the nuclear power plant was built for. (The Richter scale works logarithmically; the difference between the 8.9 quake and an 8.2 quake the plants were built for is not 8.9-8.2= 0.7. It is 5-fold.) So, the first hooray for Japanese engineering… everything held up.  When the earthquake hit the nuclear reactors all went into automatic shutdown. Within seconds after the control rods had been inserted into the core and nuclear chain reaction of the uranium stopped. Now, the cooling system had to carry away the residual heat. The residual heat load is about 3% of the heat load under normal operating conditions.

The earthquake destroyed the external power supply of the nuclear reactor. Then the tsunami came much bigger than people had expected when building the power plant. The tsunami took out all sets of backup diesel generators.

When designing a nuclear power plant, engineers follow a philosophy called “Defense of Depth”. That means you build everything to withstand the worst catastrophe you can imagine. Then you design the plant in such a way that it can still handle one system failure (that you thought could never happen) after the other. A tsunami taking out all backup power in one swift strike is such a scenario. The last line of defense is putting everything into the third containment which will keep everything, whatever the mess (control rods in or out, core molten or not) inside the reactor.

When the diesel generators were gone, the reactor operators switched to emergency battery power. The batteries were designed as one of the backups to the backups, to provide power for cooling the core for 8 hours. And they did.  Within the 8 hours, another power source had to be found and connected to the power plant. The power grid was down due to the earthquake. The diesel generators were destroyed by the tsunami. Mobile diesel generators were trucked in.  This is where things started to go seriously wrong. The external power generators could not be connected to the power plant (the plugs did not fit). After the batteries ran out, the residual heat could not be carried away any more.

At this point the plant operators begin to follow emergency procedures for a “loss-of-cooling event”. This is the next step along the “Depth of Defense” path. The power to the cooling system should never have failed completely, but it did, so they “retreat” to the next line of defense. All of this, however shocking it seems to us, is part of the day-to-day training you go through as an operator, right through to managing a core meltdown.

It was at this stage that people started to talk about core meltdown. If cooling cannot be restored the core will eventually melt… after hours or days. The last line of defense, the core catcher and third containment, will come into play.

But the goal at this stage was to give the engineers time to fix the cooling systems by managing the heating in the core and keeping the first containment (the Zircaloy tubes containing the nuclear fuel) and second containment (our pressure cooker) intact and operational for as long as possible. Because cooling the core is such a big deal, the reactor has a number of cooling systems, each in multiple versions (the reactor water cleanup system, the decay heat removal, the reactor core isolating cooling, the standby liquid cooling system, and the emergency core cooling system). Which one failed, and when, is not clear at this time.  So imagine our pressure cooker on the stove, heat on low, but on. The operators use whatever cooling system capacity they have to get rid of as much heat as possible, but the pressure keeps building up.

To maintain integrity of the pressure cooker (the second containment) pressure has to be released from time to time. Because the ability to do that in an emergency is so important, the reactor has 11 pressure release valves. The operators vent steam from time to time to control the pressure. The temperature at this stage was about 550°C. This is when the reports about radiation leakage starting coming in. Venting the steam releases radiation but it is not dangerous. The radioactive nitrogen and noble gases are no threat to human health as they decay in seconds.

During venting an explosion took place outside of the third containment (our “last line of defense”) and inside the reactor building. (Remember, the reactor building is not intended to keep  radioactivity in… it is to keep weather out.) It is not yet clear what happened, but this is the likely scenario.

The operators decided to vent the steam from the pressure vessel– not directly into the environment, but into the space between the third containment and the reactor building (to give the radioactivity in the steam more time to subside). At the high temperature the core had reached, water molecules “disassociate” into oxygen and hydrogen – an explosive mixture. And it did explode, outside the third containment, and damaging the reactor building around it. It was that sort of explosion that caused the Chernobyl disaster, because it happened inside the pressure vessel which was badly designed and not managed properly by the operators. This was never a risk at Fukushima. The problem of hydrogen-oxygen formation is one of the biggies when you design a power plant (if you are not Soviet, that is), so the reactor is built and operated in a way it cannot happen inside the containment. It happened outside. It was not intended, but was OK because it did not pose a risk to the containment.

Steam was vented and the pressure was now under control. But if you keep boiling your pot, the water level will keep falling.

At the start, he core is covered by several metres of water to allow time to pass (hours, days) before the core gets exposed. Once the rods start to be exposed at the top, the exposed parts will reach the critical temperature of 2200 °C after about 45 minutes. This is when the first containment, the Zircaloy tube, fails. And this started to happen. The cooling could not be restored before there was some damage to the casing of some of the fuel rods. The nuclear material itself was still intact, but the surrounding Zircaloy shell had started melting. What happened next is that some of the byproducts of Uranium decay – radioactive Cesium and Iodine – started to mix with the steam. The big problem, Uranium, was still under control, because the Uranium Oxide rods were good until 3000 °C.

It is confirmed that a very small amount of Cesium and Iodine was measured in the steam released into the atmosphere. The operators knew that the first containment on one or more of the rods was about to give.  This was the “go signal” for plan B.

Plan A had been to restore one of the regular cooling systems to cool the core. Why Plan A failed is unclear. One plausible explanation is that the tsunami also took away, or polluted, all the clean water needed for the regular cooling systems.  The cooling water is very clean and demineralized (like distilled water). Pure water does not get activated much, so stays practically radioactive-free. Dirt or salt in the water will absorb the neutrons quicker, becoming more radioactive. This has no effect whatsoever on the core – it does not care what it is cooled by. But it makes life more difficult for the operators when they have to deal with activated (i.e. slightly radioactive) water.  But Plan A failed. Cooling systems were down or clean water was unavailable. Plan B came into effect. This is what it looks like happened.

In order to prevent a core meltdown, the operators started to use sea water to cool the core. The plant is safe now and will stay safe. Japan is looking at an INES Level 4 Accident:  Nuclear accident with local consequences. That is bad for the company that owns the plant, but not for anyone else. Some radiation was released when the pressure vessel was vented. All radioactive isotopes from the activated steam have gone (decayed). A very small amount of Cesium was released, as well as Iodine. If you were sitting on top of the plant’s chimney when they were venting, you should probably give up smoking in order to return to your former life expectancy. The Cesium and Iodine isotopes were carried out to the sea and will never be seen again.

There was some limited damage to the first containment. That means that some amounts of radioactive Cesium and Iodine were released into the cooling water, but no Uranium or other nasty stuff. (Uranium Oxide does not “dissolve” in the water.) There are facilities for treating the cooling water inside the third containment. The radioactive Cesium and Iodine will be removed and stored as radioactive waste in terminal storage. The seawater used as cooling water will be activated to some degree. Because the control rods are fully inserted, the Uranium chain reaction is not happening. That means the “main” nuclear reaction is not happening, thus not contributing to the activation.

The intermediate radioactive materials (Cesium and Iodine) are also almost gone at this stage, because the Uranium decay stopped a long time ago. This further reduces the activation. The bottom line is that there will be some low-level of activation of the seawater, which will also be removed by the treatment facilities. The seawater will then be replaced over time with “normal” cooling water. The reactor core will be dismantled and transported to a processing facility, just like during a regular fuel change. Fuel rods and the entire plant will be checked for potential damage. This will take about 4-5 years. The safety systems on all Japanese plants will be upgraded to withstand a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami.

I believe the most significant problem will be a prolonged power shortage. About half of Japan’s nuclear reactors will probably have to be inspected, reducing the nation’s power generating capacity by 15%.

Below is the predicted path of the radioactive plume that as of now is predicted to hit the West Coast of the United States sometime Friday 3/18/2011.

Source: John O’ Sullivan

Note from Editor: It seems we have some controversy about Dr. Josef Oehman. One of the comments to this post (below) noted that there is another view of Dr. Oehmen. Here is a link to the article  “The Strange Case of Josef Oehman” at Genius Now so you can read about him and make your own judgement about what is being said.



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Another greentard fail – CFL’s


Caution! Contains Mercury! Emits Poison Gas if Broken! Considered Toxic Waste! But it's Green!



CFL’s (compact fluorescent light-bulbs) seem to be another gigantic greentard fail to me. I really can’t fathom why they’re still being sold. Why?

  • They take time to warm up
  • I find the light they put out to be annoying in color.
  • They’re not very bright compared to an incandescent light-bulb.
  • They contain a hazardous material called mercury.
  • Due to the mercury you’re not supposed to just throw them away.
  • Due to the mercury if one breaks you better run outside because of the toxic vapor it will emit.
  • Even though touted by the greentards as energy-saving, they don’t emit much heat when on. Replacing incandescent bulbs that emit heat with CFL’s means that during the winter your heater will just run longer to take up the slack. No gain there – you’re only saving on the electric bill and paying back with the gas bill.
  • They’ve been outlawed in Germany but to entrepreneurs have been importing them as ‘heat globes’ meaning they’re now officially heaters that conveniently emit light you can actually read by.

Yes, they sound like a downright stupid idea to me. Yet another case of the cure being worse than the disease. Now they’re even causing labor problems. Yes I said labor problems.  From the Daily Mail we get this one……

Councils across the UK are refusing to pick up low-energy lightbulbs from homes as they contain toxic mercury, which gives off poisonous vapours.

But confused consumers are putting the new bulbs – classed as hazardous waste – in their dustbins when they burn out, potentially putting the safety of thousands of binmen at risk.

Previously, the public disposed of traditional lightbulbs, used in Britain for 120 years, in a domestic bin.

Now the union is worried about their members handling these toxic faux pas……

Last night UNISON, the union which represents thousands of rubbish collectors across Britain, said it was concerned at the risks binmen are facing.

I can’t say I blame them, these things are very toxic……

A study by Germany’s Federal Environment Agency found that when one of them breaks, it emits levels of toxic vapour up to 20 times higher than the safe guideline limit for an indoor area.

So, there you have it folks. We’ve denigrated from a simple light bulb that you could safely handle and safely throw into the garbage bin to a toxic nightmare that emits poisonous gas into your house when broken and requires you to dress like you’re on a Hazmat Team to clean the mess up, not to mention it requires special disposal.

Yes this sounds like the typical greentard idea. Take a simple idea and turn it into a gigantic mess to save Gaia. Typical of the CO2 Insanity that causes stuff like this. Can we please have some common sense from now on?

Below is a photograph of an incandescent light-bulb in Livermore, California, USA that has been in operation for 110 years! It lasts more than a lifetime and you can throw it out when done without creating an EPA Superfund Cleanup Site. Now how much greener can you get than that?

Source: The Daily Mail



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Who needs a terrorist attack? Just ride BART




I occasionally read worries about potential terrorist attacks on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which I consider to be a valid target, especially after the subway attacks in London. Well, it appears you don’t need terrorist pumping in things like poison gas or ricin, no need to worry about getting blown up either. Al Qaeda can scratch this target off their list.

Hell, nowadays all you have to do is ride BART and you’re putting yourself risk from BART itself! From what you ask? Well it’s not from train wrecks, or fires, or even getting mugged, shot or stabbed! Nope, not even the BART Police! All you have to do is sit on their nasty-assed seats and you’re in dangerous territory!

From The Bay Citizen we get this tidbit…….

Riders on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system have long complained about germs in the hard-to-clean cloth seats. As Bob Franklin, the BART board president, acknowledged, “People don’t know what’s in there.”

Now they do. Be afraid, be very afraid! So what kind of critters reside in the seat covers?

  • Skin born bacteria resistant to antibiotics (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) caused potentially lethal infections. (MSRA)
  • High concentrations of at least nine bacteria strains and several types of mold were found on the seat.

How bad is MSRA?

MRSA is known as the “superbug” because it is resistant to antibiotics. It infects people through open wounds, attacking the immune system; 19,000 deaths each year are related to MRSA infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I know all 19,000 didn’t die from riding BART, but it is a substantial number of deaths. For example, MSRA kills more people every year than all the poor souls who perished in 9/11. Thank GOD the terrorists aren’t this good.

I don’t know about you but until BART rectifies this problem I think they should rename it Bay Area Rancid Transit System, because that’s certainly what it is. This now has me wondering what’s growing in bus, train and airplane seats.  Just imagine what grows in taxi cabs and in the New York Subway trains?  Talk about ewwwwwwwwwww!

And the greentards wonder why the masses don’t particularly want to get out of their cars? After this I may never ride BART again. If I do I may wear a hazmat suit. You can read further disgusting details and see more disgusting photos at the source below.

Meanwhile, if you ride BART I’d suggest you sit on a plastic bag or something to avoid that fecal bacteria and make sure you look out for turds on the seat cushion. Use hand sanitizer, too! Because it’s rather evident some people don’t use ass sanitizer.

Source: The Bay Citizen



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Bullet Train – Empties Wallets Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Guns are used for robbery and used to empty your wallet faster than a speeding bullet, which is what California's high-speed rail will do to the taxpayer's wallets, no gun necessary!

Even Thomas Sowell gets it. He has an interesting article at National Review Online titled “Reckless Spending.” I love the caption under the title “Barack Obama isn’t stupid. High-speed rail is.” Yes Mr. Sowell really gets it. I wouldn’t accuse the President of being stupid either, nefarious perhaps, left of Karl Marx perhaps, has the “Union Label” tattooed on his ass perhaps, but not stupid.

You can read the article at the source below as he makes some salient points about this being a big gigantic waste of tax-payer dollars, which I have remarked on before. This is the key point…….

High-speed rail may be feasible in parts of Europe or Japan, where the population density is much higher than in the United States. But, without enough people packed into a given space, there will never be enough riders to repay the high cost of building and maintaining a high-speed rail system.

While Mr. Sowell delves into the matter nicely, I think there are a few more points to be made about what a gigantic millstone high-speed rail will be around our necks, especially in California, a place with about $500 million in unfunded pensions and about $25 billion in the hole on their budget. One would think that the state would be rife to want to take on another expensive project, especially one that will be an endless black hole for tax-dollars, but no, the voters were happy to dump money we don’t have into it to the tune of $9.9 billion dollars. Yes billion with a “b, not million with an “m.”  That folks, is only a beginning, much more of those billions will be spent to build this boondoggle, not to mention more billions that will be spent to maintain it.

To me it also gets even deeper than that. Basically this is a Obama union payoff to his buddies. You can damn well bet that the unions will be on the job diligently milking every penny they can from the tax payers and increasing the cost along the way. When is the last time you heard of any big project (especially in California) coming in under budget? Huh? I don’t hear anything. I thought so.

If you want an example look at the replacement for the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which is so far an astounding $4 billion dollars over budget and they’re not even done yet. Think high-speed rail won’t be the same way? I’d bet you could get 100-1 odds in Las Vegas that it won’t come in at budget and 1,000-1 odds that it won’t come in under budget. You’d probably get laughed out of the casino if you told them you wanted to lay a bet that it would come in over budget because that’s a given.

Want another reason this “Boondoggle Express” should be aborted? How about maintaining it after it’s built? It’s already a given (read Sowell’s column for the details) that his will never be a profitable venture. To be blunt – it’s going to need to be subsidized by the good old taxpayers again. How many tens of millions or hundreds of millions will this cost every year? You will have track to maintain, trains to maintain and repair, no doubt union employees who will want extravagant salaries, benefits and retirement packages so they can retire and go fishing when they’re 50 or at some ridiculously low age.

It isn’t even off the ground yet and people are already going NIMBY over it, too. Farmers in California’s Central Valley are suddenly finding out the tracks will be cutting through their fields and orchards. People in Palo Alto and other towns on the San Francisco Peninsula are already up in arms over it too! They don’t want the noise of a train hitting 300 MPH as it passes by their backyard and I frankly don’t blame them.  They also worry that their property values could be lowered. I’ll bet there will be a lot of legal costs involved over where this train goes before it’s all over, no doubt at even more cost to the tax-payers than factored in.

You have to really love where the first section of track will be going, too. No, it won’t be going someplace that someone might actually use it like from LA to Bakersfield or San Francisco to Fresno. The silly people who are planning this have for some reason, that fly’s in the face of common sense, decided that the first whopping 65 mile section will go from a town I’ve never heard of (and I’m a native Californian) called Borden to Corcoran, which is also in the middle of nowhere, a town whose main going concern is a prison. All this at the penny-pinching (/sarc) cost of $4.15  billion dollars for a train that goes from and to nowhere.

$4.15 billion to go a very short distance.

Would a sane person not want the first section to go from and to some place that might actually attract ridership and bring in more than a pittance? Well, if this was being run by private business, certainly! But, you have to remember this is run by political appointees at the California High-Speed Rail Authority and it appears that they could frankly care less if this makes money or not. After all, the taxpayers have a lot of money and if we need more we’ll figure out how to screw them out of it.

They’re not being very responsible either. They are already blowing millions by writing big checks to contractors and not even bothering to check to see if they’re getting what they’re paying for. Hell! It’s not their money, why should they worry?

I hope someone brings this up on the ballot in the next state-wide election because the “Boondoggle Express” needs to go away before it turns into another train-wreck for California, a state that fittingly appears to love train-wrecks of all kinds, not to mention CO2 Insanity.

Source: National Review Online


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