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Blue States Disappearing Fast

Seems the über liberal Democrats are starting to tick-off mainstream Americans. Based upon Gallup’s recent poll those solid blue (Democrat) states are disappearing fast . In a mere two years the 30 states were solid Democrat in 2008 dropped to 14 in 2010. An astounding 50% cut.

Gallup Chart

So what does this have to do with global warming? All one has to do is note that most of the players in the global warming arena have a D in front of their name.

These are big-time liberals like Al Gore, President Obama, Bill Clinton, Henry Waxman and other assorted Democrats who’ve been pushing for cap and trade laws in the United States and pushing for us to sign a carbon treaty that will allow them to tax us and redistribute our wealth to foreign countries under the guise of global warming, which is what they have really been after all along.

This just goes to show you that much of America doesn’t want to stray too far to the loony-left, which bodes well for people on the skeptical side of the global warming debate who feel that the “Chicken Little” mindset portrayed by them goes too far astray from common sense and reality.

This is what I really call hope & change! You can real all the Gore-y details at the source below.

Source: Gallup

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AB 32 & Schwarzenneger Slapped by Court

Finally, someone in the state of California with some common sense! Per Reuters Africa of all places…….

A San Francisco judge has tentatively ruled that California did not adequately consider alternatives to creating a carbon market, a decision which clouds the premier U.S. climate change program’s outlook.

California’s so-called cap-and-trade plan is seen as the vanguard of U.S. climate change policy after the U.S. Congress failed to pass a federal system, and the plan’s fate is being watched globally by environmentalists and industry.

While only a tentative ruling at least this is a start in the right direction to stop this mad plan that will accelerate California’s bankruptcy. You can read more at the source below.

When will someone notice that setting up carbon trading with foreign countries, as California has done on its own is also illegal?

Source: Reuters Africa


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Climate Czar Browner Boogies

"What is that damn ringing in my ear?"


Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel titled For Whom the Bell Tolls. The catch line was “For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” Well, it’s been tolling away for cap and trade dying for a while now and continues on ringing. The United States Congress has failed to pass any cap & trade laws and now that the Republicans control the House or Representatives, any deals with that are probably DOA. Next, the Chicago Climate Change (CCX) (Al Gores’ baby), kicked the bucket at the end of 2010, and shortly thereafter the Euro Carbon Market suspended trading due to fraud problems.

In what appears to be another harbinger of things to come, White House Climate Czar, Carol Browner (head of the EPA during the Clinton days) has now boogied right out the White House back door which seems to perhaps indicate that the final nail in the cap & trade coffin has been pounded in, not to mention this seems to also be an indication that perhaps the Obama Administration is finally going to cease trying to pass onerous cap & trade laws that will only serve to raise the price of goods in the United States, which will drive more businesses out of business or off shore and further reduce the tax intake.

While it’s a start at removing the liberal-leftist-communist-greentards from the picture, we still need to have Congress reign in the EPA who appear hell-bent on creating more problems than they solve.

Source: ABC San Francisco

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California chasing away cruise industry?

The SS California Economy - Sinking Fast

This time the cruise lines are fleeing. Two from the port of Los Angeles and one from the port of San Diego. We get this from the Contra Costa Times. Departing from San Diego for Australia……

The 2,500-passenger Carnival Spirit is moving to Australia by April 2012, the cruise line announced on its Web site, citing a “huge potential for growth” there while its San Diego business sags

Departing Los Angeles for more profitable pastures……

To the north, Royal Caribbean’s 3,100-passenger Mariner of the Seas is leaving on its final voyage from the Port of Los Angeles on Sunday and after a tour of South America. It will end up at its new home base of Galveston, Texas, the Los Angeles Times said. And the 2,348-passenger Norwegian Star will leave LA in May for Tampa, Fla.

So, what’s the financial devastation to the greentard state of California? Per the article it’s $54 million per year out the door in San Diego and while no figures were provided, you can probably safely double that in LA for another $108 million per year, making the total loss to the state $162 million a year off the top. No taxes coming in and the state will be paying out massive quantities of unemployment no doubt. If you’re a longshoreman in Los Angeles or San Diego make sure you thank a greentard for your unemployment.

While the cruise lines cite lower business and drug cartel violence in Mexico, you can probably bet grandma’s house that good old AB32 and the coming high cost of doing business in California may be the real cause of the decision or at least a larger part of it. While no one’s talking about it, you should figure in the high cost of doing business in California, which per the Tax Foundation, ranks 49th out of 50 states meaning only Rhode Island has a worse business tax climate. You can bet Florida and Texas will be better places to make a profit.

You can read the below regarding AB32 and Prop 23, which wealthy greentards like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, James Cameron, Al Gore and others helped to prevent passing in the last election. Per the Press Telegram…..

The California Air Resources Board and local port authorities have adopted numerous measures to curb diesel soot and carbon dioxide from ships, trucks and trains.

For example, the Air Resources Board in late 2007 adopted a plan requiring that ships turn off their auxiliary engines, use exhaust filters or plug into electrical outlets while visiting ports.

The ship plan is one of several “early action” measures designed to jumpstart AB 32.

Other threatened policies include a plan to require cleaner “low-carbon” diesel blends for trains, cargo-handling equipment and tug boats.

Well, don’t tell me that’s not all going to create an inhospitable business environment for the cruise lines. They like money and they run those ships 24x7x365. They dock in the early AM and they’re usually reloaded with food, booze and passengers by 12 Noon or so and on their way with the next cruise. I’d surmise an operation so efficient that it can restock a huge ship in a matter or hours isn’t going to want to absorb all those additional costs, especially considering the current economic environment. So, they’re voting with their feet and moving on to greener pastures. California can suck diesel fumes.

Yes Arnold, idiots at CARB and the legislature, that’s the way to bail out California! Scare everyone that pays taxes away and then sit and wonder who the hell will pay your next paycheck. Way to go dummies! And this is only the beginning. Who will be next? If Jerry Brown gets his proposed tax hike you can bet more businesses and tax paying citizens will be fighting to see who can leave the fastest!

Stay tuned. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Contra Costa Times, Press Telegram, The Tax Foundation

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Global Warming Committee D.O.A.

Well, it looks like the Republicans may be off to a good start in 2011 as the Republicans have already killed the Gl0bal Warming Committee. It is D.O.A., hopefully for good as in my opinion it’s been a gigantic waste of tax dollars that would be better spent elsewhere on real problems instead of non-existent global warming.

Per the Guardian today……

The kick-off of the 112th Congress on Wednesday also marked the end of an era in the House – the demise of a committee devoted solely to climate change and energy issues. The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, created by Nancy Pelosi in 2006, has been shuttered under the new Republican leadership. In the final days of the committee, staffers released a report on what the committee accomplished in its brief tenure – an epitaph of sorts.

Finally what I hope is the start of some CO2 Sanity instead of CO2 Insanity. Now if they’d start vetting the warmers in government like James Hansen of GISS who amazingly arrives at higher temperatures than everyone else and John B. Miller of NOAA, who’d probably like genocide as a solution to non-existent global warming, we might have something going, like perhaps the truth for a change.

Source: The Guardian

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It’s all about the greed

You see, we have a thing called government. Government is fine within limitations. But we now have in most instances, regardless of country, government run amok! They need more money! More money! More money! Ad infinitum! Government today is like a never-ending Ponzi Scheme!

Oh, poor bastards, no agreement in Copenhagen, no agreement in Cancun, most will say to stick the Kyoto Protocol where the sun don’t shine, so now that cap & trade is basically D.O.A., we now suddenly need carbon taxes as a solution! Which is really what all this global warming, climate change, climate disruption is about. It’s spelled M.O.N.E.Y!

According to Bioscience Technology……(my comments in parenthesis)

For global warming policy, the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference (Copenhagen Summit) was a major disappointment. (DUH!) Designed to negotiate a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012,(Justifiably so!) the Summit concluded without a binding agreement because of deep divisions on the distribution of emissions reductions and costs (called everyone wants to reap the rewards but they don’t want to pay for them!). In addition, the United States failed to take action on a carbon cap-and-trade bill in 2010 (hopefully Congress isn’t THAT dumb!) Confronting this policy vacuüm, leading climate economist William Nordhaus argues in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, published today, that carbon taxes are the best approach to achieve significant emissions reductions. (Ah yes, tax it!)

William Nordhaus argues that the cap-and-trade approach used in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol will not accomplish the goals of slowing climate change (read the goals of screwing the taxpayers out of more money). As currently designed, it is both economically inefficient and ineffective (because the public isn’t THAT stupid) and should be supplemented or replaced. Additionally, a carbon tax could be a useful means to cut budget deficits while meeting environmental objectives. (Environmental objectives my ass! It’s the money!!!!!)

You’ll love the next quote……

If economics provides a single bottom line for policy, it is that we need to correct this market failure (AKA: No one believes their bullshit) by ensuring that all people, everywhere, and for the indefinite future, face a market price for the use of carbon that reflects the social costs of their activities,” Nordhaus states.

Basically this says let’s f**k everyone!!!! Out of every penny we can get!!!!!

Economic evidence suggests the cost of this limited participation is high.

Yes! It’s certainly “high!” Think of EVERYTHING you buy. Gas, oil, food, housing, cars, boats, planes, travel, flowers, electronics, and anything and everything you care to name AND THE PRICE WILL BE A LOT HIGHER THANKS TO THESE WANKERS!

Given a choice between a cap-and-trade system (such as is embodied in the Kyoto model), and a carbon tax system (such as is used for limiting gasoline or cigarette consumption), Nordhaus favours taxation: “Countries have used taxes for centuries,” he says. “By contrast, there is no experience – as in zero – with international cap-and-trade systems.”

Yes, countries HAVE used taxes for centuries! They’ve also screwed the taxpayers for centuries, too! If you want to continue the big screw job then by all means please buy into the carbon tax ripoff!

The final quote from this article is……

“The international community should move quickly to replace the current cap-and-trade structure by one in which the central economic mechanism is a tax on greenhouse-gas emissions,” Nordhaus concludes.

Yes, by all means move quickly before the taxpayers wake up and tell you to stick your carbon taxes where the sun don’t shine!

CO2 Insanity of the empty your wallet kind. Remeber “Don’t steal…the government hates competition!”

Source:  Bioscience Technology





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