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Ice-Free Antarctic, Arctic Predictions in the Toilet

It appears to us that predictions of the Antarctic and Arctic being ice-free are about as impressive as predicting dinosaurs are having a comeback and will reappear any decade now, but we just don’t know what one. Why do we say this?

From our take, it looks like the ice at both poles is indeed making a comeback, not receding. As you can see from this article at The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), the Antarctic ice is back and could even set a new record:

It is very likely 2013 will go down in the history books as having the 2nd highest Antarctic sea ice minimum of all time. In 2013 there was 1.4 million sq km more sea ice than there was in 1997 at minimum.

Top 6 Minimum Extents:

Year Day Minimum Extent
2008 51 3.69176
2013 50 3.6504
2003 48 3.6257
2001 50 3.44094
1995 55 3.32988
2004 51 3.25927

Lowest 6 Minimums:

Year Day Minimum_Extent
1997 58 2.26415
1993 50 2.28078
1984 58 2.38292
2006 51 2.4866
1992 54 2.49238
1980 57 2.52686

You can plainly see from the below chart that there’s plenty of ice this year. To reiterate, it could even be a new record.


So what about those dire Antarctic predictions? Well, here’s some links for you to read.

Antarctica: It’s Getting Hot at the Bottom of the Planet: Time evidently thinks there’s a heat-wave down there.

Polar ice sheets ‘are melting three times faster than they were just two decades ago‘:  Uh huh, this one has both poles melting at accelerated rates.

Antarctic Ice Melt: This one has it losing-gaining. Must be like that global warming caused cooling and worse blizzards with less snow or something.

What about all those dire Arctic predictions telling us that by such and such a year you’ll be able to circumnavigate the North Pole in your kayak? Well, frankly, there’s so many predictions that someday, it may be one of them will get lucky, but only because it will be like the stopped clock that’s correct twice per day. It will be due to blind luck and not those garbage-in-preferred-result-out computer models.

As you can see by the below chart, there doesn’t appear to be a big problem in the Arctic either. So far it’s way ahead of 2007, the year that caused some warmers to hit the panic button.


Here’s a sampling for your review with links to the articles.

Ice Free Arctic Update – This one’s too funny. Why? Well, here we have “Top NASA experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for 2012.” Well, sorry guys, but 2012 is gone and that ice is not only still there, there’s a whole shitload of it.

Serreze : Ice Free Arctic In 2100 2070 2050 2030 – Looks to us like Serreze is like a guy who bets every spot on Roulette, knowing he’ll lose his ass, but at least he’ll win one spot.

By 2050 the Arctic ice sheet will be so thin that ships could be sailing across the North Pole, experts predict – We have to wonder if these are the same “experts” that predicted the Arctic being ice-free in 2012? Note they had to run 7 computer simulations to arrive at this conclusion. Must have taken a lot of time to come up with that garbage-in-the desired-result-out. After all that please note the use of the word “could” in the very first sentence.

There’s plenty more predictions out there but we don’t believe we have enough bandwidth to post them all.

We could book a summer vacation to the soon to be hot spot of Point Barrow, Alaska, or Western Antarctica, but it’s kind of hard to book in advance when you don’t know what yeardecade, century, not to mention if it’s ever going to happen.


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Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the Moon, passes away at age 82.

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, passed away today at age 82. According to his family this was due to complications from cardiovascular surgery. I remember watching this in TV when it happened. Me and everyone else were in awe. Neil has taken that final giant leap to God. Rest in peace. Below is the broadcast from 1969.

Armstrong family statement “Next time you walk outside on clear night & see moon smiling down at you, think of Neil & give him a wink.” We will.

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Bill Gates tries to come up with a royal flush

What’s a billionaire to do? You’ve already made it. You have more money than you could ever blow unless you invested it with John Corzine. Cars, yachts, private jets, lavish vacations? Well, they were fun at first but now are old hat.

Bill must have been watching Mayor Nanny Bloomberg too much because now he’s wanting to re-invent the toilet and declare himself Nanny Gates. After all, declaring one’s self above the riff-raff and telling everyone what to do is the next logical step before becoming the ultimate, a dictator.

Microsoft co-founder turned global philanthropist Bill Gates on Tuesday launched a search for a new toilet better suited to developing countries.

The charitable foundation founded by Gates and his wife kicked off a “Reinvent the Toilet Fair” in Seattle and awarded prizes for promising innovations.

“Toilets are extremely important for public health and, when you think of it, even human dignity,” Gates said in a statement at

Yes Bill! We need the new Microsoft Toilet! Which prompts me to wonder what the hell a Microsoft toilet would do? I can imagine the following:

  1. You say “Open man – the lid and seat open.
  2. You say “Open woman – and the lid just opens with the seat down.
  3. When you sit down a screen comes out of a hidden compartment and slides in front of you so you can surf & shit.
  4. If you take too large of a dump it pops up on the screen “Warning: Hard Poop capacity has been exceeded. Please flush so it clears out the “memory.”
  5. Can be set for Auto Flush so you don’t get the warning in #4.
  6. Automatically plays Chris Matthews podcast when you sit.
  7. Special Cheryl Crow Edition only dispenses only one piece of TP per use no matter how horrendous of a dump you just took.
  8. Screen automatically prevents you from reading any right-wing stuff like Fox News and redirects you to HuffPo or CNN or MSNBC.
  9. Automatically measures, then enters you the dump of the month contest. Winner gets a free two-holer Microsoft Toilet that promotes Bill’s family values.
  10. Has two icons on the top. One for #1 (Shows a guy taking a whiz) and one for #2 (shows a guy taking a dump).
  11. When done with #1 it purifies it and recycles it into a re-useable water bottle (throw-away plastic bottles forbidden).
  12. When done doing a #2 it incinerates what’s in the bowl with a built-in flame-thrower. Warns you to get up fast or your ass will get singed before firing the flame-thrower.
  13. Standard Edition uses special TP with a Google logo on it.
  14. No built-in bidet – uses too much water. Gotta keep the ecotards happy yanno.
  15. No built-in butt blow-dryer unless you order the special Solyndra Edition that comes with a built-in solar panel and substitutes the Google Logo TP for real $100 dollar bills you can flush down the toilet like Obama and the DOE.
  16. Upgrade to the Barack Hussein Obama Edition which is gold-plated, uses Trillion Dollar Bills instead of $100’s and comes with a teleprompter when going #2 so you grunt properly. When done prompts you to say Hot Damn! Look at the size of that dump!
  17. Optional Janet Napolitano Editions that  come with the extra-wide toilet-seat option and a vibrator.
  18. Special Al Gore Inconvenient Truth Edition comes with a built-in heater so you can pretend your massive dump just caused massive global warming.
  19. Special Jihad Edition substitutes paper for 3 stones and looks like a hole in the floor. When you flush it makes an exploding sound like a car bomb.
  20. Special Nanny Bloomberg Edition checks to see if you have had any trans fats or 16 ounce Cokes in the past 24 house and yells at you if you did.

OK, Bill. So let’s just ignore the good old-fashioned outhouse that’s worked for centuries. What? They already have composting toilets and incinerator toilets? Bah! We need high-tech for 3rd world countries!

Source: Yahoo News


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Half of IPCC’s global warming created by data adjustments

Yet more global warming BS surfaces! Want to get more global warming than there really is? It’s easy! Just make some adjustments! Real scientists the world over should be vomiting over this. It is man-made global warming, though. Just that most of the warming is man-made on paper and not in the atmosphere. Check it out at the source below.

Source: I Hate the Media

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Scientists pin down historic sea level rise – with pinheads.

Scientists pin down historic sea level rise – with pinheads. Today we have another in a massive quantity of articles all designed to make you soil your underwear and capitulate to the global warming gods and start donating money to the Goreacle, et al. You can see in the quotes what I’m talkin’ about.

The collapse of an ice sheet in Antarctica up to 14,650 years ago might have caused sea levels to rise between 14 and 18 meters, a study showed on Wednesday, data which could help make more accurate climate change predictions.

Note by stating  this ‘could help make more accurate climate change predictions’ they’ve basically admitted a) that they’re not certain and b) that what they have now sucks, yet you’re supposed to be stupid and buy a house in the mountains so you don’t get flooded. It gets better.

Sea levels have increased on average about 18 centimetres since 1900 and rapid global warming will accelerate the pace of the increase, experts say, putting coastlines at risk and forcing low-lying cities to build costly sea defenses.

Ummm…..yeah, right. 18 centimeters is only about 7 inches over 112 years, which is a whopping 0.0625 inches per year. Yep, I’m heading for the high ground and giving all my worldly possessions to the UN’s IPCC immediately.

Haven’t had enough BS yet? Well, it still gets even better!

Scientists last month said that thinning glaciers and ice caps were pushing up sea levels by 1.5 millimetres a year, and experts forecast an increase of as much as two meters by 2100.

OK, so look at the graphs below. See the Arctic sea-ice? Does it look like it’s disappearing? Nope! It’s increasing! See any thinning? I don’t.

Now here’s a real clear statement.

A very rapid sea level rise is thought to have occurred 14,650 years ago but details about the event have been unclear.

Yes, though things are ‘unclear’ you’re supposed to be a total dumbass and buy into this BS, which show’s you the intelligence of some global warming fans who continue to fan the flames even though someone doused them with a fire hose already.

Regardless, and to further add to the insane things we’re supposed to believe we’d like to know why this is even remotely relevant to anthropogenic global warming? Why? Because sure as the sun shines, there was no man-made global warming 14,650 years ago.

Source: iolscitech (which we vote should change their name to LOL scitech after reading this!)

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Federal judge blocks Calif. low-carbon fuels rule


It appears we have a judge with some common sense who even knows about the Constitution.

U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence O’Neill ruled Thursday that the rules violated a commerce clause by discriminating against crude oil and biofuels producers located outside California.

California already has overpriced gasoline due to regulations stipulating how it’s made, not to mention different formulas for summer and winter. All this does is drive the price of gas up because no one else is going to bother making it unless they have a refinery in California.

Have a refinery down for maintenance or a refinery fire and the price almost always goes up due to the laws of supply and demand that are continually ignored by CARB and elected officials in favor of some special unicorn magic that will save us all from ourselves.

We’d like to see this ruling applied to all gas in California. Then perhaps some competition will lower the prices to a more reasonable level.

Source: SFGate


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……And another one bites the dust. British Petroleum is shuttering its solar manufacturing business. More proof that solar isn’t the big panacea it’s touted to be and is not going to be providing many shovel-ready jobs in the United States or anywhere else, with the possible exception of China.

The unit, which BP has been scaling back since 2008, is the latest sun energy business to fall victim to rampant competition from China, falling prices, overcapacity and lower government subsidies on which the industry still depends.

This doesn’t only affect Europe, this is going to have a worldwide effect…..

The company confirmed on Wednesday that it plans to exit its large-scale projects at Long Haven in the U.S. and Moree in Australia.

Add this to the long list of dead or dying companies such as Solyndra and Evergreen Solar in the US and…..

Swiss bank Sarasin said in a recent study that Conergy and Q-Cells were among the German solar companies most exposed to the sector’s crisis.

We continue to maintain that if solar power was such a great idea government subsidies would not be necessary for solar to be a big financial and energy success and it appears we’re becoming more right as each day passes. Someone should get the people running the US Department of Energy and  California Governor Jerry Brown out of their green comas and advise them of this.

Please don’t bring up oil company subsidies. At least they have a viable product, make a profit and pay taxes.

Source: Reuters

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Hurricane Forecasting Faux Pas

After all the harping about more hurricanes and bigger hurricanes caused, of course, by global warming, we find out that William Gray and Phil Klotzbach, the hurricane forecasters at Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science, admit their previous 20 years of forecasting have been a dud and was basically a worthless endeavor. As you can see from the above screenshot of their PDF, the actual vs. the forecast hasn’t been very good at all. Their statement is below.

We are discontinuing our early December quantitative hurricane forecast for the next year and giving a more qualitative discussion of the factors which will determine next year’s Atlantic basin hurricane activity. Our early December Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecasts of the last 20 years have not shown real-time forecast skill even though the hindcast studies on which they were based had considerable skill. Reasons for this unexpected lack of skill are discussed.

This is another good example of how computer modeling doesn’t work. Remember that next time you read someone’s wild prediction of massive sea-level rise, gigantic storms, droughts, floods and whatever else kind of BS you read about.  It’s only based on a computer model, AKA a glorified video game. Garbage in – garbage out.

Also remember that it appears hindcasting is 20/20. Forecasting? Not so good. You can read their whole paper at the above PDF link and judge for yourself.

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

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Think wind power is safe? Then you must believe in Santa!

Never mind that wind turbines routinely chop up hundreds of thousands of birds every year, it now it appears they may be about to start chopping up people, too! There are 1,500 accidents a year and those are only at UK wind farms and don’t count the rest of the world. So what’s happening?

A dossier of incidents, compiled by a campaign group opposed to wind farms, includes cases where blades, each weighing as much as 14 tonnes, have sheared off and crashed to the ground.

Residents living near a wind farm have reported sheltering in their homes when lumps of ice were thrown from blades from a 410-ft high turbine near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

So far three deaths (amended to 4) and no one’s been chopped, yet.

One involved a maintenance worker in Scotland who had become ‘tangled’ with the driveshaft of a turbine while the other three deaths took place during construction of onshore and offshore wind farms.

Tangled mangled in a driveshaft doesn’t sound like a very nice way to meet your maker though, does it?

Well, we hope it never happens, but sooner or later we’d predict that someone, someplace, will get hit by a flying wind turbine blade and chopped up. Meanwhile, think about the poor birds getting chopped on a daily basis for a power generation scheme that won’t profit without subsidies.

Source: The Telegraph


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The Big COP17 FAIL

After all the wasted time, money, hotel bills and  stupid dancing tricks this is the result of COP17.

DURBAN, South Africa — A U.N. climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement Sunday on a far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change.

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would ensure that countries will be legally bound to carry out any pledges they make. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest.

The deal doesn’t explicitly compel any nation to take on emissions targets, although most emerging economies have volunteered to curb the growth of their emissions.

Real good hyperbole! But, what we have here is that they agreed to agree to continue to find something they can agree on. That’s all folks! No limits, no penalties, no taxes, no carbon trading, no anything, . AKA another gigantic United Nations FAIL.

Meanwhile we’ll take glee in the fact they’ll never get Congress to ratify whatever piece of crap they manage to try to ram up the posterior of the planet and the United States.

Source: Miami Herald


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