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Political Greenpeace Loses Charity Status in Landmark Court Ruling

By: John O’Sullivan

In a landmark court ruling in New Zealand that will send tremors around the world, the once respected Greenpeace is stripped of its charity status.

High Court Judge, Justice Paul Heath made the groundbreaking decision today after overwhelming evidence was presented that proved that the organization’s illegal activities were motivated by zealous political advocacy and crossed the line of what charities are permitted to do.

In a story making headlines in the New Zealand Herald (May 10, 2011) climate skeptics around the world will now be consulting lawyers in their respective countries to assess whether similar legal challenges may be made against the disgraced former charity. Dr. Tim Ball, who is currently facing court proceedings from Greenpeace supporters in Canada, urged skeptics to “pursue this globally.”

Climate Courtroom Worm Has Turned

In the U.S and Britain environmentalist activists have for decades sought to influence policymakers by a swath of unlawful protests often involving criminal damage and trespass. Several prominent UN climatologists have long aligned themselves with and been apologists for the radical and unlawful acts of these environmentalists.

As a consequence of the shock New Zealand ruling Greenpeace’s political activities mean it will be de-registered as a charity and thus lose the prestige and tax advantages associated with that status.

NASA’s problematic climatologist, James Hansen, flew to London to be an ‘expert witness’ to testify in the defense of climate activists prosecuted for such crimes.

Hansen flew to the UK in the case of the “Kingsnorth Six”, who had climbed up E.ON’s coal plant. The six had used Greenpeace’s climate change defence – that their actions were designed to prevent immediate harm to human life and property from climate change – and were acquitted.

Judge Rules Greenpeace Acted Illegally

Justice Paul Heath’s decision was as the result of an appeal launched by Greenpeace after a 2010 ruling by the Charities Commission which found its promotion of “disarmament and peace” was political rather than educational. Greenpeace members were ruled to have acted illegally.

Justice Paul Heath pronounced:

“Non-violent, but potentially illegal activities (such as trespass), designed to put (in the eyes of Greenpeace) objectionable activities into the public spotlight were an independent object disqualifying it from registration as a charitable entity.”

Davey Salmon Greenpeace’s lawyer in the action was crestfallen at the failure of his argument that such political advocacy was acceptable in 21st century. Read more here.

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Greenpeace at it again.

You have to love those nutty Greenpeace activist mountain climbing in downtown Berlin, Germany. Per Earth times we get this little blurb……

Berlin – Greenpeace demonstrators on Monday abseiled down the facade of Germany’s environment ministry to hang a banner protesting against the government’s extension of nuclear power.

The 10 metre by 20 metre banner said “Ministry for Nuclear Power and Corporate Interests”. The sign was visible from Alexanderplatz, a main square in the Berlin.

The environmentalist group is upset at Germany’s plans to extend the legal lifetimes of 17 existing nuclear power plants by an average of 12 years and to resume work to create a long-term nuclear waste depository.

Well, I’m upset that no matter what it is or where it is Greenpeace doesn’t like it. They bitch and moan about CO2 then when someone wants to put in nuclear that doesn’t pump out CO2 they bitch about that. Perhaps they should change their name to Bitchpeace. Seems more fitting to me.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Earth Times

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Lord Monckton vs. Greenpeace Dogma

Here we have an interesting video with Lord Christopher Monckton discussing global warming with a nice lady from Greenpeace who’s there protesting. I really do feel sorry for her. She believes the propaganda that Greenpeace, other greentard organizations, books and newspapers feed her about global warming. She seems living-proof that anthropogenic global warming is a dogma and not based in fact. See how they take advantage of the naïve?

CO2 Insanity indeed.


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