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The amazing NASA can’t figure out what’s going on with the Sun

Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows - despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms

Brought to you by the same people who can’t tell you why there’s been no global warming for the past 15 or so years, explain why sea-level rise has effectively halted, explain why Antarctic just about broke the record for the highest minimum sea-ice extent, or why the ice is reforming in the Arctic, we get these pearls of wisdom.

‘Something unexpected’ is happening on the Sun, Nasa has warned. 

This year was supposed to be the year of ‘solar maximum,’ the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. 

But as this image reveals, solar activity is relatively low.

Like the numerous global warming faux pas and excuses, some enterprising scientist has pulled a rabbit out of his hat explanation for this.

However, Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center believes he has a different explanation.

‘This is solar maximum,’ he says. 

‘But it looks different from what we expected because it is double-peaked.’

Perhaps they should consider moving to Stonehenge, or perhaps hiring those wacky guys from Big Bang Theory.

Read all about it at the Daily Mail Article: The calm before the solar storm? NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening to the Sun

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Ice-Free Antarctic, Arctic Predictions in the Toilet

It appears to us that predictions of the Antarctic and Arctic being ice-free are about as impressive as predicting dinosaurs are having a comeback and will reappear any decade now, but we just don’t know what one. Why do we say this?

From our take, it looks like the ice at both poles is indeed making a comeback, not receding. As you can see from this article at The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), the Antarctic ice is back and could even set a new record:

It is very likely 2013 will go down in the history books as having the 2nd highest Antarctic sea ice minimum of all time. In 2013 there was 1.4 million sq km more sea ice than there was in 1997 at minimum.

Top 6 Minimum Extents:

Year Day Minimum Extent
2008 51 3.69176
2013 50 3.6504
2003 48 3.6257
2001 50 3.44094
1995 55 3.32988
2004 51 3.25927

Lowest 6 Minimums:

Year Day Minimum_Extent
1997 58 2.26415
1993 50 2.28078
1984 58 2.38292
2006 51 2.4866
1992 54 2.49238
1980 57 2.52686

You can plainly see from the below chart that there’s plenty of ice this year. To reiterate, it could even be a new record.


So what about those dire Antarctic predictions? Well, here’s some links for you to read.

Antarctica: It’s Getting Hot at the Bottom of the Planet: Time evidently thinks there’s a heat-wave down there.

Polar ice sheets ‘are melting three times faster than they were just two decades ago‘:  Uh huh, this one has both poles melting at accelerated rates.

Antarctic Ice Melt: This one has it losing-gaining. Must be like that global warming caused cooling and worse blizzards with less snow or something.

What about all those dire Arctic predictions telling us that by such and such a year you’ll be able to circumnavigate the North Pole in your kayak? Well, frankly, there’s so many predictions that someday, it may be one of them will get lucky, but only because it will be like the stopped clock that’s correct twice per day. It will be due to blind luck and not those garbage-in-preferred-result-out computer models.

As you can see by the below chart, there doesn’t appear to be a big problem in the Arctic either. So far it’s way ahead of 2007, the year that caused some warmers to hit the panic button.


Here’s a sampling for your review with links to the articles.

Ice Free Arctic Update – This one’s too funny. Why? Well, here we have “Top NASA experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for 2012.” Well, sorry guys, but 2012 is gone and that ice is not only still there, there’s a whole shitload of it.

Serreze : Ice Free Arctic In 2100 2070 2050 2030 – Looks to us like Serreze is like a guy who bets every spot on Roulette, knowing he’ll lose his ass, but at least he’ll win one spot.

By 2050 the Arctic ice sheet will be so thin that ships could be sailing across the North Pole, experts predict – We have to wonder if these are the same “experts” that predicted the Arctic being ice-free in 2012? Note they had to run 7 computer simulations to arrive at this conclusion. Must have taken a lot of time to come up with that garbage-in-the desired-result-out. After all that please note the use of the word “could” in the very first sentence.

There’s plenty more predictions out there but we don’t believe we have enough bandwidth to post them all.

We could book a summer vacation to the soon to be hot spot of Point Barrow, Alaska, or Western Antarctica, but it’s kind of hard to book in advance when you don’t know what yeardecade, century, not to mention if it’s ever going to happen.


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Hey, let’s come up with another nutty idea and get some of that global warming grant money!

The headline is:

Could we refreeze the Arctic? Scientists suggest radical solution to global warming.

So what is it? Oh, they just want to inject reflective particles into the atmosphere, that’s all. Of course this is again all based upon those good old garbage in garbage out climate models the warmers all love to talk about as though they were the word of God when in reality most are at best, glorified computer games.

Note their chart below and how they, of course, conveniently pick the highest and lowest times and the lowest date and completely seem to forget about all the other years in between and conveniently forget to show you what’s happened since September  16, 20112.

In my opinion this could easily leave one with the impression that first, there was all this ice, now it’s all melted and it’s not coming back. Egads! The sky is falling.

Melting: These images from Nasa show reveal the full extent of Arctic ice shrinkage, showing a new record low compared to the average minimum extent over the past 30 years (in yellow)

Really now? Is it really so bad we need to refreeze the Arctic? Ummm…..gee Mr. Scientist(s)….it refreezes every winter. Think not? Well look at the below chart.


Just follow the red line folks. Oops! It’s refreezing all by itself! Imagine that. Note it’s also back up above the previous low year of 2007.

For some strange reason there’s a funny smell. Hmmm…we have it!  No, it’s not Teen Spirit. It smells like grant money!

Source: The Daily Mail


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Himalyan Glaciers Getting Bigger is a Mystery?

Here’s the headline in the Christian Science Monitor….

Global warming mystery: Some Himalayan glaciers getting bigger

While the story comes from Reuters, you have to laugh at their lead in…

The Himalayan glaciers are the planet’s largest bodies of ice outside the polar caps. New research shows some Himalayan glaciers got bigger between 1999-2008

To this we say “no shit Sherlock!” If you look at the below charts you can see that the average rise in temperature starts to flatten out (the curving dash line) and see the start of the downward trend, which prompts us to ask what global warming?

Want more on why this shouldn’t be a big mystery? Look at the arctic ice so far this year. Note the red line (2012) where it meets or slightly exceeds the average from 1979 to 2006, and meets 2010. Again we ask what warming?

The mystery here is why they don’t update the average and instead of 1979 to 2006 make it 1979 to 2012? That’s a 6 year lag!

You can look at the Antarctic below, too. Note there’s nothing to write home to mama about here, either. To be redundant – what warming?

Note the average here is 1979-2008, a little better but still not current in our book. With all the computers and satellites these days we have to again ask why the averages are not more current? 2008 is still a 4 year lag in information. They still using Commodore 64’s or what?

To reiterate, the mysteries to us are and what you should be asking yourselves is:

1. Why the chart average dates aren’t more current? Why do the averages cut off years before now?

2. Why anyone should be surprised that some of the glaciers aren’t melting like some phony computer models show?

3. Why some scientists appear to think the general public is dumber than a rock and continue to foist BS upon us even though it appears there’s no evidence of any catastrophic or unprecedented anything.

Really now, the CO2 is going up and the temperature isn’t, the glaciers aren’t melting and it doesn’t appear the Arctic or Antarctic sea-ice is disappearing either. That should be about all you need to know to comprehend there’s not much of a problem. Yet, we continue to be deluged with heaping, steaming, piles of crap that regardless the weather, claim global warming is unprecedented and that unless we start redistributing the world’s wealth, we’re all gonna die.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


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Antarctic Sea-Ice Not Melting

The alarmist cries of unprecedented global warming causing unprecedented sea-ice melting at the poles doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps if they yell louder it will obey.

Source: NSIDC


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Tropical Antarctica

Based upon this I may have to change my plans and go to the South Pole for a tropic vacation instead of Hawaii this year. I’ll have to remember to bring SPF 50 tanning lotion so I don’t get a burn. This does sound like it refutes Al Gore’s theory that global warming  causes cooling. Al will have to amend it to – “global warming causes global cooling/warming/melting.”

Oh, I’d also like the ask where the ‘images’ are? I don’t see any. Perhaps their camera melted.

Source: Sify News

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Global Warming Consensus is Shifting


Per the National Association of Scholars……….

Estimated 40 Percent of Scientists Doubt Manmade Global Warming

January 03, 2011

PRINCETON, NJ (January 3, 2011)—S. Fred Singer said in an interview with the National Association of Scholars (NAS) that “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now.”
Singer, a leading scientific skeptic of anthropocentric global warming (AGW), is an atmospheric physicist, and founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), an organization that began challenging the published findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the 1990s. SEPP established the Leipzig Declaration, a statement of dissent from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that has been signed by over one hundred scientists and meteorologists.

Oh my, what will the warmistas do when the consensus shifts over to the other side? Remember, in the not too distant past we’ve seen predictions from them about how global warming will soon be causing less or no snow, winters will disappear and how Arctic and Antarctic ice will soon be disappearing, right? But, now that we’re having all this cold weather and snow, it’s suddenly changed to where that very same global warming is now causing cooling. An amazing turnabout, eh?

Well, I’m about 99.99% certain that when the consensus hits the ‘tipping point’ where 51% of the scientist think that anthropogenic global warming is bullshit, that those very same warmers will suddenly start screaming about how a consensus isn’t scientific, even though it was certainly good enough when that consensus was on their side of the fence.

Want to bet we’ll be getting more CO2 Insanity?

Source: National Association of Scholars


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More Polar Bear Drama

I don’t know about you but I am really getting sick and tired of all the Polar Bear drama included with the global warming drama. It seems like that when all else fails (like the recent Concun Climate Conference joke) then the MSM goes to work overtime to try to sway public opinion back toward believing there really is anthropogenic global warming.

For some reason the usual liberal mantra of ‘it’s for the children’ doesn’t seem to work well with global warming, but they have discovered they get a lot of hits on the warmer websites when it’s ‘the Polar Bears are going to die-drown-starve-float helplessly on icebergs, have to swim farther,’ etc. That really seems to get all the warmers, greentards and PETA all stirred up.

It seems the more failures we have about global warming the more we hear about those poor cuddly little Polar Bears and the ‘devastating’ effects that global warming will have on them. Though one would love to have you for a meal, people think they’re cute little cuddly creatures and feel sorry for them and may even send money in to save them.

The latest crock of anthropogenic BS comes from the Daily Mail in an article alarmingly titled “Polar bears CAN survive global warming ‘but only if the temperature rise stays below 1.25C’,” which infers that we all better fall in line and cut down those CO2 emissions or we won’t have those Polar Bears to hug anymore.

Polar bears can be pulled from the brink of extinction by a big enough reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a study has shown.

Scientists said there was still hope for the iconic Arctic predator which three years ago appeared to be doomed by global warming.

Projections in 2007 indicated that by the middle of the century loss of Arctic ice will have reduced the 22,000 polar bear population by two-thirds.

Eventually as temperatures rose it would be too late to prevent a catastrophic melting of sea ice, and the bears could vanish altogether.

So, let’s look at the highlighted words.

  • “Appeared to be doomed” meaning they really weren’t, the public figured it out, so rather than mass extinction being imminent we now have something we can all do to help stave that off. Better known as Plan B – Save the Polar Bears II.
  • “Projections in 2007” meaning they use 2007 because that’s when the Arctic sea-ice hit a low. It hasn’t significantly dropped anymore, but they don’t want you to know about that as it might get you all un-excited and make you lose that touchy-feely stuff you have going about those cute white bears.
  • “The bears could vanish’ is used because they want to keep you overly concerned so you’ll buy into Scam #2 or Plan B.

Long story short, the article proceeds to try to hook you on the fact that while things perhaps aren’t that bad, they could be if we don’t do something immediately like all start driving Priuses. You can read it all at the source below, which I’d encourage you to do.

Now that we have established the ‘con’ and the ‘hook’ let’s look at some reality for a change. Per Wikipedia, Polar Bears diverged from Brown Bears about 150,000 years ago. Please note that this is long before the warmers claim that CO2 became a problem (about 1850 per them).

Now let’s look at the temperature graph below. I noted approximately 150,000 years ago with a red arrow. See what the temperature was then? What? Why wait? It was about the same as it is now! Yet that’s when Polar Bears evolved! When it was about the same exact temperature as it is today! Note that about 125,000 years ago that it was +7F hotter than it is now? Notice about 10,000 years ago it again was +5F hotter than it is now?

Yes, that’s right, they managed to survive two periods over this large-scale of time when it was 5F to 7F hotter than it is now! Yet we’re all supposed to get all touchy-feely about those poor Polar Bears who may not survive if we don’t all start living in caves and riding bicycles.

Want to see more? Below is another temperature graph of the past 11,000 years where you can plainly see we’ve had recent events where it was also hotter than it currently is.

Oh my! The Polar Bears survived two Holocene Climate Optimums, a Roman Climate Optimum and a Medieval Warm Period, all warmer than now, and yet those darn bears are still here! I really don’t think we need to get very worried about them. You can even read here that their population is growing to the point they’re becoming a problem.

More CO2 Insanity. More alarmist BS.

Source: The Daily Mail

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Is NASA Bonkers?

Is NASA or someone at NASA bonkers? I was just going over my news stuff on Yahoo and from the NASA Earth Observatory box  I saw an item titled “Arctic Sea Ice Melting and Moving” that was noted as put up 7 hours ago (it’s 6:03PM in New York right now). I found the premise interesting, especially since it’s getting to be winter in the Arctic and the sea ice is building again.

Clicking upon the link I went directly to this page at NASA Earth Observatory. (I took a screen shot for posterity in case it “inconveniently” disappears at a later date – if so, put a comment up and I’ll put the screenshot up.

Nice pictures eh? The same ones are at the top of my post. Their post is dated today (November 10, 2010), so it’s not an old article. If you look underneath each photo there are dates. Note the year on those photos. RADARSAT mosaic April 2008, April 30, 2008 and November 30, 2008.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have to question why NASA would publish what I consider to be an alarmist article about the melting sea ice in the Arctic that’s based upon data from 2008? Is it funding time? Are they worried about what’s going to happen with the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives and feel the need to (pardon the pun) turn the heat up?

Or, is it merely that someone at NASA is trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? As you can see from the below chart the sea ice really is building already, it’s not melting. Moreover, it’s slightly above 2009 and also above 2007 which is a good sign it could be building back up from the 2007 low. Perhaps a mistake?

Well, at least they didn’t include a touchy-feely photo of mama polar bear and her cubs supposedly stranded on a small iceberg. Seems like more CO2 insanity to me.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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Science Idiot of the Month?

You have to just love this one! Here we have a review of “Sea-level is the best way to predict impacts of climate change: Australian scientist” that about caused me to fall out of my chair laughing.

More thorough sea level monitoring is needed to protect one trillion dollars (0.98 trillion U.S. dollars) worth of the world’s infrastructure threatened by climate change, an Australian leading ocean scientist said on Sunday

In the book Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability, released on Sunday, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) oceanographer John Church said the best way to predict the impacts of climate change is to look at the sea.

“The oceans are absolutely central to climate change,” Church told Australia Associated Press on Sunday.

Taking this on the face of it as being accurate I submit the below graph showing the sea-level.

Well, looks like the sea-level is dropping, so much for global warming, eh? We’re not done yet, he also notes the following……

“If we want to predict climate change accurately we’ve got to look at the oceans and for that matter the ice sheets.”

Ice sheets? Did he say ice sheets? OK, here’s another chart below regarding Arctic ice.

Another oops! Seems like we have more sea-ice, too! Assuming his theory is valid, then I feel I can safely assume we don’t have any global warming going on.

I have to really wonder who in their right mind would buy this book?

Source: Xinhuanet

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