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Top Scientist Says New Solar Wobble to Prolong Global Cooling

By: John O’Sullivan

As a new solar minimum takes our planet towards global cooling an increasing number of scientists give credence to a new theory blaming our Sun’s wobble.

It started in 2007 when scientists saw that gravitational forces in our solar system may have a huge impact on Earth’s climate. Professor Ivanka Charvátová, CSc. from the Geophysical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, explains why there is suddenly so much interest in her theory in an exclusive interview with

Professor Charvátová calls it Solar Inertial Motion (SIM) and she claims it will have serious impacts on our climate. She says a predictable “wobble” of our Sun called barycenter shift alters Earth’s weather patterns. Few climatologists have yet studied this phenomenon. But the evidence supporting Professor Charvátová’s SIM theory is becoming ever more compelling.

Our Wobbling Sun

Increased international interest in the SIM ‘wobble effect’ began after Australian scientist Dr. Richard Mackey published a paper addressing the effects of the barycenter shift in The Journal of Coastal Research in 2007. Mackey drew inspiration from the work of the late Rhodes Fairbridge.

Fairbridge was one of the first English-speaking experts to appreciate the significance of Professor Charvátová’s findings. The Czech expert had suddenly stolen the limelight because, as she says „I was the only one in the whole world who got the 23rd sunspot cycle prediction right.”

She recalls, “Even before my major discovery came, Prof R.W.Fairbridge contacted me after I published an article about SIM periodicity in Paris.” The publication was in her former name, Jakubcová.

Climatologists Accused of Ignoring New Science

When asked how much of this groundbreaking new science the UN’s beleaguered climate panel, the IPCC, took into account in their global warming reports, she answered, “Nothing at all. They are allergic to SIM.”

She explained that traditional thinking only considered science that supports the greenhouse gas theory which, in turn, attributes a substantial component of climate change to human influence. Professor Charvátová laments that the IPCC still fails to consider a whole range of climate forcing phenomena with any solar-terrestrial link, e.g. cosmic rays, geomagnetic, solar gravitational forces, volcanic activity, etc.


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If global warming terrifies you look at this!

Created by British astronomer Scott Manley, the three-minute clip – which is the equivalent of two months per second – starts with a sprinkling of white ‘dust’ around the edge of the planets.

Thirty years ago, we knew of just 8,954 within our solar system. Today, we have discovered 530,091 – forming a green ‘eye’ of minor planets.

Well, I don’t know about you, but with 530,091 objects floating around out there I’d love to see some money spent on coming up with a way to divert one of these before it causes a mass extinction on Earth.

For the whole story on how this was created please go to the source below.

Source: Daily Mail

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Solar Flare Heading for Planet Earth

Tonight, if you’re in an area about 40 degrees latitude or above, you might get quite a show from Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) due to a solar flare that’s heading our way. If it’s large enough you might even see it at lower latitudes.  I was listening to the radio this morning and one scientists they were interviewing told them that he was in Hawaii one time and saw this phenomenon.

This scientists admitted they have no way to figure out what will actually happen from this solar flare.  He likened it to someone coming over to your house unannounced at midnight and you not knowing when they’d leave or what they’d do while they were visiting.

I thought it would be interesting to dig up some things that solar flares have caused in past.

  • During a magnetic storm in 1940 the cables under the Atlantic Ocean received 2,600 volt surges.
  • In August 1972 a a 230,000 volt transformer in British Columbia blew up.
  • March 13, 1989, Quebec gets a blackout courtesy of the Sun. Lasts 11 hours.
  • June 4, 1989, Trans-Siberian gas pipeline blows up. Kills 500 people on 2 trains nearby. Static electricity from solar flare blamed.
  • Solar flares have caused numerous problems for satellites causing insurance companies to pay out billions of dollars in claims.
  • 1997. TV satellite zapped.

They can also disrupt GPS satellites and radio transmissions causing airlines to re-route planes flying over the North Pole. You can see the below image to find out if you’re above 40 degrees latitude in the United States.  If the sky’s clear tonight it might be a good time to hang around outside and see what happens.

It will be interesting to see if we have any problems with satellites, the power grid, pipelines, radio/TV transmissions, etc. From what I read this won’t have any affect on the space station due to its low orbit.


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