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Simpson and Hansen – Separated at birth?

The Yale Forum on Global Warming has in interesting article titled “The Simpsons’ Take on Climate Change.” I found this amusing and the video from YouTube is above. You can read their take on things here.

While watching the video something struck me as quite funny. You can judge for yourself, but the below photos make me wonder if perhaps James Hansen and Homer Simpson were twins separated at birth? Or, perhaps Hansen was the model for Simpson? You call it.


Source: The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

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Is Gore Smarter than a 4th Grader? Found to be fake!

Update: UPDATE: This was found to be a fake so it’s noted as such.  I did note this in the blog, but that wasn’t backed up from Blogetery, so I’m noting it as such here.

Well it seems this might be a case of life imitates TV.  They have that show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” it seems that we now have a real case of a 4th grader being smarter than Al Gore.  Per this article from you can see why.

R.A. Hall Elementary School fourth-grader Julisa Castillo has been named junior division champion for the 2010 National Science Fair.

Her project, “Disproving Global Warming,” beat more than 50,000 other projects submitted by students from all over the U.S.

Julisa originally entered her project in her school science fair before sending it to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be judged at the national level.

Now I’d say that’s pretty darn good for a 4th grader, probably would be pretty amazing if most adults could do all that.

The NSF panel of judges included former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, 14 recipients of the President’s National Medal of Science, and four former astronauts.

“Before she sent it off, she just had to add more details, citations for her research, and the amount of hours she spent working on it,” said Julisa’s father, J.R. Castillo.

In addition to a plaque, trophy and medal, Julisa has won an all-expenses-paid trip to Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., which she plans to attend this summer.

Poor Al…….outsmarted by a 4th grader.  Sometimes truth is not only stranger than fiction it’s better.

Like the saying goes “You go girl!”



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What are they smoking at the MET?

The MET’s latest prediction from this article in the Times is hysterical.  I have to wonder what they’re smoking.

The number of sweltering nights when the temperature in cities stays above 20C (68F) and the elderly become vulnerable to heat exhaustion will increase fivefold because of climate change, a Met Office study has found.

Looks like quilt manufacturers will soon be going out of business according to them.

Opening the windows will make no difference because the outside temperature will be too warm for the heat in homes to escape. The “urban heat island effect”, in which buildings and roads absorb heat during the day and release it at night, could result in the temperature on the hottest nights remaining above 25C.

So better get that air conditioner installed now before the price goes up.

During the 2003 heatwave, which killed 2,000 people in Britain, the hottest nights were around 20C. Daytime temperatures reached 30C for 10 days in a row, but it was the hot, airless nights that proved fatal because people were unable to cool down and recover from the stress of the daytime heat before the sun rose again.

I guess the poor British have never heard of taking a cold shower to cool off?

The Met Office study found that, by 2040, it could need to issue heatwave warnings for urban areas four times more frequently. The warning system was established after the 2003 heatwave to help people to protect those at risk, including the elderly, young children and those suffering with poor health caused by respiratory diseases.

By 2040? Wow they must have some crystal ball, or perhaps some screwy computer or perhaps some screwy scientists? Or, perhaps all of the aforementioned?

Using computer models, the researchers found that the number of very hot nights in London would increase from two to ten a year.

Uh oh!  There’s those computer models again. You know how those work? It’s called lets play plug in some silly figures and see what the silly results are and then lets scare the crap out of everyone for the 5,000th time and perhaps they may start to believe in our predictions and in global warming.

Ahh….here we go with the silly solutions for the silly problem created by the silly scientist with the silly computer model.

Vicky Pope, head of climate advice at the Met Office, said cities would need to adapt to cope with more frequent heatwaves. The amount of shade would be a key consideration and new urban developments and buildings could be painted white to reflect the sun’s radiation.

What? No giant umbrella over London?  How about one of those plastic domes and a gigantic air conditioning unit for it?

Let’s see,  the MET Office….aren’t they that wonderful bunch who said last winter in Britain would be the warmest in recorded history, then had to back off that and admit that it was the coldest winter in Britain in the past 30 years?  What about their infamous “barbeque summer” predicted just before that? What about their great prediction about the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano that shut down the airways in Europe needlessly?

How about their wonderful computer that evidently even though it cost 30 million pounds evidently isn’t much better than using an Atari game? You can read about that here.

The Met Office unveiled Britain’s most powerful super computer today, which is capable of 1,000 billion calculations every second

However, they admitted despite the £30million system being more powerful than 100,000 PCs it could still get the forecast WRONG.

Well, like the man said….”if you believe that, I have a big golden colored bridge I’ll sell you in San Francisco.” I wonder how many people at the MET would buy it?

Source: Times Online

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Global Warming Now Causes "Montezuma’s Revenge"

Yes, you read right, global warming is now the cause of “Montezuma’s Revenge” also known as diarrhea. The list keeps getting longer!  Almost every day something new is caused by global warming! More CO2 Insanity coming faster than a speeding bullet.

Incidences of food poisoning are likely to rise with increased global temperatures, according to a report from the WHO and Malta’s Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit.  According to the report, a study on the health effects of climate change in the Maltese islands warns that rising temperatures increase the likelihood of food-borne diseases like salmonella.

The study found 450 cases of diarrheal illness in Malta occurring each day, at a cost of 16 million Euros.  It was also reported that cases of diarrheal illness increase in May, with the rise in temperature, peaking in the summer months. The study looked at an 18 year period of illnesses from 1990-2008.  Part of the increase was blamed on increased outdoor activities involving food such as barbecues.

In view of the increased risks caused by climate change the study calls for “increased public awareness on food safety, hygiene and food preparation.”

The study was authored by Dr Anthony Gatt from the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit and Dr Neville Calleja director of the Health Information and Research Directorate. Results found here.

Really now? I don’t suppose they looked at anything like how food it stored (or not as the case may be – like in refrigerators????) if proper hand washing techniques are used (Pass the soap!), etc.  It’s just gotta be caused by anthropogenic global warming! I guess these geniuses don’t get it.  It gets hotter during the summer (duh!), so when people increase their outdoor activities and leave food out in the heat it spoils (duh!).  Don’t you think if we had global warming a better indication might just be an increase in outdoor activities and food poisoning during the winter?

From EMedicineHealth we get the causes of food poisoning.

Food Poisoning Causes

More than 250 known diseases can be transmitted through food. The CDC estimates unknown or undiscovered agents cause 81% of all food-borne illnesses and related hospitalizations. Many cases of food poisoning are not reported because people suffer mild symptoms and recover quickly. Also, doctors do not test for a cause in every suspected case because it does not change the treatment or the outcome.

  • The known causes of food poisoning can be divided into two categories: infectious agents and toxic agents.
    • Infectious agents include viruses,bacteria, and parasites.
    • Toxic agents include poisonous mushrooms, improperly prepared exotic foods (such as barracuda), or pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
  • Food usually becomes contaminated from poor sanitation or preparation. Food handlers who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom or have infections themselves often cause contamination. Improperly packaged food stored at the wrong temperature also promotes contamination.
  • Interesting and funny that they don’t mention global warming as a cause.

    This is one idea I think I’ll flush. Or, perhaps I’ll get rich by stocking up on toilet paper and selling it at a premium when global warming hits my neighborhood.

    Source:  Food Poison Journal

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    Who’s Crazier? Tiny Tim or Al Gore?

    I don’t know how people find this stuff, but we have the comedy winner of the month here from Creative Minority Report’s content found here titled Tiny Tim vs. Al Gore.

    So Tiny Tim was the father of the global warming movement? Yeah, that fits. Make sure you at least make it to the chorus where he starts screaming “The Icecaps are meltin Oh-oh-oh-oh-OOOOOOOh!”

    But you’ve got to decide who’s crazier? Tiny Tim is the obvious kind of bonkers that you see on street corners and cross the street to avoid whereas Al Gore is the more dangerous kind of looney that isn’t immediately apparent and you don’t know he’s flipped until he’s sitting in your living room eating your Chinese food and lecturing you that your freezer’s running too high.

    So compare Gore’s performance with Tiny Tim’s and tell me who you think is crazier.

    This is most definitely CO2 Insanity at its best.

    Source: Creative Minority Report (which is definitely creative!)

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    Nuclear Option for Deepwater Horizon Leak?

    [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

    The nuclear option for sealing the massive leak from the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has been mentioned before, including on this blog, and for the most part seemed to get laughs as being implausible.  Frankly when I posted here about the North Koreans possibly causing this and the solution being an atomic bomb, I was only about half serious, as both notions seemed beyond the realm of reality. I guess this is what me and a lot of other people get for thinking it being silly as it’s come back in the form of reality to bite us in the butt.

    According to this article in, this may not be as unrealistic as you think.  In fact it appears President Obama may be giving this serious contemplation.

    The US has sent a team of nuclear physicists to help BP plug the “catastrophic” flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking Deepwater Horizon well, as the Obama administration becomes frustrated with the oil giant’s inability to control the situation.

    The five-man team – which includes a man who helped develop the first hydrogen bomb in the 1950s – is the brainchild of Steven Chu, President Obama’s Energy Secretary.

    He has charged the men with finding solutions to stop the flow of oil.

    Evidently the President has had it with the buck-passing and the inability of BP to stop this massive oil leak.

    The five scientists visited BP’s main crisis centre in Houston earlier this week, along with Mr Chu, and are to continue to work with the company’s scientists and external advisers to reach an answer.

    In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Hayward said the five-hour meeting involved a “very deep dive” into the situation at hand, with “lots of nuclear physicists and all sorts of people coming up with some quite good ideas actually.”

    Pressed further about the meeting, he said they had “come up with one good idea” but declined to elaborate.

    I wonder if this “one good idea” involves a rather large bang?

    The five include 82-year-old Richard Garwin, who designed the first hydrogen bomb, and Tom Hunter, head of the US Department of Energy’s Sandia National Labs.

    In addition, Mr Chu has already dispatched Marcia McNutt, the head of the US Geological Service, to the oil company.

    When you have one of the men who’s the father of the Hydrogen Bomb being dispatched about this, it really does sound like this is going to be a serious consideration, especially if BP’s other attempts to plug this leak up fail.  You have to consider that using “the bomb” may cause less damage than the massive oil slick will.  I heard one scientists on the radio today who figured it could actually be blowing out as much as 100,000 gallons of oil per day.

    Regardless of what you think about CO2, global warming, or climate change, this is a disaster that may make anything in the past pale in comparison and I’m all for whatever will stop this.  The faster the better.


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    US Flag=Bad Obama=Good

    I’m beginning to think I should change the name of the site to Last week we had high school kids sent home for wearing the US flag on Cinco de Mayo, this week we get a teacher who tells a student not to draw a US flag because it’s “offensive” then heaps praise upon another child who drew a picture of Obama.  All I have to comment on that is………..mmmmmmmmmmm……….mmmmmmmmmm………mmmmmmmmmm…….bad.

    Here’s the Fox News video so you can see and hear for yourself.


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    Legitmate Earth Day News Straight from NASA?

    Here is an oxymoron for you….”Here is some legitimate Earth Day news straight from NASA.  Ummmmmm…hmmmmmm. More CO2 Insanity.

    Here’s your link to it.

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    Gore Backed Group Linked to Oil Industry?

    Hmmm….seems like Al Gore perhaps wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Per this article from the Toronto Sun.

    MONTREAL – Five months after saying the exploitation of the tar sands was “one of the most serious threats to the human race,” former U.S. vice-president Al Gore came back to Montreal this week with financial backing from Investors Group, a Power Corporation affiliate that is indirectly involved in Alberta’s oil industry.

    So, the Goracle himself is hooked into oil?

    The man behind the documentary An Inconvenient Truth will participate Thursday in an international conference organized during the 2010 Millennium Summit. The event will also include Sarah Ferguson, duchess of York, and actress Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame.

    The event’s main sponsor is Investors Group, a Power Corp. company owned by the Desmarais family. The Desmarais family and their Belgian partner, Albert Frere, are the largest shareholders in oil company Total, which hopes to take three billion barrels of oil from the Alberta tar sands over the next 30 years.

    But the Goracle said…..

    During a trip to Toronto at the end of November, Gore said the exploitation of the tar sands is the “largest source of polluting energy on earth” and represents “one of the most serious threats to the human race.”

    “The oil pulled from the tar sands gives a Toyota Prius the carbon footprint of a Hummer,” Gore said at the time, after blasting the Canadian government for its soft position on the exploitation of the tar sands.

    So, it appears the Goracle talks out of both side of his mouth. As long as he’s getting paid for it, it apparently doesn’t matter where he gets his bucks from. He’ll evidently take money from anyone, regardless if they’re causing global warming or not.

    Remember though, poor Al has the $20,000 + per month energy bill to pay for his house in Tennessee, and now he’s got to pay for his $8,875,000 9 bathroom mansion he just bought in Montecito, CA.

    Poor Al……..him and Tipper kind of remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker for some strange reason.  I wonder if their dog has an air conditioned dog house?

    Yet more CO2 Insanity.

    Source: Toronto Sun

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    Carbon Calculator

    From the we get a “National Carbon Calculator” so your average “Joe” can play around and see what the effects of changing things such as rail travel, low-carbon diets, electricity consumption and others will have on CO2 levels.

    If they really are serious, they should have factored in money.  Like if they change their rail to all-electric, how many billions will it cost the taxpayers? They should also add in a part that shows how much your taxes will go up, and how fast it will bankrupt Britain, which from what I’ve reading may not be too far away.

    Have fun playing The Goracle!”

    More CO2 Insanity.


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