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UN Spends $288,700 per green job


The UN - Ripping off the world since 1945


If this isn’t a good reason for the United States to quit sending money to the United Nations then I don’t know what is. According to Fox News they spent and astounding $288,700 per green job. Yes, that’s not a typo it’s two-hundred-eighty-eight thousand seven-hundred dollars for one job. While the UN claims less, this is what Fox has to say……

But according to documentation obtained by Fox News, the projects that generated those jobs have a total cost of about $1.68 billion—which would work out to a much more staggering average figure of about $288,700 per job.

I won’t spoil Fox’s fun so you can go to the source below and read all the sordid details. Why do we keep funding these crooks? Especially since we have an estimated deficit in 2011 of $1.5 trillion dollars. I say boot the UN out of New York and sell the property to Donald Trump so he can develop it into something that does something besides house a building full of useless bureaucrats.

Source: Fox News



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Concun: The ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ show is over!

Monty Hall would have been impressed by this train wreck of a deal

Now that the Concun Climate Conference is over we have everyone scurrying about telling us that a big ‘deal’ was made. They got no extension of Kyoto, no new treaty, nothing legally binding. Basically what has come out of Concun is the only kind of real global warming we have, which is hot air from the United Nations abetted by the lamestream media and some so-called scientists. So, what did they con everyone out of? Oh, only a $100 billion transfer of wealth per annum, that’s all. Sounds way better than anything that was ever behind door #1, #2 or #3 on the TV show ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’

It seems to me that every time they worry about climate change it cost us money. Hundred’s of millions of dollars may be transferred to so-called ‘poorer’ countries from the so-called ‘wealthy’ counties under the guise of saving them all from global warming. Never you mind about the 56 million people who die annually from real problems like AIDS, Cancer, smoking, heart disease, starvation and other things! We need hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent non-existent anthropogenic global warming! Never mind about those other people who die, they don’t count!

I bet that dictators around the globe are probably having a big celebration today because they’re on the verge of the biggest screw job since Bernie Madoff. They’ll be getting money for nothing that will have little or no controls over its dispersal. Want to place a bet about how much of this will actually go to climate related things vs. how much will end up in numbered Swiss bank accounts? I bet Las Vegas wouldn’t give you odds on that one.

Below are some comments from a Telegraph article about this so-called ‘deal,’ aka gigantic screwjob. I’ve placed my comments below their comments in bold italic, highlighting how this is a big con job from Concun.

What has been achieved?

Campaigners claim it has placed UN talks back on track after the disaster at Copenhagen. Countries agreed a ‘balanced package’ that will keep temperature rise below 2C (3.6F).

It stops short of a legal treaty, but commits all countries to cutting emissions for the first time under the UN.

So, basically, about 15,000 people, who spewed carbon getting to/from and while there, didn’t get jack shit. Many of them did sign up to ban DHMO though, bless their little pea brains.

How did they do it?

Haunted by the Copenhagen summit, the host country Mexico tried to focus on areas of agreement instead of seeking an ambitious full treaty.

It also insisted on transparency rather than closed-door talks among major powers. This and an unrelenting positive mood made it difficult for trouble makers to complain.

So, we have Mexico, a country now run by drug cartels, trying to tell the whole world how we should do things. Talk about some big cojones, that about takes the cake in my book. Note the ‘agreement instead of ambitious full treaty,’ which means they already knew this was DOA before they got there.

How will countries cut emissions?

More than 80 countries, including the US, EU and China, put forward voluntary emissions cuts in Copenhagen. These have now been made a formal agreement under the UN process.

Yes, a formal agreement that isn’t legally binding, but never mind that, they had to come up with something to justify all those Pina Coladas and parties.

How will emissions be measured?

China has always been uncomfortable about having its emissions measured by the outside world, claiming only rich countries that can afford the technology should be monitored.

However the US has insisted it is only fair that all countries are exposed to the same amount of scrutiny.

In an uneasy compromise the two superpowers have agreed that it is only fair that the world’s biggest emitters agree to international standards to measure their carbon.

So, we’re now up to an agreement that’s not legally binding, where no one’s in agreement about who’s going to measure emissions, or how they’ll be measured. From what I see of China no one will ever measure their CO2 anyway. They’ll keep on pumping out pollution while collecting money and laugh all the way to the bank.

What has the Kyoto Protocol got to do with it?

The Kyoto Protocol commits rich countries to cutting emissions. It was very important to developing countries that targets in the treaty are extended beyond 2012 because it is currently the only legal climate change agreement the world has.

However rich countries are nervous of committing to the treaty as it does not include China or the US.

In the end a compromise was found where the Kyoto Protocol will be continued, but targets for emissions cuts do not need to be decided until all countries makes cuts.

It is hoped that eventually the Kyoto Protocol will be continued as part of a legal treaty that commits all countries to cutting emissions.

The reality is the Kyoto Protocol has absolutely nothing to do with it. Re-read the above if you didn’t get it.  We have “In the end a compromise was found where the Kyoto Protocol will be continued, then the next line says “It is hoped that eventually the Kyoto Protocol will be continued.” So which is it? I’d say that since we don’t have a legally binding agreement that the Kyoto Protocol is deader than a doornail and now has nothing to do with anything.

What does it mean for the UK?

Britain has already committed to cutting emissions by 34 per cent by 2020 under domestic law. But the Government has promised to increase this to 42 per cent if there is a global deal, which is now looking increasingly likely.

It means nothing for the UK. They’re already in the process of committing economic suicide and don’t need any help from the UN. Their government already needs to be committed to an insane asylum. I think those student riots are merely the beginning of a pissed-off British population who are figuring out that their government has bankrupted their country, one that was once one of the richest on the planet.

Is there any money on the table?

Countries have agreed to set up a £60 ($100bn) per annum ‘Green Climate Fund’ from 2020 to help poor countries adapt to climate change.

It could also help developing countries, including India and China, develop green energy like wind turbines and solar panels. The UK will be expected to contribute around £1.5bn per annum towards the fund.

Ahh, the heart of the matter – MONEY! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Let’s see India and China are “developing” countries? Hmmmmm…according to Wikipedia, based upon GDP, in 2009 China was the 3rd largest economy and India was the 11th. But never you mind that! They ‘desperately’ need some of those hundreds of millions you know. They’re ‘poor’ you know. The 3rd largest economy in the world being considered as a ‘poor,’ ‘developing country,’ should tell you about all you need to know about how insane this agreement is.

How will it stop deforestation?

Deforestation causes a fifth of global emissions so protecting trees is claimed to be key step in mitigating global warming.

A new fund called Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation or REDD will be set up that will pay poor nations not to chop down trees.

The text includes safeguards to make sure the scheme respects the rights of indigenous people and biodiversity.

Language around carbon markets has been left deliberately vague so it is possible in the future for businesses to make money from ‘carbon offsetting’.

Wetlands will also be protected by allowing countries to offset carbon by protecting peatland such as the Yorkshire Moors.

Evidently they don’t care about global emissions causes 1-2-3-4, just #5. Oh, and you can bet that new fund will also come with a herd of new bureaucrats who will be overpaid by the UN. Those ‘safeguards’ are merely another way for them to come back for more money later because they won’t have enough, they never do. Also, note that ‘vague’ language remark that leaves the door wide open for businesses to screw more money out of this ‘deal.’ Peatland? WTF’s up with that? A way of throwing a bone to the morons who run the UK?

Why is Bolivia so angry?

The Plurinational State of Boliva believes that any UN agreement should ‘protect the rights of Mother Earth’.

The South American country believes that the targets are not strong enough to stop catastrophic climate change and signing up to a deal would be ‘tantamount’ to genocide. They are threatening to keep fighting within the UN process for a stronger deal.

You can bet the real problem is that it’s ‘tantamount’ to moneycide. They would have been able to screw more money out of this deal if they got what they wanted, they didn’t, so they’re pissed off. No Swiss bank accounts for them!

Anything else controversial?

Saudi Arabia won the right to get climate change subsidies for developing ‘clean’ coal, oil or gas. Carbon capture and storage or CCS takes the carbon emissions from fossil fuels and stores it under ground.

So, one of the oil countries selling billions of oil also needs subsidies? Wow! they must be ‘poor’ like the Chinese are! Well, I guess sooner or later they’ll run out of oil and have tons of leftover holes under their useless sand to sequester CO2 in. They have to keep those fleets of private jets, palaces and Rolls Royce’s going you know, not to mention the price of those gold-plated toilets is rising. May as well let the suckers, I mean infidels,  pay for their research and development.

Who are the heroes and villains?

Japan came out as an early villain after refusing to sign up to a second period of the Kyoto Protocol but was persuaded to compromise.

By the end of the conference Bolivia was the trouble maker refusing to sign up the deal because they claimed it was too weak to keep temperature rise below 2C.

Mexico has been the hero throughout, with one delegate describing the President Patricia Espinosa as a ‘goddess’ for guiding the talks so well.

The UK Government has been praised for leading efforts to find a compromise on the Kyoto Protocol.

Naughty naughty Japan, refused to sign something that’s retarded so they’re labeled a ‘villain.’ Bolivia is only a ‘trouble maker’ because they raised a stink because El Leader won’t get as fat of a Swiss bank account. Mexico is a ‘hero?’ The same Mexico who’s overrun with drug cartels? The same Mexico with the corrupt government who wants to tell everyone else how to run their country while their own turns into a steaming pile of shit? The suicidal UK government gets ‘praised’ for being, ummm….suicidal? Something wrong with this picture, it’s warped, very warped. Especially when you look at what they consider ‘poor’ countries to be, which means that the real ‘poor’ countries will get little or nothing out of this ‘deal.’

Will this save the planet?

Not yet. The latest scientific analysis suggests that the pledges currently on the table will only get the world 60 per cent of the way towards the emissions cuts that are hoped will keep global temperatures rising by more than 2C this century. However the deal agrees that ambitious must be increased.

All this and it won’t save the planet? There’s nothing to ‘save’ it from and you can damn well bet that they will alway need more money to ‘save the planet’ because this is about greed, power, control and the redistribution of wealth, nothing more, nothing less. Climate change is merely the excuse du jour.

Is this really a success?

Yes, after Copenhagen there were fears that the UN process would collapse. It is embarrassing for the UN not to have a full consensus but the agreement of every country except Bolivia still makes it a very strong agreement. Even though the deal is not legally binding it puts in place decisions that will help the world draw up a new treaty in the future.

Success? Let’s see, no new legally binding treaty, no extension of the Kyoto Protocol, but it’s a success? That’s a pretty piss-poor idea of ‘success’ if you ask me. I guess it’s a ‘success’ because they think they’ll be getting $100 billion dollars to pretty much do with as they please with little or no control over who gets what. Talk about’pork!’ Not to mention I bet the mafia is salivating already as they have already had the ‘success’ of ripping off the EU carbon trading scheme for a mere 7 billion Euros.

What happens next?

The world now has a year to resolve any outstanding issues over the final form of a legal treaty that commits the world to binding targets. There are high hopes this could happen in a UN meeting in Durban, South Africa next year.

However, a deal will need America to up its target which is unlikely while there is a Republican Senate.

So there you  have it. No legal treaty, no Kyoto Protocol, no nothing. They’ll have to wait until Durban to try to get this ripoff extended so they can complete the con game. They do have it right that with a Republican Senate this is already a dead horse and will justifiably remain that way. Hopefully by then more people will awaken to the scam and put it to a halt before further financial damage is done.

You can bet that if this scheme doesn’t pan out that the UN will find another ’emergency’ to be used to extract billions of dollars. I bet they’re already scheming as I type.

Yet more CO2 Insanity!

Source: The Telegraph

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There’s a dumbass born every minute

Watch this and tell me P.T. Barnum wasn’t right when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute?” Nowadays it appears to me that perhaps when it comes to the ‘warmer’s at Cancun we need a change to “there’s a dumbass born every minute.”

I wonder if they want to see the Egress?

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Dr. Richard Gierak: Global warming not caused by humans

If the Maldives are sinking then who'd want to buy a resort there?

This is an interesting take on why global warming and cooling are a natural process via an article by the same title in the Siskiyou Daily. More evidence of CO2 Insanity running amok with regards to global warming.

Global warming advocates have attempted to blame rising planetary temperatures on human activity. The following will demonstrate that we are looking at a natural planetary cycle where carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere due to ocean warming, volcanic activity and earthquake data, which all correlate with each other.

You can read the whole article at the source below. However there is one comment I find of particular interest about sea-levels, especially since we’re subjected to almost daily rants due to the Cancun Climate Conference about all these disappearing islands like the Maldives.

It has been touted that the oceans are rising to new heights based on melting of glaciers; however, the following press release from NASA is of interest:

PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) – (Sept. 2010) NASA says new images from its Jason-2 oceanography satellite shows the tropical Pacific has switched from El Niño warm conditions to La Niña cool conditions.

“The central equatorial Pacific Ocean could stay colder than normal into summer and beyond,” said oceanographer and climatologist Bill Patzert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. “That’s because sea level is already about 4 inches below normal, creating a significant deficit of the heat stored in the upper ocean. The next few months will reveal if the current cooling trend will eventually evolve into a long-lasting La Niña situation.”

Patzert said a La Niña is essentially the opposite of an El Niño and is associated with less atmospheric moisture, resulting in less rain along the coasts of North and South America. La Niñas also tend to increase the number of tropical storms in the Atlantic.

So in less than a year the Pacific has gone from El Nino warm to La Nina cool and the sea-level of the Pacific Ocean has dropped 4 inches. A trend that will probably continue as the ocean cools due to the La Nina condition.

So, we appear to have more information that leads to the conclusion that the Maldives won’t be sinking any time soon. I guess that’s why they’re trying to promote buying resorts there. If they were really sinking who’d want to make an investment like that besides Captain Nemo? Furthermore, if they’re sinking, then why the hell are they spending $78 million to expand their airport? Hmmmmm? I have to question if global warming isn’t just a good excuse for them to get free billions from the UN, most of which probably come from the US.

Source: Siskiyou Daily


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Another IPCC Oops about Greenland Ice

Well, so much for global warming melting all that ice in Greenland. According to this item titled “Greenland Ice Sheet Flow Driven by Short-Term Weather Extremes, Not Gradual Warming, Research Reveals” from Science Daily, that’s another bunch of warmer BS!

Sudden changes in the volume of meltwater contribute more to the acceleration — and eventual loss — of the Greenland ice sheet than the gradual increase of temperature, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Now a new study, published in the journal Nature, shows that a steady meltwater supply from gradual warming may in fact slow down glacier flow, while sudden water input could cause glaciers to speed up and spread, resulting in increased melt.

Sudden water input – not warming! Get it? Weather not global warming! Get it?

“It turns out that, contrary to popular belief, Greenland ice sheet flow might not be accelerated by increased melting after all,” says Shepherd, who was not involved in the research or peer review of the paper.

Oh well, the IPCC gets slapped silly again. Why people still believe them is beyond me. You can read the whole thing at the source below.

Source: Science Daily

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Moneygate – The abdication of the West – Lord Monckton

According to Lord Moncton, the redistribution of wealth is starting at Cancun. I put a post about this up yesterday based upon my hearing about it on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Here’s the rest of the information on the Obama administration’s back door dealings going on in Cancun that will allow billions of your tax dollars to be giving to the UN to probably disappear off the face of the planet (or into some dictator’s Swiss bank account). Yet more CO2 Insanity….Editor.

The abdication of the West

From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

Cancun, Mexico

I usually add some gentle humor to these reports. Not today. Read this and weep. Notwithstanding the carefully-orchestrated propaganda to the effect that nothing much will be decided at the UN climate conference here in Cancun, the decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West. The governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself. No one in the mainstream media will tell you this, not so much because they do not see as because they do not bl**dy care.

The 33-page Note (FCCC/AWGLCA/2010/CRP.2) by the Chairman of the “Ad-Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Co-operative Action under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, entitled Possible elements of the outcome, reveals all. Or, rather, it reveals nothing, unless one understands what the complex, obscure jargon means. All UNFCCC documents at the Cancun conference, specifically including Possible elements of the outcome, are drafted with what is called “transparent impenetrability”. The intention is that the documents should not be understood, but that later we shall be told they were in the public domain all the time, so what are we complaining about?

Since the Chairman’s note is very long, I shall summarize the main points:

Finance: Western countries will jointly provide $100 billion a year by 2020 to an unnamed new UN Fund. To keep this sum up with GDP growth, the West may commit itself to pay 1.5% of GDP to the UN each year. That is more than twice the 0.7% of GDP that the UN has recommended the West to pay in foreign aid for the past half century. Several hundred of the provisions in the Chairman’s note will impose huge financial costs on the nations of the West.

The world-government Secretariat: In all but name, the UN Convention’s Secretariat will become a world government directly controlling hundreds of global, supranational, regional, national and sub-national bureaucracies. It will receive the vast sum of taxpayers’ money ostensibly paid by the West to the Third World for adaptation to the supposed adverse consequences of imagined (and imaginary) “global warming”.

You can read the rest of this at the source below.

Source: SPPI

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Now climate change causes cancer

Yes, I didn’t believe it when I read it either, it seems we hit a new low here with things that climate change will cause. Per todays Telegraph we get this headline, which pretty much says it all…..Now scientists claim climate change could give you cancer (in the week Doomsday warning of rising sea levels was rubbished),” which leads me to believe that as a final act of desperation they may claim it causes genital warts. So where’s this cancer coming from? Why it’s those melting glaciers that….ummmmm…aren’t melting!

Melting glaciers and ice sheets are releasing cancer-causing pollutants into the air and oceans, scientists say.

The long-lasting chemicals get into the food chain and build up in people’s bodies – triggering tumours, heart disease and infertility.

The warning comes in a new international study into the links between climate change and a class of man-made toxins called persistent organic pollutants.

Persistent organic pollutants? WTF is that? What? Shit that was outlawed long ago? Hmmmm……

They include pesticides such as DDT and chemicals called PCBs used in electrical goods.

Donald Cooper, of the United Nations Environment Programme which published the report at the UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, said melting glaciers and ice sheets were releasing POPs trapped years ago into the air and seas.

OK, so what do the seas have to do with melting glaciers that aren’t melting?

He added: ‘It is a problem in all parts of the world – they do not respect borders. They travel thousands of miles and they continue to build.

‘In the past pollutants have travelled long distances and become trapped in ice in glaciers and ice sheets. But as the ice melts, or when temperatures go up, they are released back into the seas and atmosphere.

They travel thousands of miles? Do they have little cars or planes that carry them around? Please tell me how could this happen. According to the warmistas the glaciers have been melting since the 1850 start of the industrial revolution. Now with all the melting how could this be trapped in glaciers? But wait! They’re not melting either? Which is it? Talk about talking out of both sides of your ass, this has to be it.

You can read the rest of this bullshit at the source below. They just keep getting more desperate and keep sinking further and further into CO2 Insanity don’t they?

Source: The Daily Mail

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OOPS! Glaciers increasing per UN

More truth that is stranger than the IPCC’s, UN’s and warmer’s fiction. From the Telegraph we get this headline ‘Cancun climate change summit: glaciers increasing despite climate change.’ Yes, that’s right, we keep hearing about all these glaciers that are melting away any second now due to anthropogenic global warming, yet here we have glaciers that are increasing in size. Must be more of that cooling that’s caused by warming which seems in violation of the laws of thermodynamics to say the least.

Glaciers have grown in western Norway, New Zealand’s South Island, parts of Asia and the Tierra del Fuego in South America.

Of course the powers that be have to try to minimize this finding with their usual BS.

However, overall ice and snow on mountains has been retreating since the industrial age, according to scientists from around the world.

In some regions, it is very likely that glaciers will largely disappear by the end of this century, whereas in others ice cover will persist but in a reduced form for many centuries to com

Actually they’ve been retreating since the last ice-age was over thousands of years ago, but don’t let real science get in the way of a good line of bullshit about how global warming’s going to turn the South Pole into Lower Miami any day now.

This report underlines a global trend, observed over many decades now in some parts of the globe, which has short and long-term implications for considerable numbers of people….

Yes it underlines a ‘global trend’ alright. The ‘global trend’ of anthropogenic bullshit about anthropogenic global warming. Yet more CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Telegraph

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Obama trying to transfer 1.5% of US GDP to UN for climate change.

I heard this on Rush Limbaugh this morning while driving back from an appointment.  He cited Roy Spencer and Lord Monckton reporting that the Obama Administration is cutting a backroom deal with the UN to give them 1.5% of our GDP to fight non-existent anthropogenic climate change. I’ll put a link up to this tomorrow when the show is available, or you can go to his website tomorrow and hear for yourself what was said on today’s show. Edit: Here’s a link to the notes, here’s a link to listen, but you have to sign up.

While this should be ratified by Congress ala the Kyoto Treaty, it sounds like Obama is going to try and do an end-run around Congress and do this via executive order. I sincerely hope people like Jim Inhofe are not asleep at the switch and head this off before it starts sucking US bank accounts dry. It appears the ‘sting‘ continues.

With the current deficit we certainly don’t need to be throwing dollars at non-existent problems when there are real ones to be dealt with right here in the good old USA.  Moreover, we already provide the corrupt institution known as the United Nations with more money than any other country and now this bonehead wants to give them more based on curing a problem that isn’t man caused and doesn’t exists.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the GDP of the United States for 2009 was about $14.12 trilliion, or $46,000 dollars per person. One percent of $14.12 trillion is $141 billion dollars or $460 per person. According to Yahoo Finance about 47% of the population of the US didn’t pay income taxes in 2009. So basically you people who work for living can double the $460 to $920 of your hard-earned dollars.

Our government already give the blood-sucking UN more than enough money and in my book we should be cutting our contributions, not increasing them. Frankly they should boot them out of New York City and let them go off to some ‘nice’ place like Iran or North Korea.

It was freely admitted this conference isn’t about climate, it’s about the transfer of money or redistribution of wealth from so-called wealthy nations to poor nations under the guise of climate change. It’s also about power. This needs to be stopped now.  I would urge you contact your Congress person and let them hear or read your vituperation about this asinine idea before it’s too late.  Burning up the switchboard (202-456-1414. FAX: 202-456-2461) at the White House  or contacting them via the internet wouldn’t hurt either.

Source: Rush Limbaugh Radio Show on 12/08/2010.


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Climate ‘tools’ to ‘retool’

Today’s global whining comes from NPR with an article titled ‘Climate Groups Retool Argument for Global Warming‘ which reads to me like my title “Climate ‘tools’ to ‘retool.'” The ‘warmists’ just can’t get over the fact that although they’ve been trying to propagate the global warming fraud for years, many of the people who once believed in the Goracle and the dogma of anthropogenic global warming are fast finding out that the only hot air around these days is emanating from places such as the UN, the IPCC, GISS, and Concun, aided by a lap dog media who seem to have never heard a global warming story, no matter how ridiculous, that they didn’t like.

“The number of Americans who believe that global warming is a scientific fact has been dropping, and environmental groups and climate scientists who say the evidence for warming is clear are scratching their heads over this reversal and scrambling to find a new strategy.”

There’s problem number one, they claim ‘the evidence for warming is clear.’ ‘Clear’ perhaps to the mentally deficients who believe in their prognostications, but when one looks at the preponderance of evidence, most people with at least 1/2 of a brain will find that anthropogenic global warming is a scam. A scam that’s been aided and abetted by some ‘scientists’ who seem eager for grant money to stay on the global warming gravy train and by some communistic politicians eager to use global warming as a ‘tool’ to redistribute the world’s wealth and achieve that one world global government they lust for. It’s all about control and money, not global warming.

Problem 2 is the statement that ‘they’re scratching their heads’ about it. That is enough to make me wonder about how smart these people actually are. It’s like they’ve been hit smack between the eyes with a 2 x 4 and yet they’re clueless about why much of the general public and a lot of science doesn’t buy into their global warming fantasy. In spite of what appears to be a lack of brains and honesty, they somehow feel qualified to tell a whole planet full of people what to believe in. Amazing indeed!

To reiterate, it’s not about the science, as evidence read the next quote from Dan Lashof, director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“We in the scientific community by and large said OK, the science debate is over, we are moving our efforts into what we are going to do about it. And that left the science debate in the public largely untended,” he says. “That has been recognized as a strategic error.”

See what I’m talking about? It’s not about their faux science or faux debates, it’s certainly not about the truth, it’s about a ‘strategic error!’ It’s about presentation, not science. It’s like going out to dinner. Do you want to eat at nice restaurant that has a bone china plate with a nice looking presentation of your pork chops and vegetables? Or, for the same price, would you rather eat at some greasy diner and have it all dumped in one giant lump of crap on a paper plate? Do you want to hear cries about the world heating  up and causing floods, pestilence and starvation? Or, would you buy into the con easier if they put a little ‘presentation’ on it so it’s more appealing and goes down easier? They now appear to be planning another feeble attempt to scam us! Like good little ‘Climate Nazis, they’ll try and keep the propaganda machine going  until the lie becomes the truth.

Yes, one year after ‘Climategate’ it appears the ‘warmers’ have finally come to the realization that they screwed up. They didn’t lie hard enough, big enough, or fast enough and they now have the temerity to whine about it. Did they actually think their propaganda of ‘the science is settled’ would actually get everyone on the planet on board with their scheme? Are they that dense? I think in many cases the answer is yes. Yes, because no science is ever ‘settled,’ as it always changes. Someone’s always finding out something new and anyone who believes any science is ‘settled’ is a bonehead in my opinion and it appears there’s no shortage of global warming boneheads running about.

One excellent and recent example of  why science isn’t ‘settled’ is the ‘alien’ life form just discovered at Mono Lake, California. This ‘alien’ life form just blew everyone in science’s mind because it uses arsenic instead of phosphorous to form its’ DNA. Something science has never seen before on this planet and certain proof that science is never ‘settled.’ Many scientists were probably convinced that every life form on the planet used the standard six elements (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus) as the building blocks of life, yet here comes this little microscopic bacteria that changes the whole game. Proof positive that the only ‘settled’ thing about science is that it’s not ‘settled’ regardless of what area of science you want to talk about.

Space is another good example of a place where the science isn’t ‘settled’ as evidenced by the frequency of new discoveries of new galaxies and planets, new theories about things like dark matter. We now have three times the number of stars that were previously thought to be floating around the space-time continuum. Our universe may even be inside another universe now. Nothing ‘settled’ there at all.

I’m not going to go into the details about all the BS that’s been busted about anthropogenic global warming in this post. You can find plenty of things to make you skeptical about anthropogenic global warming on my site and plenty of others. That’s not the topic here and you can peruse things at your leisure if you’re interested. The topic is that these people are still dangerous as they’ve discovered their scam isn’t working and now realize they need to change their tactics to ensure they keep the scam going.

They’re up for finding new ways to proselytize about global warming. It sounds like they might plan to do things on a smaller scale now and stay under the radar. They may be sneaker from now on based on what we don’t know won’t allow countermeasures. Things won’t be done on a global, continental or even on a country level, they’ll now go local to try to get their brainwashing to work. Little nefarious steps may be the new modus operandi.

They’ll probably continue to promote anything and everything as being evidence of global warming or being caused by global warming, regardless if it’s true or not. You may not read about it as much in the New York Times or on CNN, but they’ll be scurrying about in your local schools brainwashing the kiddies and at the senior centers, giving seminars designed to get the oldsters to vote yes on everything green and write letters to their elected representatives wanting to know why their pacemaker’s aren’t solar-powered. You’ll see local newspapers publishing little articles designed to brainwash you into believing that bird-choppers (wind turbines) are the way to go along with the occasional item proclaiming that the South Pole will soon be the new Miami and that California’s beach front property will soon be adjacent to the Sierra-Nevada mountain range and not Malibu. Many of the local newspapers will probably publish this tripe because like the big papers, it seems to me that many of them don’t care about the truth anymore because they too, are having financial problems and will eagerly publish just about any headline they think will increase their sales.

Fortunately, there are those of us who don’t buy into the anthropogenic global warming scam and will do whatever we can to let the sun shine on the truth. This is the way it’s always been. Remember, the science is never ‘settled’ no matter who issues the proclamation. Was the science settled when it was thought that the Earth was the center of the universe? Was it settled when ‘science’ thought the sun revolved around the Earth? Was it settled when the Earth was found to be round and not flat? Look at the past 100 years and tell me that the science was ‘settled’ when the atomic bomb was made, when nuclear power plants were invented, when the internet was invented, or cell phones, or space ships, or when man went to the Moon. Contrary to what the ‘warmer’s want you to believe, science is never ‘settled.’ Atoms were the smallest building blocks of everything at one time, now it’s nanotechnology. Perhaps sometime in the future science will discover something on an even smaller scale than that. Things change, they always do and always will. Remember all of this the next time you read something about global warming that say’s ‘the science is settled’ because it isn’t.

I find it rather amusing that no matter where I read about science or what type of science I read about, I never seem to find anyone saying that any particular science is ‘settled.’ New discoveries abound on what appears to be a daily basis regardless if it’s about space, new medicine, new chemicals, undiscovered dinosaurs or anything else you care to name. The word ‘settled’ seems to only ‘conveniently’ apply to anthropogenic global warming, global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever name you choose to call it and never anything else.

Nothing about science is ‘settled’…………….ever.  If the ‘tools’ ‘retool’ the message, it doesn’t make it any truer. It’s CO2 Insanity to think otherwise.

Source: NPR

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