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NOAA – No link between tornadoes and global warming

Whodathunkit? Evidently not everyone who works for NOAA is a warmist. From Fox News we get this gem of a report……

A top official at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rejected claims by environmental activists that the outbreak of tornadoes ravaging the American South is related to climate change brought on by global warming.

Asked if climate change should be “acquitted” in a jury trial where it stood charged with responsibility for tornadoes, Carbin replied: “I would say that is the right verdict, yes.” Because there is no direct connection as yet established between the two? “That’s correct,” Carbin replied.

Yes, it appears he just told all the ecoloons who are trying to baffle the pubic with bullshit and connect global warming to the recent outbreak of tornadoes that they’re wrong-wrong-wrong!

Now we’ll have to wait and see if some warmer scumbag costs this honest gentleman his job because he’s not being PC about global warming by trying to stir people up with lies.

You can read the whole article at the source below.

Source: Fox News


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Will we have more earthquakes? Piers Corbyn

Watch Piers Corbyn’s take on earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear power and weather.


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British Weather Guru Labels Met Office as Evil Dictator of Science

By: John O’ Sullivan 

February 20th, 19:53

As more evidence shows the sun drives our climate a leading forecaster labels the cult of man-made global warming  “the Mubarak regime of Science.”

Britain’s best independent weatherman, Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction launches a blistering attack on the UK’s Met Office for repeatedly trumpeting claims that floods can be attributed to human impacts on climate. The Met Office has long been a key supporter of climatologists claiming carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by humans will bring about catastrophic climate change.

Corbyn counters:

“If there were any truth in their claims we would have seen a continuous increase in floods (and other extremes according to their catechism) during the last century and also in the last ten years because CO2 has been rising continuously.”

With his usual flamboyant cut and thrust the maverick marvel from WeatherAction puts the doomsaying cult to the sword with a visual presentation created specifically for a new series of talks and seminars. Corbyn claims his set of damning slides are based on indisputable facts and are geared towards better explaining the basics to non-scientists.

In his easy to follow step-by-step analysis Corbyn expertly debunks the claims of a clique of self-serving “carbon crazy” climatologists. He asks us to compare their forecasts to his own sensational results. This, he says, is the best evidence to show who is more credible on the science. Corbyn is adamant that climate varies strictly according to changes in our enormous and powerful sun and not in any way determined by a tiny amount of CO2 (under 0.04 percent) in our atmosphere.

More Extreme Weather Events Coming Says Corbyn

After years of being shunned by a mainstream media that are still sold on the doomsaying spin, Piers has nonetheless become a notable figure always pressured to speak at meetings and conference events across Britain whenever he can. Attentive listeners are most impressed with his masterful display in what is such a contentious field of applied science.

Dismissive of the billion dollar propaganda machine that has been touting the global warming scare for two decades, Corbyn insists changes in solar activity are, and always will be, the key and humans have no measurable effect whatsover on our climate.

Speaking recently in front of a packed audience the guru from WeatherAction spelled out the facts:

“It’s time for a reality check. What works works and what doesn’t doesn’t. We can now show the events on the sun which precede our predicted extreme events which we can usually get right 85% of the time to a day or so from months ahead.”

Corbyn is a tough cookie to eschew. With his uncanny knack of foreseeing a long list of extreme weather events – including the Russian heatwave and Pakistan floods; the coldest December for 100 years in Britain; the series of giant blizzards in America and supercyclone Yasi that thrashed Queensland – no one can doubt his success rate.

In acknowledgement of his astonishing achievements 2010 ended as an award-winning year for Corbyn as he scooped the Stairways Press Ernst-Georg Beck Award plus a check for $10,000.

Adding further authority to Corbyn’s claims a recent BBC news broadcast highlighted how the sun has lately been threatening to wreak further havoc on our weather. A burst of solar flares came close to knocking out satellites, electrical power supplies and communications networks worldwide (February 17-20 2011).

BBC viewers were shown how a newly released archive of geomagnetic records stretching back to the Victorian era allows us to comprehend for ourselves just how powerful “space weather” really is. Such solar storms in the past have caused huge disruption and there is little, if anything, we can do about them.

How is Corbyn Right Time after Time?

WeatherAction uses all such geomagnetic records as shown in the above BBC report along with a set of Corbyn’s bespoke mathematical indicators, or parameters. These include “lunar modulators” added to the mix which are then compared to past weather sequences to identify similarities with current trends.

By applying Corbyn’s inimitable technique WeatherAction has found that past patterns are extraordinarily useful as guides to predicting future weather. At no time does Corbyn apply any data related to carbon dioxide or other so-called ‘greenhouse gases.’

Instead, Corbyn aligns himself with those many scientists and writers who devastatingly disproved the greenhouse gas theory in the current best-seller, ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon.’

Piers explains to intrigued spectators why the latest crop of freak weather events are happening.

“The first thing to get clear is that simultaneous superstorms on different sides of the globe are meteorologically disconnected – it would take weeks for air to blow between them – so the reason for their simultaneity can only be by external solar-based cause which (with lunar modulation) has a world-wide simultaneous effect.”

Unlike those “junk climate scientists” playing with computer models, Corbyn always factors into his calculations solar and lunar influences. The latest output of his number crunching has prompted WeatherAction to issue three more worrying “level red warnings” for upcoming extreme weather events.

To find out more about this modern marvel of meteorology and get the full details of what’s in store for your weather in 2011 check out the award-winning wonder at his WeatherAction website.

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U.S. Winter 2010-2011 Global Warming Tally

Ice Falls from Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Stadium

I was looking at the Weather Channel this morning to see what the weather in Dallas, Texas will be for the Superbowl when I caught 2010-2011 Winter Seasonal Snow Totals to the right of the forecast. I appears that we have a lot more Global Warming this winter than even Al Gore dreamed of. Here’s a few so you can see what I’m talking about.

2010-11 Snowfall
Seasonal Average
88.0 inches
32.5 inches (+ 55.5 inches)
125.6 inches
71.3 inches (+ 54.3 inches)
80.6 inches
26.7 inches (+ 53.9 inches)
63.3 inches
13.6 inches (+ 49.7 inches)
70.7 inches
22.7 inches (+ 48.0 inches)
57.7 inches
12.0 inches (+ 45.7 inches)
56.4 inches
13.7 inches (+ 42.7 inches)
74.6 inches
33.6 inches (+ 41.0 inches)
92.1 inches
52.7 inches (+ 39.4 inches)

Based on Al and other warmers theories, this is all caused by global warming, which is an amazing after-the-fact prediction if I ever saw one.

I suppose this summer when it’s 110 in the shade in Dallas that will be global warming caused, too.  Or, if it doesn’t get hot enough this summer that will be global warming caused. All events will be predicted post-event as is normal with the warmers these days.

You can see how much global warming fell on other cities in the country at the source below.

Source: The Weather Channel

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Snowmageddon Poll Results

Click on it to see a larger version

You can see from the above poll at in Michigan,  asking if the recent snowmageddon was the result of global warming or was merely another winter snowstorm (aka: weather) and it seems the people if Michigan get the fact that it’s not anything unusual, just weather. It seems they’re more astute than some warmer scientist and their media shills who have been proclaiming loudly that no matter what happens (hot, cold or indifferent) it’s caused by global warming, which is CO2 Insanity at its best.

Note that this is as of 2/4/2011 @ 12:34 PM Eastern Standard Time. I may check later today and update any changes in the result.


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BBC and Met Office Caught in Ponzi Scam over Winter Forecast Fiasco

By: John O’Sullivan

Disclosed documents implicate two major British institutions in a scam over ‘secret’ forecast of ‘cold’ British winter. Was a senior BBC journalist also framed?

With a winter death toll in the hundreds newly released evidence from the Palace of Westminster under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proves that the BBC and Met Office are implicated in a conspiracy of global warming lies about a ‘secret’ winter forecast. The original story was covered by Autonomous Minds blog and titled, ‘BBC spins that Met Office got winter right, just kept it secret from public.’

A report by a top BBC environment journalist, Roger Harrabin, implied that the UK’s Coalition government might have blocked the so-called ‘secret cold winter’ forecast.  But is there more to this story than meets the eye and have dark forces in high places conspired to frame the veteran journalist?

Circumstantial Evidence Points to Top Level Conspiracy

The FOIA disclosures released by the Cabinet Office provide circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy to mislead the public but do not explicitly show that the senior BBC journalist instigated the deception. Speculation in the blogosphere is that senior figures behind the scenes were motivated by financial gain to go along with Harrabin’s alleged shenanigans.

Roger Harrabin

It is now widely recognized that both agencies had a strong financial motive to conspire to spin such a monumental lie and mislead the public. Long-range Met Office forecasts based on data from discredited global warming computer models have become a running joke. Meanwhile pension funds of the taxpayer-funded agencies are heavily invested in schemes reliant on belief in the man-made global warming theory. But with three record-breaking cold winters in a row public support for climate legislation has waned.

Nonetheless, Harrabin is now the ‘fall guy’ with his reputation in shreds. It appears from the new evidence that Harrabin had twisted the Met Office statement that there was a  “70 per cent chance of near average or colder conditions” and spun that into the lie that they had secretly forecast an “exceptionally cold early winter.” But is there more here than meets the eye?

Was Roger Harrabin Framed by his Bosses?

The BBC man is portrayed as being the author of his own downfall when he filed a freedom of information act request against the Cabinet Office to substantiate his claim that the 2010/11 would be:

“…..extremely cold……. The truth is it [The Met Office] did suspect we were in for an exceptionally cold early winter, and told the Cabinet Office so in October.”

It sure does appear as if Harrabin, the BBC and the Met Office had together knowingly allowed innuendo to portray the Met Office as victims and the Cabinet Office as sinners for ‘suppressing’ the ‘secret cold winter’ forecast Harrabin first trumpeted.

However, a twist in the tail seems to come from prominent climate analyst, Steve McIntyre who rushed to defend the BBC man saying, “I’ve met Roger Harrabin and am completely confident that he behaved with total integrity in this matter. I am sure that he was misled by his sources.”

McIntyre’s may have a point. It was, after all, Harrabin who first filed the FOIA request. So what is Harrabin’s motive in trying to catch himself in his own ‘lie’?

Carbon Market Collapse Spurs Doomsayers’ Desperation

For a more likely guilty party perhaps we need look no further than those who have so much to gain from the global warming scam: pension fund managers.

In the UK the size of public sector pension liabilities has been estimated at £770bn by the Treasury and £1.18 trillion by actuaries Towers Watson. Peter Tomkins, Commission chairman and Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, warns that: “The Government has hidden behind costings which pretend that the unfunded schemes earn a return well above [market rates] … Like an unstable Ponzi scheme.”

The carbon trading centers in Europe and Chicago have lately come unstuck, as investors are more keenly aware of the swindles being perpetrated from within. Chicago’s Climate Exchange (CCX) shut down last October and last week the European Climate Exchange was forced to close on fears of widespread fraud.

In on the racket is Chairman of the Met Office, Robert Napier – the same Robert Napier who is Chairman of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Napier is as hard-core green as it gets. He also ran the UK branch of the WWF- an NGO that managed to infiltrate the UN’s IPCC AR4 Report with a swath of bogus non peer-reviewed WWF papers exaggerating a host of environmental claims.

That cancer of corruption long ago afflicted the BBC that, like the Met Office, is governed by those with a strong financial motive to sustain the beleaguered climate conspiracy.

I first reported on their insidious back story last year (February 12, 2010) in my article, ‘Follow the money: BBC exposed in biggest climate racket on planet‘. We saw how the United Nations green machine via a consortium known as ‘UNEP FI’ has been sucking up trillions of dollars of investments from pension funds around the world.

UNEP FI admits that they engage in a “complex relationship” between environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, core insurance operations, and the insurance industry.

From that you decipher the root of the problem – a Ponzi pension plan that motivates stakeholders to sing from the same hymn sheet and all augmented from the HQ of global warming alarmism – the United Nations itself.

The BBC pension scheme is just one of 180 major international funds invested in UNEP FI. Then add to the mix the fact that the head of the BBC’s pension fund is none other than Peter Dunscombe – the same Peter Dunscombe who headed the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (tied with UNEP FI).

As  BBC Chairman Dunscombe has breached its Charter as a public corporation (1927) mandated to eschew both political and commercial influence answering only to its viewers and listeners. Dunscombe’s contempt for viewers and listeners has thus made his position untenable.

Nonfeasance Now Rises to Level of Criminality

That senior figures at the bombastic BBC and the mystic Met Office declined to confirm or deny Harrabin’s hype despite knowing the truth of the matter now implicates these sanctimonious high priests of climate theology.

Whether Harrabin really is a patsy for Napier and Dunscombe only time will tell. But rest assured, Dunscombe won’t stop pushing the global warming scam because he’s now short of £1billion – from a “black hole” worsened by recent gold-plated payouts to staff; further proving his disdain for taxpayers.

The fact that the National Grid’s Winter Outlook document ( see page 7) itself made no reference to any ‘cold’ forecast by the Met Office and that hundreds of lives have been lost and industries hit with avoidable multi-million losses elevates the issue to one of criminality with two key British government organisations in the dock.

Napier and Dunscombe are now both implicated in charges of malfeasance of public office. The way pro-green Prime Minister Cameron now handles this monumental scandal will show just how debased by the climate change religion he truly is, as the British public increasingly demands that high-level heads must roll.

Source: John O’Sullivan

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Global Warming Kills 10,000 Cattle in Vietnam


With all this global "warming" perhaps we need a heartier breed of cow?



Yes, global warming is now visiting Vietnam. You know how when we get hot, we suddenly get all cold, regardless of what the laws of thermodynamics say, the nutball warmers claim this is indeed happening. Udderly ridiculous if you ask me, but watch and you probably will soon see or hear about this being blamed on global warming.

This week’s visitation of global “warming” has now killed about 10,000 cattle in Vietnam. Per the Huffington Post we get this…….

In the latest of a string of mass animal deaths, 10,000 cows and buffalo have died in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the news this week that more than 10,000 cows and buffalos died nationwide due to harsh weather conditions.

Cattle have been dying throughout Vietnam, which has had a particularly intense winter. The northern mountainous province of Cao Bang was hardest hit with 2,260 dead cattle, per Thanh Nien News. Some have said the number of total dead cattlemay be as high as 13,000.


Nothing mysterious in this case. It wasn’t some mysterious virus or something put into the air by contrails or HAARP. Just plain old cold and we now have frozen beef on the hoof.

As an aside, it was -46F in Frostbite, I mean International Falls, Minnesota yesterday, must be more of that global warming. I wonder how the bikinis and suntan lotion are selling there this week? Pass the Coppertone please! More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Huffington Post


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