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This is my blog, no one else’s.  I do not get paid by big oil, big coal, or anyone else.  It’s a hobby.  The opinions on here are either mine, or the author’s in cases when someone else writes something on here.  I take no responsibility for any mis-representations.  My opinions are mine, authors opinions are theirs.  This site is not necessarily about facts.  Some facts on here may be true or may be untrue, it’s your responsibility to figure it out, not mine.

Regarding comments, they belong to the author, they’re not mine.  If you have a bone to pick do it with the author, not me.

Regarding the ads, please do not complain to me about the ads. They’re Google’s choice, not mine, my only intent is to help pay for the site, which probably won’t happen anyway.  If you are a denier and see ads that you feel are for believers, who cares?  You need to consider the good karma of having believer ads from believer companies paying for my denier site.  Talk about irony.

I will edit or remove posts I consider to be offensive and/or in bad taste.  I’m not a prude, but others may be and I have to consider the audience.  I reserve the right to delete or edit any post that I find offensive.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Editor

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