Slaying the Sky Dragon New Book

If you want to read the latest expose’ on the anthropogenic global warming scam I’d recommend that you visit and order your copy.

For those who want real books you can order from UK here, and from US here.

Here is a review of Slaying the Sky Dragon by Alan Caruba

If you order early you can get a complementary second book for free. (and no, I am not paid to put this up, nor do I get a commission)


6 responses to “Slaying the Sky Dragon New Book

  1. Jerry Matchett

    Why is Slaying the Sky Dragon not available exceot for the Kindle? I want a paper copy. If I press your order button it just takes me to Amazon that has only the one version.

  2. The US paperback versions of ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon’ (color and monochrome) are now available here:

  3. John,

    “Slaying the Sky Dragon” – Will have to read when I get the time.


    To beat the AGW – We need St. George.

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