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A big car for a big star: Arnold Schwarzenegger suffers a delayed mid-life crisis as he buys a $250k monster truck!

This should be titled “A big car for a big hypocrite.” Why? Because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

When he was the Governator (evidently he must have thought this was an acting job), he stuck the citizens of California with what is known as Assembly Bill 32: the Global Warming Solutions Act. A nefarious plan to suck money out of the bank accounts of California citizens and businesses via a cap and trade program. You can click the link above and read for yourself.

The end result will be that if you buy anything in California the price will be going up as when the price of gas and diesel rises, so does everything else as it’s all delivered by truck. You can bet CARB will be costing the refineries and trucking companies a lot of  money buying carbon credits and making them file a 50 page report, in triplicate, every time someone farts  at work.

Let’s not forget this isn’t going to be good for the job market in California either. If price of goods and doing business goes up businesses will have less of those dollars to spend on hiring and expansion. This, in our humble opinion , could also drive even more business out-of-state and cause more bankruptcies.

Meanwhile, after screwing everyone in the state, what does the Hypocriteanator do? Oh, he buys a huge Mercedes Unimog! A gas hog par excellence, that should probably have its very own cap and trade program set up. A little research shows that on Unimog forums most claim to get about 15-16 miles per gallon. Certainly not in Prius territory. Not to mention they’re diesels, emitting soot, another no-no for the do-gooder greentard crowd. Let’s not forget Arnold likes to fly private jets all the time, too. Spewing out  more of that carbon he’s so ‘worried’ about.

As such, we are awarding Arnold the one-fingered CO2 Insanity salute for Hypocrite of the Month.

Arnold takes his new wheels for a spin

Source: The Daily Mail

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Who’s financing anti-Prop 23 ads? Santa Claus?

If you think I'm financing those anti-Prop 23 ads you must believe in me.

So who is financing all those anti-Prop 23 ads? Santa Claus? If you don’t want to make it an early Christmas for some greentard financiers and cost the taxpayers of California billions of dollars for nothing than please read on.  If you like being screwed then just go hug a tree , pray to your God Al Gore, or do whatever fantasy you subscribe to.

We all hear and read the constant whining about big oil spending millions on getting Proposition 23 passed and the billionaire Koch brothers pumping money into this law that will effectively neuter AB32 until the unemployment level drops. According to greentard propaganda that’s just so evil they can’t stand it.

Frankly, California doesn’t need a global warming law as it puts California on the downside of being competitive. It’s DOA at the UN and in Congress and in many other places around the world,  not to mention the fact that the so-called science about global warming is being busted regularly.

So, why put California behind the 8 ball? So we can all feel good at a staggering cost? Is California all by itself going to reduce CO2 enough to bother about  especially when we have places like China and India spewing out massive quantities of pollution 24 x 7? Does AB32 even make any sense today?

I hear lots of hollering about how if Prop 23 passes that it will be costing green jobs.  Folks, there’s a market out there, and if you can make something that works for a reasonable price, then you won’t need AB32 to provide subsidies, the market will buy. Build a solar panel that works and sell it for a reasonable price and people will buy them.  Make an electric car that you can drive more than 30 miles that doesn’t cost 6 figures (like the Tesla) and you’ll sell plenty of them if they’re cost efficient and you can drive them a reasonable distance without having to re-charge. No subsidies will be required. There also aren’t that many green jobs out there and I don’t think AB32 is going to add that many as compared to all the other jobs it will cost if left in place.

What  seems enormously funny to me is that we never hear who is pumping money into the anti-23 campaign do we? No greentard complaints there, eh? Do all those ads on TV just mysteriously appear out of the blue and get shown on various TV stations for free? Do the radio stations run them out of the good of their hearts? I don’t think so.

So who is pimping money to save AB32? Well, it seems we have someone on the greentard side with a large vested interest.  Per  a Big Government article we find out the following……

Thomas Steyer owns Farallon Capital Management, a $33bln hedge fund. He’s also donated $2.5m to blocking Prop 23 and has pledged a further $2.5m if needed.

There has been almost no investigation of why this citizen would give so much money and of course no suggestion that these donations would make Thomas Steyer a “vested interest”.

But bury deep into Farallon’s website and you will see Steyer admits his hedge fund  invests in areas which will become profitable “due to a catalyzing event or a change in circumstances, including regulatory or legislative change.”

And Steyer has a lot of experience in using government regulation and legislative change to make money. Before setting up Farallon – he worked for Goldman Sachs.

So according to his own website Thomas Steyer stands to make hundreds of millions or billions of dollars if Prop 23 fails and the “regulatory or legislative change” is allowed to pass unopposed.

That’s quite a vested interest.

Wow! Funny we don’t hear the greentards who want to keep AB32 in place whining about this guy trying to buy election results. I guess it’s OK if you spend and stand to make huge sums of money as long as it sounds green. Want more? Here’s some information from the Energy Collective on who’s trying to buy votes so they can reap billions…….

When the loudest objections to any candidacy or initiative are focused on vilifying its financial backers, this often indicates that its opponents’ arguments on its merits are weak. The fact that several oil companies with refineries and other operations in the state are supporting Prop 23 shouldn’t trump the pros and cons of the actual initiative, any more than the fact that much of the funding for the anti-Prop 23 effort apparently comes from venture capitalists and companies that stand to profit if Prop 23 is defeated. For example, the portfolio of VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of whose prominent partners is reported to have donated $2 million to oppose Prop 23, includes investments in biofuels, wind, solar and geothermal power, along with other green technologies, many of which would benefit if A.B. 32 were upheld. From my perspective, this whole line of argument is a colossal red herring. Valero, Tesoro and the other oil company supporters of Prop 23 are part of a $50 billion-a-year California refining industry that employs thousands of Californians and fuels more than 99.9% of the state’s 33.6 million registered motor vehicles. The initiative’s cleantech-based opponents are part of a smaller but growing sector that has emerged as an offshoot of Silicon Valley and the state’s premier research universities. All of these entities have a stake in the outcome, and an equal right to take a position. Their involvement shouldn’t constitute a compelling argument for or against Prop 23.

Ahh yes, more people who want to make billions off the backs of the taxpayers of California. It’s really about keeping AB32 in place so the wealthy can extract more milk from the government titty. It is about people like RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger who wants to be perceived as nice and green when future history books come out. Screw all the little people, they don’t count other than for how much we can rip them off for.

Just look at Arnold’s record as “Governator.” It’s been a dismal failure and about the only thing he has left that may look good on his history when he’s gone will be being seen as a green governor. Face it, he’s a hypocrite who flies all over the place in a private jet (like back and forth to work in Sacramento because he won’t move there). He’s perceived as green so anything and everything he does is perfectly OK with the greentard crowd.

Look at Al Gore with his huge mansions who flies all over the globe spewing hot air about global warming along with pollution from his jet and large mansions.

Look at our president who’s flying off constantly on vacations, meetings and fund-raisers, not to mention using a helicopter to fly 6 damn miles to make a speech. Yes he’s certainly a “green” president.  The only thing “green” about him is the trillions of greenbacks he’s blowing that will leave the nation in ruins.

How about James Cameron who has two mansions next door to each other and also flies all over the globe spewing jet fumes? Ahh, if your rich and green it’s perfectly OK, if you’re rich and realistic? Well, the greentards probably would blow you up if they could get away with it like in this commercial.

No, this is totally wrong, as is keeping AB32 in play. We have massive evidence coming out on an almost daily basis that there is no anthropogenic global warming, that CO2 doesn’t cause jack and that there have been plenty of people lying like rugs about it, altering data to fit their global warming scenario, using tainted data, etc. It’s become a religion based on dogma and lies because the facts just aren’t there to support it.

I fail to see how California will ever get many green jobs anyway even if AB32 stays.  The way this state is regarding real estate prices and business stifling laws I can’t fathom why anyone would want to make anything here anyway when they can move to Nevada, Arizona or out of the United States and put up with a lot less bureaucratic BS and taxes.

Even if they do stay and start manufacturing things green, don’t you think the Chinese will just make more of it and do it cheaper and those green jobs will just rapidly disappear soon anyway? Don’t think these greedy bastards will head for south of the border where they have cheap labor and no regulations (read bribes) as soon as the government subsidies end here? Think again, it’s about the money, not some green utopia.

So, if you want to continue to be a sucker then vote no on Prop 23. Be a nice “useful idiot” and watch your bank account disappear in a cloud of CO2 Insanity.

If you’re tired of being lied to, over-taxed and subsiding so-called green millionaires and billionaires vote yes on 23 and save California.

Source: Big Government

Source: The Energy Collective

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Governor Moonbeam Loses One

My goodness. Jerry Brown, who’s looking to stay on the government titty by running for governor again got his ass handed to him today.

Jerry changed AB32 to this…..

“Suspends air pollution control laws requiring major polluters to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, until unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent or less for full year.”

The judge changed it to this…..

“Suspends implementation of air pollution control law (AB 32) requiring major sources of emissions to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, until unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent or less for full year.”

It should be……

Dumps AB32, the stupid law that will screw people out of jobs and dramatically increase the already ridiculous cost of living in California and won’t do anything to reduce pollution because about 1/3 of it blows over from China.

Not to mention that even if you believe in anthropogenic global warming, why the hell should California have to deal with this crap all by ourselves? Harry Reid can’t even get a consensus in the United States Senate to pass his half-assed global warming bill?

As usual, the idiots in Sacramento who run things are delusional, suffer from megalomania, won’t be happy unless they handicap California and then will cluelessly wonder why the state is awash in red ink.

Gee, couldn’t be because you clowns in Sacramento have everything FUBAR’ed could it?

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In a mysterious epidemic of common sense Congress has dumped their effort to cap carbon emitting from power plants.  The Wall Street Journal calls it “major blow to one of President Barack Obama’s top priorities.” I call it a victory for the USA because even if you believe in CO2 caused global warming, it’s still a dumb idea.

Why is it a dumb idea? For starters if they charge power plants for emitting CO2, guess who’s going to pay for it? The average American citizen, that’s who.  You aren’t really naïve enough to think the power companies will absorb the cost are you? If you are that dumb, think about this. Pacific Gas and Electric in California is putting in smart-meters all over the place.  Yes it’s costing them money, but they will be saving money reading them, too.  They won’t need meter readers on foot anymore, they can now get it via wi-fi and send you a bill.  Yet they still got the Public Utilities Commission to approve a rate hike to cover the smart-meters.  Nice eh?  They save money, we get to bear the cost of the meters.  Lovely arrangement, if you’re PG & E. Like having a jeweler get Rolex watches for free and then turning around and still selling them at full market rate. Nice bump in profits with someone else paying your overhead.

It’s also mandated that they start getting a larger percentage of their power from renewable energy sources like solar and wind.  Problems with those, too.  I’d question if there are enough of either to make the mandated reductions and even if there are, neither provides power 24 x 7, it’s only provided when the wind is blowing or it’s daylight.  They will still need to get power from non-renewable sources like coal and natural gas power plants when the renewable energy isn’t working or is working at greatly reduced levels.

That renewable energy isn’t free either.  Both solar and wind are heavily subsidized. If they weren’t your power bill each month would be more than your mortgage is.  So what you say? It’s subsidized by the government? Obama is sending stimulus money? It’s free?  It’s your tax dollars that pay the subsidy bozo.  Ever wonder why your kids education sucks or why that state college is charging higher tuition every year? Wonder why institutions such as Cal Berkeley have reduced the amount of California students and increased the amount of foreign students and now your kid is turned away? Part of it’s because they take tax dollars that could be spent on education and waste it on overpriced wind and solar power and gigantic self-perpetuating bureaucracy’s  like CARB who can piss away tax money faster than a drunk sailor on shore leave.

Secondly, we’re not the number one polluter on the planet anymore, China just got that honor, India probably isn’t far behind.  Now I ask what good is us spending all this money to reduce CO2 when the China and India pump it out in droves? That’s about as stupid as California’s carbon regulations being implemented.  All they will do is drive up the cost of business in California and drive out what businesses haven’t left already. If you manufactured goods in California why would you want to stay here and pay more when you can move next door to Nevada or Arizona and save a huge bundle of cash, not to mention not having to deal with the bureaucrats in Sacramento? Much of the air pollution in California blows across the Pacific Ocean from China.  I’ve read as much as 1/3 of it is created in China. So, I’m supposed to pay more for groceries, gas, and electricity when it’s not even going to get rid of as much as 1/3 of the pollution?  Now that’s CO2 Insanity!

I hope that “sex-crazed poodle” Al Gore and all his carbon trading butt buddies lose a lot of sleep over this and that they lose a lot of money.  It’s about time they get screwed instead of us for a change.

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California Global Warming Law Businesses Could Flee

Here we have another CO2 Insanity in the works.  California passed a law (AB 32) to combat global warming.  The “Governator” thinks it’s going to create all these “green” businesses and that these “green” businesses will be hiring people by the 100’s of thousands, and the state will get rich off the taxes.

Well Mr. Governator, I’d like to ask you who’s going to stay in California and hire anyone if doing business here becomes more onerous than it already is?

Limiting AB32 is now going to be on the state ballot this November.  It got twice the signatures needed to place the initiative on the ballot. (That give you a clue Arnold?)

Now here’s the Los Angeles Times (a notoriously “warmer” newspaper in my opinion) and they even think there’s a big problem in the works if this bill isn’t whacked at the polls per this article.

A state law that requires power plants, factories and other businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions could cause energy prices to rise and prompt businesses to delay expansion or flee California, according to a study by the state Legislative Analyst’s Office.

The landmark global warming law, which is being enforced in phases, could put the state’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage unless other states and the federal government come up with similar plans, the study by the nonpartisan agency said.

Frankly, I can’t believe anyone stays in this state to manufacture anything as it is now.  Toyota got the message and closed their NUMMI plant in Fremont, California and they’re shifting to Texas and I don’t blame them.

“Economic leakage” could occur as businesses move to states with lower regulatory costs, the report said. Industries that rely heavily on energy use and trade, such as aluminum, chemical or steel producers, could be disproportionately vulnerable.

I’d say Toyota was your first “economic leakage” Governator. Keep this up, more will follow. (Let’s not forget how screwed up everything else is in California, like the budget, taxes, unemployment, schools, traffic, high taxes, etc., all more good reasons to “flee”).

The California Jobs Initiative said Tuesday that the state’s “go-it-alone approach” would destroy as many as 1.1 million jobs. The coalition, which includes trade groups, politicians and advocacy groups, has a proposition planned for the November ballot that would delay implementation of the law until the state’s 12.6% unemployment rate declines.

Then we have the greentards who must look at the world though green glasses.

Some proponents of the law bashed the report, saying that the study did not weigh the economic benefits of the Global Warming Solutions Act, known as AB 32. It has helped generate thousands of jobs and attracted billions of dollars in clean technology investments, according to an advocacy group, Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs.

So “thousands” of jobs are better than “millions” of jobs.  Must be that new math (the school system in California is a mess, too, this is just more evidence). It gets better.

The boost in green jobs created by focusing on environmentally friendly practices could offset some of the economic damage, according to the report, which was prepared at the request of Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville).

Now someone please tell me why anyone is going to want to make anything, green or not, in California when they can make it next door in Nevada or Arizona, or Mexico (or in China like most everyone else), where they don’t have cap and trade costs, onerous labor laws, overpriced housing, traffic jams 24×7 (like in LA), etc.

Regardless if I was manufacturing regular goods or “green” products, a business is in business to make a profit, and if it’s more profitable to be someplace else, guess where business will be going?

The report states.

Although the state’s economy could take a hit in the short term, it is so large that the “adverse impacts likely will be relatively modest” in the long run, the report said.

Ummm, what’s the “long run” going to be? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?  How many people are going to be unemployed in the interim? How many families will go broke and lose their houses? The state is already about $20 billion dollars in the hole, how much more will this be exacerbated by this law?  Do the idiots in Sacramento really think that we’re going to make more tax dollars with businesses leaving and people on unemployment?  Must be that new math again!

Source: Los Angeles Times

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Will California Tell the "Warmistas" to Drop Dead?

Do it now! We can bankrupt everyone. I don't care - I'm rich!

Well it looks like AB32, California’s attempt to cure anthropogenic global warming all by itself, may have it’s head on the chopping block.  Unemployment is bad, many businesses are leaving he state or thinking about it, yet the “Governator,” Arnold Schwarznegger, our buffoons in the state legislature and the imbeciles at CARB apparently think we can cure global warming all by ourselves.  They even base their “stuff” on studies done my some dude with a phony degree (talk about weird science).

People must be really ticked-off about this.  It got double, yes double, the signatures required to place this on the state ballot this coming November.  People obviously see though Jerry Brown’s feeble attempt to quash this by naming the initiative “Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year.” (Now that’s a mouth full).  Please remember “Governor Moonbeam” (his nickname last time he was governor) at election time.  He should retire from what amounts to about a lifetime on the government tit.

It would appear that no one in the Senate or House of Representatives in Washington, DC will be doing anything anytime soon, the Australian Government has dropped the issue (a little thing called I want to be re-elected), there are serious doubts that the United Nations will be getting any kind of agreements for years, but good old California keeps on plugging along, we’re going to stop global warming all by ourselves, even if it bankrupts the state and drives up unemployment. This sounds like Alfred Hitchcock’s take on the “can do” attitude to me.

Just never you mind that on some days 25% of Los Angeles’ smog comes from China (read here). Nothing we do will change that.  I’m not going over it all again, but CO2 driven global warming isn’t proven. It’s not even likely it causes much, if any warming at all. You can read it all over the internet if you’re so inclined.  If you’re not you’re probably a “warmer” anyway.

If you want to read more here’s some links.

Kill Carb has a lot of information on the smog Nazis in Kalifornia.

The Sacramento Bee has an interesting article on unemployment plus a chart you can play with and see how it’s been growing.

I hope this passes, or California is going to be DOA so bad it will make the situation in Greece look like they’re rolling in money.

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California’s Green Jobs Mirage

From Kill CARB we have a piece by California Senator Bob Dutton about the green jobs mirage. Those of you in California should be aware of this. You may soon be in the unemployment line or find your employer just announced they’re moving to a more business friendly state.

In case you missed it, this piece was published in Capitol Weekly.

By Senator Bob Dutton

California’s experiment with global warming regulations reminds me of a story about a foolish, old dog who lost his bone in the water when he tried to grab its reflection.  Similarly, California’s leaders risk sacrificing the jobs and industries we have today on a hope and a prayer that the “green jobs” and “green industries” of the future will be better and more plentiful than those we already have.

When Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, into law more than three years ago, he declared that the sweeping new regulations imposed by the measure would be “good for business.”

Since then we’ve learned these regulations carry a multibillion dollar price tag and will be the largest tax increase ever imposed by unelected regulators in California – call it the “global warming tax.”

The Governor also promised that California would “create a whole new industry to pump up our economy, a clean-tech industry that creates jobs, sparks new cutting edge technology and will be a model for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world.”

Since those bold proclamations by the governor California has lost more than a million jobs.  The only thing that’s been “pumped up” is our unemployment rate, which has soared from 4.8% to 12.5%, far higher than most other states.

Despite mounting evidence that the global warming tax will hurt California’s economy and cost jobs, the Governor continues to insist it will create jobs.

David Crane, the Governor’s economic advisor, explained on CNN last year, “we don’t have to keep the same jobs we had before” to get real job growth.

Their plan for job growth, apparently, is to create a vast array of government programs and subsidies that help one sector of the state’s economy and hope they offset job losses everywhere else.

So far the results have been less than convincing.

Green jobs compose less than one percent of California’s economy.  That’s right, less than one percent.  From 1995 to 2008, California added only 42,000 new green jobs.  At that rate of growth, it would take 89 years for green jobs to replace all of the other jobs California has lost in the current economic downturn.

Even worse, economists warn that, rather than create a surplus of jobs, the global warming tax will kill up to 1.1 million more jobs in the future,.

Clearly, green jobs won’t save us.  We need other jobs too.

Yet California’s high costs and hostile business climate are driving the very folks who create those jobs to other, more business-friendly states.  Since 2000, California has lost more than 600,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs.  Even green industries are choosing to expand outside California.

Business relocation specialist Joseph Vranich sees the problem firsthand.  His full-time job is advising companies who want to flee California.  He recently noted that no one is calling him to say they’d like to move to California, adding that businesses in California face a “coming financial tsunami from AB 32.”

Many companies that compete in the global marketplace don’t have the luxury of passing higher costs on to consumers.

Consider CalPortland Cement. As a result of AB 32, the company cancelled its California expansion plans and is considering expanding in Nevada instead.  The company also recently laid off 100 highly paid workers when it closed its cement operations in Colton.

Steve Regis, vice president of engineering at CalPortland says, “We’re not like other companies. We simply cannot pass our cost on to our customers because we’re truly a world market. We compete with China, so we’re really in danger.”

Others see a reality that California’s leaders ignore.  Arizona recently dropped plans to participate in a cap-and-trade system aimed at reducing carbon emissions.  Some Utah legislators want to follow Arizona’s lead.  Even federal lawmakers are backing away from a cap-and-trade proposal, citing economic concerns.

Governor Schwarzenegger should follow their lead and put the brakes on AB 32, California’s global warming tax.  He should insist that regulators’ actions not hurt any sector of California’s economy, nor increase the food and energy prices consumers pay.

If we work together, there’s still time to bring common sense back to government and private sector jobs back to California.  Perhaps we can even teach an old dog new tricks.

Senator Republican Leader-Elect Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) serves as the Republican point person on jobs, budget and energy issues.  Mr. Dutton has more than thirty years of experience in the private sector and is the founder and owner of a successful Inland Empire business.  For more information, please see www.sen.ca.gov/Dutton

The Governator should pull in his horns, things are bad enough in California without this crap.  Not to mention what global warming?

If you want to see how many businesses are either fleeing or refusing to hire people in California go Joseph Vranich’s The Business Relocation Blog and see what I’m talking about.

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Earth Entering New Age of CO2 Insanity

Desert BonesTelegraph.co.uk seems to be bi-polar.  They will have articles busting the AGW “science”, then turn around and put something in about the sky falling.  I guess they cant make up their minds, or they have a clever editor who’s decided to  play both sides of the fence.

This article Earth ‘entering new age of geolicial time’ sounded harmless enough.  The content is surprisingly different.

Humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes on the planet that we may be ushering in a new period of geological history.

Through pollution, population growth, urbanisation, travel, mining and use of fossil fuels we have altered the planet in ways which will be felt for millions of years, experts believe.

Uh oh!  Here we go again.  Now we have a name for this new age.

The new epoch, called the Anthropocene – meaning new man – would be the first period of geological time shaped by the action of a single species.

A new working group of experts has now been established to gather all the evidence which would support recognising it as the successor to the current Holocene epoch.

A new group of experts?  Hmmm….I can see the BS will soon be flying in an effort to get grant money to fund all these studies.  They get even shriller.

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz, of the University of Leicester, co-author of the paper, added: “It is suggested that we are in the train of producing a catastrophic mass extinction to rival the five previous great losses of species and organisms in Earth’s geological past.”

Catastrophic mass extincton?  I think perhaps they should call it by a different name.  How about Gorethropocene or Pachaurithropocene? Chickenlittlethropocene?

Source:  Telegraphh.co.uk

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California Jobs Initiative Petition – Stop CARB

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 17 10.52Here is a link to the California Jobs Initiative Petition to get CARB (California Air Resources Board) to cease with the CO2 BS until the job market improves.  If you live in California and don’t want the state to be more screwed up than it already is please download, sign and send it in.  Get your friends to sign, too.  This will cost jobs in California, not create them.

You can thank AG Jerry Brown (aka: Governor Moonbeam) for the lovely title he came up with to make it sound like we’ll all die from smog if we sign it.

Here’s another link to the California Jobs Initiative website.

Here is a link that analyzes the effect of this bill from Environmental Valuation & Cost Benefit News. According to them…

In terms of employment, this output loss is equivalent to the loss of roughly half a million jobs for the state due to minimum ARB cost, 900,000 jobs loss due to costs to consumers, and 1.1 million jobs loss due to costs to small businesses. A loss of 1.1 million jobs represents over 3% of the total population of California.

We’ll be green and unemployed.  The Governator and the dolts at CARB don’t give a hoot if you starve or not, nor do many of the elected representatives in this state of confusion.

Source: Kill CARB Org

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