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The UN CO2 Sting at ‘Concun’

Paul Newman in 'The Sting' A movie about a big con. Model for the UN?

Regardless of what happens, the UN and their fellow ‘warmers’ always report CO2 and temperature are breaking ‘records’ and are ‘unprecedented’. Blah! Blah! Blah!

If you’ve ever seen it, there’s a movie called ‘The Sting,” about a big con run by two guys to get revenge on an Irish mob boss back in the 1930’s. In my opinion, the UN and the ‘warmers’ appear to  have the same talents, only their con is on a a much larger (global) scale and will have not a good outcome as the movie, but will have a very bad outcome if they’re left to complete their nefarious goals.

The latest ‘warmer’ con, ‘conveniently’ timed to coincide with the Cancun Climate Conference, comes from (who else?) the United Nations. You can call it Cancon or Concun, the key is those three letters ‘con‘.

ABC News has an article titled ‘UN: Greenhouse Gas Concentrations at Record Level.” How alarmists can a title be? How ‘convenient’ this is put out the very day before the Cancun Climate Conference starts? If I were to believe, I might feel the need to hide in a bomb shelter after reading that headline. According to the article……

A report by the U.N. weather agency has found that greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2009.

The World Meteorological Organization (‘conveniently’ part of the UN) says efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide haven’t diminished the atmospheric concentration of these gases widely blamed for stoking global warming.

Ummm…..OK, but here’s an article from Examiner.com titled “Global warming: Can we make it 3 years in a row of declining CO2?” that notes that the CO2 levels declined (YES DECLINED!) 2.6% in 2009 and moreover, declined the previous two years (2008 and 2007). So why is the UN making a claim that 2009 was a record? Calling Pinocchio! Calling Pinocchio! According to the article……

The world’s CO2 emissions declined by 2.6% last year, with Spain apparently leading the charge, with reductions of 15%. The U.S. has had two years in a row of declining CO2, with a total of 10% decline over that period.

Here is another one from the Christian Science Monitor titled “Global warming: Carbon dioxide emissions worldwide fell in 2009.”

Industrial carbon-dioxide emissions, the driver behind a new round of global climate talks set to begin in Cancun, Mexico, Nov. 29, eased in 2009, according to a group of scientists monitoring atmospheric CO2.

Can you say oops? Sounds like the World Meteorological Organization is full of anthropogenic BS to me.

So, it’s here we go again. The United Nations and the ‘warmers’ are making dubious claims, ‘conveniently’ timed to coincide with a major climate conference in Cancun. The one that’s predicted to be a major fail before even starting. They’re a bunch of liars in my opinion, foisting con upon con upon the public about anthropogenic global warming. Per the below, the con they put out is exactly that.

An article from Business Report, titled ‘Emissions Calculations Are Clouded,’ shows us that no one’s really measuring CO2 and no one really knows what amounts of CO2, higher or lower, are in the atmosphere. Amazing but true.

Nisbet (Earth Science professor at University of London) says the world puts too much faith in government estimates of carbon dioxide, methane and other heat-trapping gases blamed for climate change. That’s because companies and countries base emissions calculations on the raw materials that go into a process; they don’t check the pollution coming out.

“It’s like going on a diet without weighing yourself,” says Ray Weiss, a geochemistry professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, whose article with Nisbet in an issue of Science argues for measuring the atmosphere.

So, what is being promoted by the UN and the ‘warmers’ is basically a fantasy and no one has any clue about what’s really out there. Not very scientific is it? It is mighty ‘convenient’ when it comes to exaggerating things when one is trying to get that big climate deal going though, doesn’t it? Remember, they have to motivate (read con) people to get anything accomplished. Without uber-climate-drama they’re not going to get the power and those billions and trillions of dollars they lust for.

Thus, the old adage, ‘follow the money,’ rears its ugly head again……

Today, $141 billion (R994bn) worth of credits that help countries meet their Kyoto goals change hands in global emissions markets. And business is booming in offsets, the right for countries and companies that pollute too much to claim credit for green projects elsewhere. All of these efforts rely on bottom-up calculations being accurate.

Much of that $141 billion that may go away if the Kyoto Treaty dies, or if they can’t get a new treaty to replace it. Those big investors like governments, banks and brokerage firms stand to lose billions if carbon trading schemes die like the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) already has. No treaty no trady, no billions, no trillions, no removing money from people’s wallets. Remember, in the end, the consumer (you) always pays the tab via increased prices or taxes……

Traders and regulators say Europe’s carbon market, called the Emissions Trading System, and the UN’s offset market, called the Clean Development Mechanism, are making a real dent in greenhouse emissions. From $570 million a year in 2004, the global carbon market may surge to as much as $1.4 trillion worth of deals by the decade’s end.

A ‘dent in greenhouse emissions?” It’s more like a dent in everyone’s global bank accounts! Face it, $1.4 trillion doesn’t only talk, it screams! It screams that the fraud called anthropogenic global warming needs to be perpetuated or some people just aren’t going to be as filthy rich as they want to be. There’s money to be made and no one’s there to double-check on what’s going on. You can wager that there’s going to be some rather ‘creative’ accounting going on. That old saying “figures don’t lie, but liars figure,” must have been specially tailored for the carbon trading business as it has already come into play.

Below are some more salient quotes about this from the article, showing just how preposterous the UN claims are……

  • Matthias Jonas, a physicist at Austria’s International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis says: ““All the emissions we’re accounting for so far under the Kyoto Protocol are based on what we think the atmosphere sees by standing on the ground”
  • Pieter Tans, Colorado-based senior scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says: “As soon as emissions become worth a lot of money, I start losing faith in self-reported numbers regardless of who signs off on them,” he says. “We need something more objective – like checking what’s actually appearing in the atmosphere
  • US Department of Energy staff scientist Gregg Marland says: “If somebody lies, somebody loses,” he says. “In a CO2 transaction, you can lie and both win. We’re going to create a situation where both sides can win by cheating
  • John Bosch, retired EPA says: “When it comes down to it, these estimates are all guesses

Well, there you have it. From the proverbial horse’s mouths comes the truth. The truth is, they don’t know how much CO2 is in the atmosphere. The truth is, that the parties involved self-report with no checks or balances, thus inviting fraud. The truth is, that both sides of a carbon deal can then win by cheating because no one’s checking. The truth is, that it’s all a big guess and they’re clueless. Yes, that certainly sounds like “the science is settled” to me!

What it really sounds like is that it’s a con-artist’s dream! Billions and trillions of dollars at stake in a global fraud that needs to be perpetuated to keep those billions and trillions rolling in. Bernie Madoff would certainly be proud of this scam and he’s probably sorry he’s missed out on the biggest con ever. According to this article at New England Organized Crime, even the Mafia are in on it. They have thus far ripped off carbon trading to the tune of $7.4 billion! Amazing because what you have is scammers ripping off scammers.  Talk about a criminal’s dream! Carbon trading has to be the be all to end all con of all time.

This makes me wonder even more about how anyone with half of a brain can buy into the con called anthropogenic global warming. More evidence of the fraud is that the warmers are now contradicting themselves because they can’t even keep track of all the lies, or who’s saying what. For a couple of examples you can read how we have global warming  now slowed by global warming and the fakery of claiming Pakistan’s monsoons and droughts are caused by global warming. I’d love to hook up lie detectors to some of these people. I wonder if the machines would blow up due to overload when the questions were answered?

As I keep saying, the ‘warmers’ and UN will claim that everything and anything that happens or doesn’t happen is caused by anthropogenic global warming and that we better tax ourselves to stop that evil CO2. The reality is that it’s not about climate change, it’s all about power and money. Still don’t believe it? Well, here’s a nice little article about how the climate talks in Cancun are about the money, not the climate…….

Facing another year without a global deal to curb climate change, the world’s nations will spend the next two weeks debating how to mobilize money to cope with what’s coming — as temperatures climb, ice melts, seas rise and the climate that nurtured man shifts in unpredictable ways.

Yes, they want to ‘mobilize’ your money out of your bank account and into their bank account, nothing more. Climate change, global warming, climate disruption or whatever term you prefer is only a lame excuse for the world’s largest fraud.

Want more? We even have Ottmar Edenhoer (an IPCC guy) who actually has big enough balls to blatantly admit it’s about the money and globalization, not climate change. From American Thinker we have an article that notes the following……

On Sunday, Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and IPCC Co-chair of Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change, told the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (translated that climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth” and that “it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization.”

You can plainly see they desperately want power and riches. They will blatantly lie in order to generate enough panic to get the public to go along with their proclamation that man-made CO2 is the problem to make their nefarious goals come true.

Let them continue and the United States and all other sovereign nations will be no more than a name on a map. They will be shell countries with faux governments, run by the shills of the one-world dictatorship called the United Nations. It will be run by a select group of billionaires who will call the shots by dangling membership in the power and money club in front of all those bureaucrats they want to do their bidding.

Your life may be controlled by those members of the do as I say not as I do club such as Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maurice Strong, Bill Gates, James Cameron, George Soros and a long list of other wealthy hypocrites who want you to take the bus while they fly about in CO2 spewing private jets and tell you to live in a green constructed shack with no heat or air conditioning while they live in mansions.

This is the danger of CO2 Insanity. They will use their anthropogenically created CO2 Insanity to extract money from your bank account, enrich themselves further, gain global power so they can dictate the world’s every move. They will make Nazi Germany, Cuba, and the U.S.S.R., all combined, look like pikers.

Sources: ABC News, IOL Business Report, Examiner.com, New England Organized Crime, Associated Press/Google, The Christian Science Monitor


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The climate screw-job continues


The UN's new logo?


Cap & trade is basically DOA now that the Chicago Climate Exchange has ceased operations, it’s also dead in Congress and even Obama has declared it dead. Climate talks in Copenhagen basically got no where fast and it’s predicted the upcoming talks in Cancun won’t be any better.

Yet, the diehard boneheads at the United Nations continue to scheme on way to screw rich nations out of every penny they can get, based upon the fraud of non-existent anthropogenic global warming. Per the Guardian we get this article titled “Climate finance plan could break talks inertiaOur report showing how $100bn a year can be raised for climate adaptation will help make progress towards agreement at Cancún.”

Financial support for developing countries will play a vital role in any integrated action and thus the fresh proposals in the new report by the high-level advisory group on climate change financing, which was commissioned by the United Nations secretary-general in February, can help make progress towards agreement in the United Nations conference in Cancún, Mexico, which starts later this month.

So basically we’re back to they’re going to find some crap excuse to get money out of rich countries and give it to poor countries.

The group’s report concluded that the goal of raising $100bn a year for developing countries is feasible if the political will is there. And it identified a coherent set of mutually reinforcing policies.

Yes, a mere $100 billion a year out of your wallet folks. It’s a scam to  prevent a scam. In a nutshell, they want to tax everything that moves and/or creates carbon emissions.  Power plants, air transport, shipping, you name it, they want to tax it.

So who created this report? Read the list. Note our old buddy George Soros is in on it and notice the banks are in on it. Also, notice all the poor countries that would benefit by getting free money are in on it.

Membership, High-Level Advisory Group of the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change Financing

Heads of State and Government

  • Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Co-Chair)
  • Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway (Co-Chair)
  • Bharrat Jagdeo, President of the Republic of Guyana

Other members: (in alphabetical order)

  • Ambassador Pedro Luiz Carneiro de Mendonça, Under-Secretary General for Economic and Technological Affairs, Ministry of External Relations, Federal Republic of Brazil
  • Soumaïla Cissé, President, Commission of the West African Monetary Union
  • Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, Minister of Finance, Mexico
  • Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom
  • Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director, World Bank Group
  • Donald Kaberuka, President, African Development Bank
  • Caio Koch-Weser, Vice-Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group
  • Christine Lagarde, Minister of the Economy, Industry and Employment, France
  • Trevor Manuel, Minister in the Presidency for National Planning, Republic of South Africa
  • Bob McMullan, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance, Australia
  • Mutsuyoshi Nishimura, Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office, Japan
  • Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD)
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Finance, Republic of Singapore
  • Lawrence H. Summers, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, United States of America
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Republic of India
  • George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management
  • Nicholas Stern, Professor of Economics and Government, London School of Economics
  • Zhu Guangyao, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of China

Read the article. My take on it is that the real reason behind this scam is money and control. Global warming is just a lame excuse to milk wealthy countries. The élite libtards want to control everyone on the globe. They want the UN to be your friendly global dictator. If you are a history student you will see the obvious similarities between the Nazis, Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao, and a long list of dictators. Create a crisis or a problem then use it like a tool to get the populace over to your side to save the country or save the world.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Guardian

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Solar Power Could Overload Power Grids

That old saying “too much of a good thing” now may apply to solar power causing overloads on national power grids, at least according to this article from the Daily Mail anyway…..

Relying too heavily on solar power could overload the power grid, a German energy expert has warned.

The move to push people into installing rooftop solar panels has been hugely successful in Germany with citizens encouraged to fit  the panels and then sell any surplus power back to the national grid.

Generous subsidies from the government has also seen the uptake of solar energy soar.

But Stephan Kohler, an energy adviser to the government, has warned that the green boom could turn into a disaster for Germany’s aging power grid.

‘The network is facing a congestion due to solar power,’ Kohler told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. ‘That’s why the expansion of solar power has to be cut back quickly and drastically.’

His warning highlights one of the problems with rushing too quickly onto relying on renewable sources to fill any energy shortfall.

Well, I have to say this makes me wonder what the end result of this push in California for wind and solar power will be? You can’t store it, it goes into the power grid.  California’s been a screwed up mess for decades. Many of our roads and highways are about as good as goat trails and the state’s deficit is about $20 billion dollars. Think California will have enough money to fix the power grid  up to survive all this solar and wind power that AB32 is going to push?

Think I’m full of it? Well look at the recent gas line explosion in San Bruno, California to see just how wonderful our existing infrastructure in California is, or look at the state of our water system, which is antiquated and in dire need of more water storage to take care of the needs of an increasing population.

I don’t, I think it will go like this. The greentards will push to stop Prop 23 and leave AB32 in force. Then we’ll get the honor of subsidizing all this new wind and solar power which will drive up costs in California. Then some “genius” will figure out our power grid can’t handle it and guess what? We’ll get screwed again by having to either pay additional taxes or increased energy bills to subsidize rebuilding the power grid.

Think I”m wrong? Well, when your PG & E, Edison or tax bill  (or all of them) go up to fix the boondoggle, or your power goes out for days on end because the overload melted power lines and blew up transformers, I hope you remember I warned you.

Let’s try looking before we leap in California for a change. The only way to accomplish that is vote no on Prop 23 and slow it down a notch and figure out what the issues and solutions are before we leap into a morass of additional expense to satisfy the dubious science surrounding anthropogenic global warming. Let’s work on existing problems before we create new ones that we can’t afford.

Source: Daily Mail

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Climate Nazis Invade Canadian Science

New flag of Natural Resources Canada?

In what appears to be another sure sign the warmers are getting beyond desperate, per the Vancouver Sun we now have censorship going on in what I always thought was the free country of Canada. It appears, based on this, that perhaps Canada being free country is a thing of the past. We now have a seemingly dangerous, appalling and desperate move being made by the Natural Resources Canada Minister Christian Paradis, to silence all things skeptical about global warming.

Minister Paradis evidently has things screwed down so tight that scientists subject to his control dare not say anything about anything scientific at all, regardless if its global warming related or not, unless you garner his good graces. Free speech in Canada appears to have taken a big hit.

The latest attempt to control global warming propaganda is that if you’re a scientist who is subject to Natural Resources Canada, you must now submit (note: the word “submit” is very appropriate here because that’s really what you’re doing if you cow-tow to this turd) a request, obtain pre-approval and only say what they tell you to.  Anything else is verboten.

Per the below quote form the Vancouver Sun via Bluegrass Pundit you can see that it’s obvious what Minister Paradis is up to.

The Harper government has tightened the muzzle on federal scientists, going so far as to control when and what they can say about floods at the end of the last ice age.

Natural Resources Canada scientists were told this spring they need “pre-approval” from Minister Christian Paradis’ office to speak with national and international journalists. Their “media lines” also need ministerial approval, say documents obtained by Postmedia News through access-to-information legislation.

Christian Paradis

One of the scientists refers to it this way.

“It’s Orwellian,” says Andrew Weaver, a climatologist at University of Victoria. The public, he says, has a right to know what federal scientists are discovering and learning.

“Orwellian” is fine and dandy, but it really sounds to me more like the kind of control that Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would be extremely proud of. He might even be doing cartwheels of joy in Hell over this because it appears proof-positive that evil does exist in this day and age.

I could imagine the next step in this comedy of CO2 Insanity might be that Christian Paradis, in a fit of emulation, might just think it a stellar idea to change his title to Canadian Reich Minister of Global Warming Propaganda to show what appears to be his rather obvious adoration of  Joseph Goebbels‘ ability to control the media and emit propaganda to an unsuspecting public who still naïvely believe their  government won’t lie to them.

Joseph Goebbels, the original Reich Mnister of Propaganda. Paradis' idol?

This is a classic case of  desperation tactics if there ever was one. Face it, the warmers are fast losing  their ability to bullshit everybody about global warming. About the only people who still claim to believe in anthropogenic global warming seem to be those who have turned it into a their new belief system, the easily bullshitted ignorant, or those who stand to make big money on it via carbon trading schemes or getting grant money to study improved ways to BS the ignorant and those who are dogmatic about global warming.

Think about it. If their claims and so-called science weren’t so busted, then why would someone take to using the very nefarious, seemingly last-ditch tactic of censorship? If their science is so good, so pure and so accurate, would you not think that they’d let their scientist run their mouths off? That’s not what’s happening is it? What is now happening is censorship, pure and simple, meaning they’re running scared and they’re desperate and they don’t want the truth to get out. In their dystopian view of things , silence is indeed golden.

Look at what’s been happening since Climategate hit the fan. The warmers have been caught red-handed deleting data, altering data, losing data, providing incorrect data, playing “tricks” with things, using non-peer reviewed science fiction, 1200 KM “smoothing,” 600+ degree temperatures in Wisconsin, wanked satellite data  and even claiming information from a magazine article as being a scientific basis proving we  have global warming. The list of transgressions is too long to list here, but if you want a couple of more, here you go.

Recently the IPCC was bitch-slapped by the IAC and even Lord Oxburgh has admitted, under oath (I might add at an investigation of his investigation of Climategate no less) that “it is impossible to reconstruct an accurate global temperature record over the past 1,000 years. Especially one that could claim modern climate is significantly different from that seen over the last 1000 years.” What more do you need to get the message that AGW is bullshit? Another ice-age?

The science is so busted, even warmer oriented people like Lord Oxburgh are giving up on it. Yet, we still have those hangers-on who appear to be hoping and groping for a miracle to prove their unfounded dogma to be true. Perhaps the resurrection of Al Gore is what they await? I wouldn’t count on it, Al appears to be pretty much hiding out these days along with an ever-growing list of other warmers, who if not yet hiding out, should be.

Face it, they’re having major trouble getting most people to do anything but laugh at their sometimes ridiculous claims that get shriller by the day, evidenced by the constant bombardment about all things being caused by global warming, exacerbated by phrases such as “the science is settled; global warming is real and here; unprecedented; it’s the warmest/hottest (fill in the blank) ever; robust (you name it).”

To me it’s getting beyond asinine. The warmer claims have denigrated so badly that I expect any day now to hear more ludicrous claims such as; Got athlete’s foot? Blame global warming? Have male-pattern baldness? Blame global warming? Got jock-itch? Blame global warming. I think you get my point, which is, the more desperate they get the sillier and louder they get. It’s like they’re hoping to drown out anything contrary to the gospel of the Church of Global Warming by sheer noise alone.

All their efforts are have failed and are sinking faster than a boat anchor. We now have reached what I see as a new desperate low in trying to keep the flame of anthropogenic global warming burning (pun intended). It’s like nothing else has worked, so let’s start censoring the scientists. If you are a scientist, unless something you have to say concurs with our version of the global warming gospel you won’t be allowed to talk about it anymore.

This is tantamount to proof that what the warmers incorrectly refer to as the science of global warming, is really a political movement, controlled by politicians, who prefer to remain in the shadows but are not afraid to step into the daylight if things get out of control and take over. It’s a political con-game that’s designed to lighten everyone’s wallets via carbon trading and taxes. The scientists are merely useful tools to them, used to get control of the public so they and their friends can enrich themselves via carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes and redistribute your wealth to the poorer countries under the guise of saving the planet (where I’d venture a guess the vast majority will disappear into a numbered bank accounts someplace), all while enriching themselves and attempting what I feel could be a part of an attempt to gain dictatorial power over an entire planet.

If you want to scare everyone into submission to gain control of a country, you invent a crisis that is related to that country. If you want to scare everyone on the entire planet into submission, you invent a planetary crisis, then milk it for all it’s worth. It seems to me that anthropogenic global warming fits that scenario to a “T.”

The brainwashing isn’t working, their faux science is busted,  so they’re going to try to take their dangerous game up to a new level called censorship. One that can be stopped if you stay vigilant and start digging your heels in about it, or you can bury your head in the sand and ignore it all. If you do the latter I’d suggest you prepare yourself to submit to people who want to dictate your every movement. If they get their way, what  you eat, drink drive, where you live, what kind of house you live in, where you work, what you do, where you vacation, how many kids you have and everything you do and say, will be controlled by them, not by you.

If you want to see the future they want for you I’d suggest that you watch a movie titled THX 1138 for a great view of the dystopian future they have planned for you. The movie trailer is below.

Source 1: Bluegrass Pundit

Source 2: The Vancouver Sun


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Instead of “Where’s Waldo?” it’s “Where’s Warming?”

From C3 we get the above chart showing the maximum temperature records set and the fact that the last one was set 33 years ago. No warming here, nothing to see, please go home, nothing “unprecedented” going on like the “alarmist warmers” would have you believe, just more global warming fraud. Can  you say “busted?” Yet more climate “alarmist” BS. You can read all about it at the source below. More proof that CO2 Insanity exist with the “alarmist” pulling out all the stops because frankly, they’re getting desperate.

UPDATE: You can go to Iceage Now here and read about the early cold weather thus far like early snow in china and killer frost in Alberta, Canada.

Source: C3

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No link between weather disasters and global warming

For the past month or two every time it’s hot someplace or there’s flooding or a drought we here the shrillness of the “warmers” increase to ear-splitting levels that it’s global warming and it’s unprecedented robust proof that anthropogenic global warming is real and soon we’ll all be hotter than Al Gore’s pants when there’s a masseuse in the room.

Meanwhile, they “conveniently” ignore any cooling trends such as the record cold in South America this winter with cattle and people freezing to death, record snow levels and even snow in places where there is no human memory of it ever snowing.  They also screech about warming in the oceans, yet “conveniently” forget that we’re entering an El Niño period and there’s going to be a lot of  cooling in the oceans.

I pretty much think the New York Times Dot Earth is geared towards warmers, or at least it has been  up until now. On today’s Dot Earth we now have an article that links to a study by the American Meteorological Society that repudiates all the screaming and hollering about all the weather related events of late, such as the heat wave in Russia having anything whatsoever to do with global warming, anthropogenic or not.

The pull of the “ front-page thought” and the eagerness of climate campaigners to jog the public have sometimes created a tendency to tie mounting losses from weather-related disasters to human-driven global warming.

But finding a statistically robust link between such disasters and the building human climate influence remains a daunting task. A new analysis of nearly two dozen papers assessing trends in disaster losses in light of climate change finds no convincing link.

Hear that people? NO CONVINCING LINK. AKA: It’s all “warmer” bullshit designed to lead you down the primrose path of all things, regardless whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry, or you name it, are proof positive of global warming.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source:  NYT Dot Earth

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Satellitegate: Scientists Speak

GOES-8 Satellite that will be missing 14 sensors it should have to see if we have global warming or not

From John O’Sullivan, via Canada Free Press, we get further information on Satellitegate. Satellitegate refers to problems that have been discovered with old satellites, satellite data, and even problems with satellites that have yet to be launched. This evidently has caused lots of action about this at NASA, NOAA, GISS and elsewhere.

In his article titled “Top Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal” you can read about how this being exposed has affected things and some opinions of some scientists. It appears that one satellite has been shuttered and datasets may be disappearing.

US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” – temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out.

In an escalating row dubbed ‘Satellitegate’ further evidence proves NOAA knew of these faults for years. World’s top climate scientists and even prior governmental reports cite underfunding and misallocation as the trigger for spiraling satellite data calamities. Key flaws with five satellites undermines global data.

Most disturbing of all is that it took publication of my article last week to persuade the authorities to withdraw the errant NOAA-16 satellite from service. But as Dr. John Christy indicates, the real Satellitegate is not about one satellite. The scandal is endemic with comparable flaws across the entire network; the scandal is also that it took a tip off from a member of the public and the widespread broadcast of my article before one of the offending junk boxes, NOAA-16, got taken down.

If you want to read about the whole big and getting bigger all the time scandal here are the links to the other articles and posts about Satellitegate.

  • You can read the whole article at Canada Free Press here.
  • This link is to my post about John O’Sullivan’s article on thr 10-15 degree warming added by NOAA-16.
  • This link is to my first post about the article titled “Dimmer View of Earth” in the Contra Costa Times, by Susan Bohan.
  • This link is to John O’Sullivan’s original article at Climate Change Fraud.
  • This link is to my post about John O’Sullivan’s article about the 600+ degree city of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Sources: John O’Sullivan, Canada Free Press, Climate Change Fraud


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