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AB32 Myths & Truths

Here’ s an interesting find from Ron Kilmartin’s Blog about AB32 Myths & Truths. Read up on what the deal is with AB32 and judge for yourself if you want to vote yes on Prop 23 and dump AB32.

AB 32 – the so-called Global Warming Solutions Act – is not only founded on a myth, it promotes additional myths, and its supporters propagate even more myths and scams on top of these to the people of California.

Proposition 23 on the November 2010 ballot – the California Jobs Initiative – will put AB 32 implementation on ice until California’s unemployment drops from 12 percent today to 5.5 percent, near but still above the humming level in 2006 when AB 32 was signed into law.

The reason advanced in Proposition 23 for the unemployment condition is that the current state economy is tottering on the brink of bankruptcy and the extreme economic shocks of AB 32 would send California over the cliff. When the economy starts humming again as indicated by low unemployment, full AB 32 implementation could again be brought to the table under the provisions of Proposition 23, unless it is sooner repealed entirely.

Propagation of myth is the art of brainwashing the public – i.e., propaganda. The forces currently arrayed against Proposition 23 and behind AB 32 are pushing the AB 32 myths in the best traditions of Orwell’s 1984, with its Ministry of Truth and doublespeak.

What are the myths and truths of AB 32? Below are eight myths and three truths, all of which argue for passage of Proposition 23.

You can go to the source below and read it for yourself.

Source: Ronkilmartin’s Blog


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