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Shocking! Cap & Trade Eviscerated by Climate Religion Guru James Hansen!

Say what you want about Dr. James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, but even the proverbial stopped watch is right twice a day. Looks like Dr. Hansen finally has one correct idea, at least as far as the usefulness of cap and trade is concerned. We wonder if this is the result of shock therapy.

Speaking at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club he had the following to say:

The system, in which companies buy and sell permits to produce greenhouse gases, is a “half-baked” and “half-assed” way to deal with global warming, Hansen said.

His comments Tuesday were typically blunt. Cap and trade, he said, does little to cut emissions. But it does enrich the trading desks of banks, who have a new market to explore.

“Why do you want big banks in this problem?” Hansen asked. “Why should they be making money? Every cent they make is coming out of the public’s hide. And they add absolutely nothing. What you want is a system which is very simple and makes things cleaner.”

No, he didn’t do a 180 degree flip on global warming, but at least he gets the idea that the cap and trade system is a ripoff and basically doesn’t do much except ripoff the general public and make bankers fat,  AKA: Bend forward in the name of Gaia. At least him making these statements is one step in the right direction.

It also appears he neglected to mention that no matter how it’s administered, cap and trade is a glorified tax that greedy states like California will grab under the pretense of saving us all from global warming and then misuse it on other “half-assed” schemes.

The best part of this is he said it all in front of California Governor Jerry Brown who’s no doubt salivating at getting California’s hooks into that money. Jerry just loves cap and trade. What greedy government official wouldn’t?

Source: SF Gate


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Hang on to your wallets California!

What your wallet will look like after cap & trade

Even in a screwed-up economy and even with California’s screwed-up housing market, it’s still one of the more expensive places to live. Sure property is in the tank, but it’s still more expensive than in most parts of the U.S., meaning that the citizens of the state still get to pay for overpriced housing. We also get to pay for overpriced designer gasoline and overpriced taxes. Toss in one of the most onerous business environments in the country and it’s amazing anyone even lives here.

Sure it’s pretty but people and businesses are already moving out and it will get worse when this kicks in and everyone’s wallets start getting drained more than they already are. You can go here and read up on it if you want to.

Want a clue on how bad it already is? According to The Tax Foundation…..

  • California’s business climate ranks 49th out of 50 states (57 if you’re President Obama)(Soon to be 50!)
  • California’s top income tax rate is 4th highest in the nation (Soon to be #1)
  • California’s sales tax rate is the highest in the nation (See? We’re already #1)
  • As far as the Feds go we give up $1.00 and get 78 cents back, meaning we support other ‘vampire’ states. (THAT’S what that donor thing on my driver’s license means!)
  • Federal OSHA isn’t good enough, we get to support a redundant Cal-OSHA
  • Federal EPA isn’t good enough either, we get to support the California Air Resources Board giving us the ‘privilege’ of paying more redundancy. (They’re the ones that employ people with mail-order PhD’s and overestimate diesel pollution by 340% so they can screw us more than they already are)

Now thanks to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, James Cameron and other eco-loons, we failed to get enough voters with brains to reign in AB32 (actually, based on the last election, having enough voters with brains in California appears to be a statistical impossibility). The result is the greentards are all excited because California is going to start its own cap & trade program! I just saw Arnold on TV gushing over his stupidity. He’s actually all excited because thanks to him we’re all going to get screwed even more than we have been.  Gee, I just can’t wait Arnold. It will be such fun to be more broke than I already am so you can feel all touchy-feely-girly-man-y about climate change. I think he may be remembered as the Governator who terminated California.

If you’re one of the poor bastards who still lives in California and you think it’s bad now just wait awhile, it will get worse. In a very short time everything you buy will suddenly cost more because just about everything and anything you buy uses power generated by fuel or electricity to be manufactured or delivered.

  • Your gas and electric bills will be rising because the gas and electric companies will now have to buy permits from the state and/or reduce their pollution. Think PG & E or Edison are going to eat this? If you do you’re dumber than a rock. And don’t give me that BS about the wind turbines and solar panels being subsidized because it’s your money (called taxes bonehead) that’s subsidizing it. Absent that no one would be installing them because they’re either unprofitable or they’d have to charge you $10,000 a month to turn the lights on in your home to pay for them.
  • Those higher power charges will result in  ALL businesses in California having to raise the price of what they sell. Grocery stores, car dealers, restaurants, motels, hotels, movies, hospitals, doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs and everyone else in the state will have to either eat the rate increases or charge YOU more to make up for it. Guess which one’s going to happen?
  • Everything you buy is delivered by trains, planes, trucks, or steamships. They all run on diesel, gas or aviation fuel. Think they’re going to eat it? Nope! They’ll  apply a fuel surcharge to everything including your airplane tickets to make up for the additional charges from the refineries so they can pay for their permits to pollute or invest more money to reduce their pollution. That money doesn’t grow on trees greentards! YOU get to pay for it.
  • Want a new house? Well wait until the price of lumber, nails, screws, roofing, stucco, cement, tile and everything else used in construction goes through the roof.  That house that was a million last year will soon be a lot more.
  • Retired? I’d suggest you move to another state as soon as possible before a) you run out of money b) you can’t find anyone to buy your house because they’re all broke and c) the price to move out will be out of site because your mover spends 5 fortunes a year on diesel fuel for his trucks.

Think about it, even your crab will cost more once this starts because those boats run on diesel engines, they don’t row out to the Farallon Islands anymore folks. You can watch the price of your cable TV, cell phones, auto repairs, furniture, clothing, appliances and EVERYTHING go up.

And, you can bet the one thing that WON’T GO UP is your PAYCHECK, because your employer is going to have to pay a boatload more money to keep the doors open thanks to cap & trade. He may even have to lay some of you off to offset the increased costs if it gets bad enough. I note that because with the ENTIRE state getting screwed, it’s probably going to end up where no one will be able to raise their prices enough to compensate for the increased cost of power because no one else will be able to afford to pay for the increased prices. Smart employers will probably flee California as fast as they can while the getting is good.  Face it, even the cost of toilet paper will go up folks! Just wait and see.

Yes, you can just watch the whole damn state go further down the tubes than it already is! Think this will bother Bill Gates? No, he doesn’t even live here. Think Arnold will give a hoot? No, he’s wealthy and can afford to pay the extra and it things get bad enough he can afford to move someplace where they don’t have cap and trade. James Cameron? Nah, he’s rich too and will either pay up or move on.

I wonder how long it will take before it will seem like an improvement to have Mexico take over California again and send the retards and greentards in Sacramento packing? Probably not to long in my estimation.

So I’ll leave you with  – Adios muchachos! Hablo la nueva lengua de California!

California a place with no shortage of CO2 Insanity.

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Cap & Steal

Noted bank robber John Dillinger was an amateur compared to cap & steal.

Now that Congress is unable to get cap & trade going we have these regional cap & steal deals popping up. Some states are even usurping the authority of congress by making direct deals with foreign countries, which is blatantly illegal.  If the federal government doesn’t want to let Arizona do their own thing about illegal aliens, then why should states like California be allowed to make deals with foreign countries? Read about this in any mainstream media lately? I doubt it.

The real problem with cap and steal is that there are billions of dollars flying around with no one watching where they’re going, which as we all know invites the hucksters, corporations and even criminal organizations to get involved and reap some of those rewards that are supposed to be used for things that are legitimately dealing with carbon.

The New American has an article about this titled ‘Cap and Trade by Stealth:  U.S. States Partner With Foreign Governments,’ which sounds more like it should be ‘Cap and Trade by Steal.’ They do show us the real deal about cap and trade.

While Americans were battling cap-and-trade legislation at the national and international levels, global-warming alarmists were quietly building regional systems between state and local governments, private industry, and even foreign governments that basically achieve the same effect — higher energy prices for consumers and more money for governments.

Yes, there’s your real ‘deal,’ the taxpayers and energy users get screwed while the government gets more money to blow on crap we don’t need. You can read below and see they don’t even give a crap about what the voters think, they just stick it to them. Dictators all over the globe could take a lesson from these clowns.

The first and most prominent of these U.S. cap-and-trade systems is known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). It was created not by the people through their legislatures, but by a so-called “Memorandum of Understanding” between state governors.

Sounds just like those executive orders that presidents like to pump out when they don’t want to deal with Congress. Just think of it as dictatorship light. The not only do what ever the hell they want to, the also ‘conveniently’ have set up a system that is designed to hide what’s going on from the public.

Incredibly, the RGGI has managed to avoid public scrutiny of its operations by incorporating as a non-profit organization and leaving enforcement and regulation to the individual states. The corporation claims it does not have to respond to public requests for information since, technically, it is not actually a government entity.

Nice end run around the voters, the state legislatures and even the federal government. No accountability, no taxes (non-profit) just ripoff millions of dollars and do whatever you like because no one can ask a thing about where it’s going. OK so we have set up the ‘con’ so now for the ‘payoff.’ The quote ‘you can fool some of the people all of the time  but not all of the people all of the time’ comes true again.

But the corruption is already coming out in the open. “New Hampshire conservationists had high hopes for how $18 million in funding generated by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) might advance energy efficiency projects,” wrote columnist Fergus Cullen in the New Hampshire Union Leader earlier this year. “Unfortunately, cronyism and corporate welfare hallmark too many grants awarded by the Public Utilities Commission so far.”

Cullen’s piece details, among other things, the outrageous handouts to “environmental” front groups and big businesses that helped push the scheme through. For example, an activist group in New Hampshire called “Clean Air Cool Planet” was incorporated by out-of-state bigwigs to promote global-warming alarmism — including Al Gore’s discredited “documentary,” An Inconvenient Truth.

Money was basically shoveled out, “creating opportunities for the well-connected and the in-the-know” while “millions of dollars have gone out the window, wasted like heat leaking out of an uncaulked pane,” Cullen concludes.

Well, you don’t actually think these clowns want to save the planet do you? Congress needs to reign these clowns in. They are usurping the power of the federal government as per the constitution, not to mention ripping off taxpayers and people who buy power to enrich global warming con artists.

Those in California will soon be ‘reaping’ similar benefits from AB32 courtesy of all those  greentards like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and James Cameron, who pushed like hell to make sure it wasn’t neutered by Proposition 23. Bend over and then watch who’ll be making millions off of that deal when it fires up, and how much your gasoline, natural gas and electric bills go up along with the cost of everything,  then you can say I told you so.

I would urge you to read about the whole sordid affair at the source below. Co2 Insanity strikes again.

Source: The New American

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Cap & Trade Dumped by White House insider?

This one’s interesting indeed.  It looked to me like the climate bill by Graham, Kerry and Lieberman was going to be a sure thing to get passed and signed by Obama. It seemed like the momentum was picking up and then it just kind of went poof and disappeared, much to my enjoyment.

Tree Hugger has an article that claims this was done by an unknown insider in the White House in this article titled “Did a Betrayal from Inside the White House Kill the Senate Climate Bill?” Below are a couple of pertinent paragraphs from the article.

It turned out that someone from within the Obama administration had leaked the notion that Lindsay Graham supported a gas tax to Fox News. Which may not sound like much, but that’s like leaking news that a Republican supports gay marriage to Rush Limbaugh — it’s political anathema.

Some believe it was Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod, two of the president’s closest advisers who had opposed participating in the climate legislation process from the get-go. Others believe it was a well-intentioned staffer who wanted to get rid of a potentially bad policy. We may never know who it was, but from there on out, no Republican would come within fifty miles of the supposedly gas tax-laden climate legislation. And then Graham jumped ship. And then the climate bill died.

Well, all I can say is offer my sincere thanks to whomever did the dirty deed! You saved the taxpayers of the United States of America a lot of money that we can spend on something besides some phantom problem created to enrich carbon traders and get the public whipped into doing the bidding of the greentards.

Source: Tree Hugger

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Al “Sex Poodle” Gore Neutered

If Al “Sex Poodle” Gore had really been neutered, millions of legitimate masseuses would breathe easy.

Al’s basically had is cojones removed as far as global warming is concerned, at least for this year.

Per Green Hell Blog…..

Speaking about the likelihood of climate bill being passed by Congress in 2010, Al Gore told a conference call of supporters tonight that, “this battle has not been successful and is pretty much over for this year.” Gore bitterly denounced the Senate and federal government stating several times, “The U.S. Senate has failed us” and “The federal government has failed us.” Gore even seemed to blame President Obama by emphasizing that “the government as a whole has failed us… although the House did its job. [emphasis added]”

Poor Al, visions of carbon trading bucks were dancing in his head but alas, Santa didn’t show up this year for him and his buddies.

I guess with no cojones, his “dangling chad” won’t be of much use. I would offer the suggestion that any masseuses out there be careful or they may find a blubber like “sex poodle” after them. There’s always Viagra, which can create global warming in Al’s pants.

Source: Green Hell Blog

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