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A big car for a big star: Arnold Schwarzenegger suffers a delayed mid-life crisis as he buys a $250k monster truck!

This should be titled “A big car for a big hypocrite.” Why? Because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

When he was the Governator (evidently he must have thought this was an acting job), he stuck the citizens of California with what is known as Assembly Bill 32: the Global Warming Solutions Act. A nefarious plan to suck money out of the bank accounts of California citizens and businesses via a cap and trade program. You can click the link above and read for yourself.

The end result will be that if you buy anything in California the price will be going up as when the price of gas and diesel rises, so does everything else as it’s all delivered by truck. You can bet CARB will be costing the refineries and trucking companies a lot of  money buying carbon credits and making them file a 50 page report, in triplicate, every time someone farts  at work.

Let’s not forget this isn’t going to be good for the job market in California either. If price of goods and doing business goes up businesses will have less of those dollars to spend on hiring and expansion. This, in our humble opinion , could also drive even more business out-of-state and cause more bankruptcies.

Meanwhile, after screwing everyone in the state, what does the Hypocriteanator do? Oh, he buys a huge Mercedes Unimog! A gas hog par excellence, that should probably have its very own cap and trade program set up. A little research shows that on Unimog forums most claim to get about 15-16 miles per gallon. Certainly not in Prius territory. Not to mention they’re diesels, emitting soot, another no-no for the do-gooder greentard crowd. Let’s not forget Arnold likes to fly private jets all the time, too. Spewing out  more of that carbon he’s so ‘worried’ about.

As such, we are awarding Arnold the one-fingered CO2 Insanity salute for Hypocrite of the Month.

Arnold takes his new wheels for a spin

Source: The Daily Mail

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Will California Tell the "Warmistas" to Drop Dead?

Do it now! We can bankrupt everyone. I don't care - I'm rich!

Well it looks like AB32, California’s attempt to cure anthropogenic global warming all by itself, may have it’s head on the chopping block.  Unemployment is bad, many businesses are leaving he state or thinking about it, yet the “Governator,” Arnold Schwarznegger, our buffoons in the state legislature and the imbeciles at CARB apparently think we can cure global warming all by ourselves.  They even base their “stuff” on studies done my some dude with a phony degree (talk about weird science).

People must be really ticked-off about this.  It got double, yes double, the signatures required to place this on the state ballot this coming November.  People obviously see though Jerry Brown’s feeble attempt to quash this by naming the initiative “Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year.” (Now that’s a mouth full).  Please remember “Governor Moonbeam” (his nickname last time he was governor) at election time.  He should retire from what amounts to about a lifetime on the government tit.

It would appear that no one in the Senate or House of Representatives in Washington, DC will be doing anything anytime soon, the Australian Government has dropped the issue (a little thing called I want to be re-elected), there are serious doubts that the United Nations will be getting any kind of agreements for years, but good old California keeps on plugging along, we’re going to stop global warming all by ourselves, even if it bankrupts the state and drives up unemployment. This sounds like Alfred Hitchcock’s take on the “can do” attitude to me.

Just never you mind that on some days 25% of Los Angeles’ smog comes from China (read here). Nothing we do will change that.  I’m not going over it all again, but CO2 driven global warming isn’t proven. It’s not even likely it causes much, if any warming at all. You can read it all over the internet if you’re so inclined.  If you’re not you’re probably a “warmer” anyway.

If you want to read more here’s some links.

Kill Carb has a lot of information on the smog Nazis in Kalifornia.

The Sacramento Bee has an interesting article on unemployment plus a chart you can play with and see how it’s been growing.

I hope this passes, or California is going to be DOA so bad it will make the situation in Greece look like they’re rolling in money.

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California Jobs Initiative Petition – Stop CARB

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 17 10.52Here is a link to the California Jobs Initiative Petition to get CARB (California Air Resources Board) to cease with the CO2 BS until the job market improves.  If you live in California and don’t want the state to be more screwed up than it already is please download, sign and send it in.  Get your friends to sign, too.  This will cost jobs in California, not create them.

You can thank AG Jerry Brown (aka: Governor Moonbeam) for the lovely title he came up with to make it sound like we’ll all die from smog if we sign it.

Here’s another link to the California Jobs Initiative website.

Here is a link that analyzes the effect of this bill from Environmental Valuation & Cost Benefit News. According to them…

In terms of employment, this output loss is equivalent to the loss of roughly half a million jobs for the state due to minimum ARB cost, 900,000 jobs loss due to costs to consumers, and 1.1 million jobs loss due to costs to small businesses. A loss of 1.1 million jobs represents over 3% of the total population of California.

We’ll be green and unemployed.  The Governator and the dolts at CARB don’t give a hoot if you starve or not, nor do many of the elected representatives in this state of confusion.

Source: Kill CARB Org

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