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The climate screw-job continues


The UN's new logo?


Cap & trade is basically DOA now that the Chicago Climate Exchange has ceased operations, it’s also dead in Congress and even Obama has declared it dead. Climate talks in Copenhagen basically got no where fast and it’s predicted the upcoming talks in Cancun won’t be any better.

Yet, the diehard boneheads at the United Nations continue to scheme on way to screw rich nations out of every penny they can get, based upon the fraud of non-existent anthropogenic global warming. Per the Guardian we get this article titled “Climate finance plan could break talks inertiaOur report showing how $100bn a year can be raised for climate adaptation will help make progress towards agreement at Cancún.”

Financial support for developing countries will play a vital role in any integrated action and thus the fresh proposals in the new report by the high-level advisory group on climate change financing, which was commissioned by the United Nations secretary-general in February, can help make progress towards agreement in the United Nations conference in Cancún, Mexico, which starts later this month.

So basically we’re back to they’re going to find some crap excuse to get money out of rich countries and give it to poor countries.

The group’s report concluded that the goal of raising $100bn a year for developing countries is feasible if the political will is there. And it identified a coherent set of mutually reinforcing policies.

Yes, a mere $100 billion a year out of your wallet folks. It’s a scam to  prevent a scam. In a nutshell, they want to tax everything that moves and/or creates carbon emissions.  Power plants, air transport, shipping, you name it, they want to tax it.

So who created this report? Read the list. Note our old buddy George Soros is in on it and notice the banks are in on it. Also, notice all the poor countries that would benefit by getting free money are in on it.

Membership, High-Level Advisory Group of the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change Financing

Heads of State and Government

  • Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Co-Chair)
  • Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway (Co-Chair)
  • Bharrat Jagdeo, President of the Republic of Guyana

Other members: (in alphabetical order)

  • Ambassador Pedro Luiz Carneiro de Mendonça, Under-Secretary General for Economic and Technological Affairs, Ministry of External Relations, Federal Republic of Brazil
  • Soumaïla Cissé, President, Commission of the West African Monetary Union
  • Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, Minister of Finance, Mexico
  • Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom
  • Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director, World Bank Group
  • Donald Kaberuka, President, African Development Bank
  • Caio Koch-Weser, Vice-Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group
  • Christine Lagarde, Minister of the Economy, Industry and Employment, France
  • Trevor Manuel, Minister in the Presidency for National Planning, Republic of South Africa
  • Bob McMullan, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance, Australia
  • Mutsuyoshi Nishimura, Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office, Japan
  • Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD)
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Finance, Republic of Singapore
  • Lawrence H. Summers, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, United States of America
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Republic of India
  • George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management
  • Nicholas Stern, Professor of Economics and Government, London School of Economics
  • Zhu Guangyao, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of China

Read the article. My take on it is that the real reason behind this scam is money and control. Global warming is just a lame excuse to milk wealthy countries. The élite libtards want to control everyone on the globe. They want the UN to be your friendly global dictator. If you are a history student you will see the obvious similarities between the Nazis, Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao, and a long list of dictators. Create a crisis or a problem then use it like a tool to get the populace over to your side to save the country or save the world.

More CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Guardian

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Lucy! You got some 'splainin' to do!!!

ricky_ricardoAccording to this article from the Waterbury Replublican American the EPA has some explaining to do…

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, has introduced a bipartisan bill, and is guaranteed a vote, that would stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from moving forward on new rules aimed at regulating greenhouse-gas emissions by overturning its finding that global warming poses a clear and present danger to public health and welfare.

Last week, the governors of 18 states and two territories joined 98 industry groups in sending letters in support of the senator’s resolution.

While Skilling’s fraud has been proved in court, the EPA’s fraud is only now being exposed, and based on opinion polls, the EPA is being found guilty in the court of public opinion. The fraud behind the EPA’s regulations is threefold: the science, the economics and the results.

We already know about the science.  The article goes further into it but you have climategate, glaciergate, hurricane gate, Amazongate, Africagate, Chinagate, Pachaurigate, et al.

Regarding costs not increasing…according to the article, so much for that theory…

The EPA claims that its regulations won’t increase costs or otherwise harm the economy. This is laughable. The regulations can’t work if the costs of fossil fuels don’t increase and force the public to shift to less reliable, more expensive alternative fuels.

An independent analysis from Harvard University found that to reach President Obama’s CO2 target, gasoline prices would have to more than double to $7 a gallon.

When the Treasury Department looked at Congress’ preferred alternative to EPA regulations, “cap-and-trade,” it found the average household would spend an extra $1,761 per year. And that is the less-expensive alternative to the EPA’s top-down regulations.

Some of the results wil be…

Worst of all, the economic downturn brought on by the EPA’s regulations would do nothing to reduce CO2 emissions because fast-growing economic competitors such as China and India, not hampered by U.S. energy restrictions, will continue to generate huge growth in their emissions.

Indeed, China alone emits more CO2 than the United States and Canada combined. And research by physicist Richard A. Muller at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory shows every 10 percent reduction in emissions in the United States is negated by one year’s growth in China’s emissions.

I sincerely hope all the lawsuits work and get the EPA to sit down and shut up,  They’re basing  decisions on bad science, which is being used for a political agenda, which is to carbon tax the snot out of everyone.

Source: Waterbury Republican American

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Global Warming Insanity = Financial Black Hole

black-hole-lab2Here is more of the insanity I speak of.  Reuters reports on the financial ripoff of  climate fund money.  See, it works this way. They pass phony laws and ripoff everyone.  They set it up so large companies that pollute have to buy permits from the state to emit pollution.  Then they collect 100’s of millions of dollars that are supposed to be used to fight CO2 and global warming.  But, when the state gets in a tight spot, they transfer the funds to the general fund and then piss it away.  In this particular article it’s New Jersey.  You can read it here.

California has pulled the same crap for decades.  They collect taxes on gas, that are supposed to pay for road repairs and improvements, then they get in a tight spot and transfer the money to the general fund and piss your tax dollars away.  Drive in California and you can see that the net effect is you almost need a gas hog 4-wheel drive SUV to get through the potholes without your car and you disappearing into a black hole in the pavement.

This is a financial black hole for your money.  When will the public wake up to this ripoff tactic?  While you don’t get a carbon tax  on your state tax form, you still pay one, because you really don’t think the big polluters like power plants and oil refineries actually pay this out of their own pockets do you?  No, they raise the price of power, gas, diesel and you pay for it greentards.

Source: Reuters

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