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EU switches to “Plan B” climate pitch whines about Polar Bears!


What me swim? Where?Look at this ice!


Here’s something “unprecedented” regarding the European Community. They’re now going to “Plan B” trying to coerce the US and China into a climate treaty. They’re so desperate now it’s pathetic.  “Plan B” involves trying to get these two countries to extend the end of the Kyoto Treaty that expires in 2012. That’s all folks!

This appears to be the only goal the EU now has  for the “big” meeting in Cancun coming up that, based on copious amounts of warmer BS after the COP15 flop-a-rama, was being touted as being a sure thing for attaining the goals that were not agreed upon in Copenhagen. Yes, it’s denigrated to that.

The EU ministers from various countries are chewing the fat about what to do about what is turning out to be what may be Armageddon for a climate treaty. The following quote indicates to me this guy must have just come out of a 10 year-long coma.

Joke Schauvliege of Belgium, chairing the talks, said Europe had “reawakened trust in Cancun,” referring to the next UN climate meeting from November 29 to December 10 in Mexico.

Well, based upon that statement, I’d at least offer the suggestion that his first name is very appropriate, not to mention quite fitting for anyone believing in global warming. Oh and lets not forget those poor polar bears who are having major problems despite the fact that the Arctic Ice extent is currently breaking records for increases.


Jose Manual Barroso



Barroso wants “concrete and immediate action” to deal with already irreversible consequences of climate change.

Polar bears are having to swim ever farther in search of food due to melting ice, and Brussels says countries must already change behaviour likewise.

Please wait a moment while I wipe the tears out of my eyes…..those poor Polar Bears. Perhaps Barroso should go up to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and give one of those cuddly little guys a big hug and a wet kiss!

Based upon what went on  in Copenhagen I hope the Mexican hookers are sprucing up for the event because that will be about the only “action” at this meeting. I bet they’ll be very busy as they “fiddle around” while the Earth “burns.” I wonder if they’ll work for free like their sisters in Denmark? Or, will they just take “tips?”

Desperation is now setting in with the climate scammers and hopefully these con-artists will soon give up their plans to carbon trade us into oblivion.

Source: AFP via Google News

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Dissent and you may disappear or go to jail

There’s several things going on and it’s potentially not smelling very good. The part in the US could be legitimate or not, but the part with the EU definitely is very smelly and appears to be a blatant attempt to silence people who think anthropogenic climate change is a gigantic fraud.

If you put all this together and look at what’s going on it could give one the distinct impression that governments around the world aren’t liking the internet, they’re not liking bloggers who disagree with them, and they want to make sure everyone cow-tows to whatever they decide you should believe in, and no bitching allowed. Make too much noise and your website will disappear and we now even have the potential in the European Union that you may go to jail if you don’t go along with the party line.

As I noted earlier this week, I was offline for a while because I had my blog hosted at Blogetery, who mysteriously had an entire server confiscated by an as yet to be discovered government agency for an as yet to be discovered reason(s).  This took about 70,000+ blogs offline instantly. Fortunately I was one of the few who did backups and I have most of my site back up and running, save for the posts that did not get backed up prior to this happening.  No one knows if they will ever see any of their stuff again. From what I’ve been reading a lot of people never backed up their stuff. Henceforth, the mantra “back up daily” no matter where you have your blog or website hosted.  Stuff happens.

From what I can see the people at Blogetery supposedly don’t know what’s really going on other than what Burstnet was able to discuss, and the people at Burstnet, who hosted the Blogetery server can’t talk about it or they’ll end up in  jail.  No one’s talking.  Kind of sounds like the old communist U.S.S.R., speak up and go on a vacation to a gulag in “sunny” Siberia. But, it could be perfectly legitimate, too because all one can do is speculate at the current time.

The rumor mill has the server being shut off for various reasons such as kiddie porn, terrorist activity, software violations, illegal selling of credit card information, copyright violations (RIAA), and probably anything else ONE could imagine.

What’s leading me down the conspiracy trail is that I’d really like to know why this happened, but the fact no one knows or if they do know they can’t talk about it under penalty of law, is making me highly suspicious about what’s going on here?  Was this a real legitimate action? Or, could this perhaps be some way the government is going to silence dissenters under false pretext?

When you don’t know who did it, why they did it, and everyone’s been told to STFU or go to jail, you have to start wondering about conspiracies.   This is being bolstered by the fact that you can add to this the fact that iPBFree disappeared off the face of the planet just before Blogetery did. Talk about a potential conspiracy.  One is bad, two is worse.

While nosing around about Blogetry, I found out this happened earlier with another blogging site called iPBFree that went dark prior to Blogetery. Thousands more blogs go dark, no one’s talking, perhaps a mysterious government agency shut it down? I again see claims that no one can talk or they’ll be in jail. I also see another rumor about iPBFree that has them merely going bankrupt, no conspiracy, just bad finances. Regardless what the real truth is, you have more people who may never see their blog again and you have no real answers about why.

The next one is an entirely different thing, but could be tied in to governments trying to silence dissidents, too. It seem the European Union (EU) is now taking the game to a higher level.  We now we have a new potential for the EU to make being skeptical about climate change (global warming, bullshit, or whatever term you prefer to use) a criminal offense.  That’s right! Call Phil Jones a fraud, or question why various data being used is phony, and you may be wearing a striped suit and eating bread and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A ridiculous but very serious premise that may or may not happen, but it certainly makes me wonder what’s going on out there in Realityland.

I hope that Blogetery and iPBFree turn out to be something legitimate and that when the government is done with the servers that they’ll at least let everyone who had blogs get their information back. If this doesn’t happen it’s only going to raise further suspicions about this being a government effort to remove dissident blogs from the internet.

You can toss in Janet Napolitano’s effort to make sure no one at the TSA could read websites with anything controversial (read anti-government) that she backed off on as another nail in the conspiracy to shut off the dissidents coffin.

If the EU makes it criminal to doubt anthropogenic global warming it will be very telling and in my mind another reason to start wondering if there really is a conspiracy afoot. If they do this then what’s going to be next? Why anything they don’t like will be made into a criminal offense. If they get away with it, the US could use that as carte blanche to put similar laws in place that will have a very chilling effect upon the internet.

Hopefully, I’ll be putting up a post in the future that this was done for very legitimate reasons, that could not be disclosed for very legitimate reasons, and that Blogetery is back up and running, or, at least that it will be put up for period of time so people who didn’t have the chance, can back their blogs up and re-post them elsewhere. That would be the fair thing to do for the innocent.

My personal favorite theory about the US part (or should I say hope) is that there was something very terrorist going on those servers and that Homeland Security did this for legitimate reasons. From what I read they can avoid the courts and I’d assume they have the authority to make good on the threat to lock anyone up who divulges what’s going on as it’s a matter of national security.  That seems, in my mind, to fit the puzzle best. Hopefully time will tell and the answer will be that this was all legitimate.

Regarding the EU plan, I hope that it’s not the start of a large government effort to lock down the internet, or silence climate skeptics so they can go about their carbon trading schemes. Then throw in the IPCC wanting their scientists not to talk to the media.

Conspiracy or coincidence? You decide.

Sources: Prison Planet, Cnet, Watts Up with That? BNPI Hate the Media Climate Change Fraud


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Biofuel is good, except when it’s bad!

So we’ve been hearing about how wonderful bio-fuel is.  Per this article from Telegraph.co.uk this is not always true.  Based on the title “Biofuels cause four times more carbon emissions” it sounds to me like this is falling into the same category as AGW and we need to step back some and start looking before we’re leaping.

The European Union, including the UK, has set a goal of obtaining 10 per cent of its road fuels from renewable sources by 2020.

But a new report commissioned in Brussels found some biofuels can lead to four times more carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere than equivalent fossil fuels.

Four more times CO2.  Well, I can’t say that really matters, but based on everyone’s mis-directed belief that CO2 is causing global warming I find it rather interesting that everyone’s been jumping on the biofuel bandwagon and now there are problems with it.  Seems we didn’t look before we leapt.

A more realistic problem is the cause and effect that biofuels can have on food prices and shortages.

Biofuels have already been criticised for causing food shortages in countries where land for rice or wheat has been displaced by fields of soy beans or sugarcane for fuel.

Let’s not forget good old corn and milo, that are used in many mid-west ethanol plants (I’ve actually been on a private tour of one and my brother-in-law is a Kansas farmer, so I know from whence I speak).  Both are used for cattle feed, so guess what happens when they start using it for ethanol? The feed prices go up, then your beef prices go up. So does the price of soybeans and corn.

Sounds like some people are getting on the bandwagon about this problem. Even if you don’t believe the CO2 issue is a problem the other issues are.

The worse example is soy beans in America. Because the land that used to grow soy beans for animal feed is now being used for biofuels, it means that more soy beans must be grown in the rainforests of Brazil to make up for the loss in the domestic market.

Soybeans grown in America therefore have an indirect carbon footprint of 340kg of CO2 per gigajoule, compared to just 85kg for conventional diesel or gasoline

My brother-in-law also grows soybeans.  I do wonder if they take into account the effects of things such as “no-till” farming?  A technique he uses that helps keep the dirt from blowing away ala Oklahoma in the 1930’s and also has the effect of reducing CO2 because you’re not disturbing the dirt as much?  I also wonder if this data takes into account emissions from bio-fuel plants?  Regardless, it’s obvious that it causes less CO2 when we use petroleum products. Sometimes being green isn’t always the hot setup.

There are also other issues with biofuels as per this.

By contrast, imports of bioethanol from Latin American sugar cane and palm oil from southeast Asia have relatively low indirect emissions at 82kg and 73kg per gigajoule respectively. But these biofuels have high direct emissions because although no land for food is being displaced, rainforest it being cut down to grow the crops in the first place.

OK, so we’re cutting down rainforest to grow crops.  There is a whole big issue over what’s going on with palm oil and the problems it’s causing with deforestation world-wide. Here’s an article titled “The Problem with Palm Oil” you can read.  While I’m not too worried about Polar Bears, I am concerned about what is going on with Orangutan habitat being mowed down.

The European Commission insisted that biofuels is a complex issue and further studies need to be done.

But Kenneth Richter, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said the report proves that biofuels are not the answer to tackling climate change.

“Most of the crops used for biofuels at the moment produce more emissions than fossil fuels therefore biofuel targets in Europe make no sense and are doing opposite of what they are supposed to be doing,” he said.

See, this is actually a case where what sounds good on the face of it, really isn’t. Even Friends of the Earth thinks this is bad.  While I normally don’t pay much attention to what they say, in this case it really is a good indication of what a large issue this is and what major problems it can cause.  The “greens” are even against a lot of it.

I always have felt that a lot of the green movement is more about being stylish than being green.  You see things like the Toyota Prius that I don’ t feel is such a great deal when you consider the carbon footprint of making one and the battery disposal issues when they finally die (not to mention the cost of replacement).  I see people touting pure electric vehicles, but they really aren’t zero emissions vehicles like people like to think, because every time you plug one in the power is probably coming from a coal power plant beyond the horizon.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Just because it sounds green, doesn’t mean it really is either.

I hope this will prompt some people to really dig into the cause and effect of what they’re doing and really start researching things before they go off thinking they’re saving the Earth when they’re actually causing more problems.  This includes the CO2 Insanity we’ve been seeing.  The science isn’t “settled” on that either because much of the “science” is fraudulent.

How about some real science for a change?

Source:  Telegraph.co.uk

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