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Atlasgate: Global warming error? Or was it deliberate?

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 13th edition

Hmmm….another inconvenient error? Or did the Times deliberately embellish how much ice is missing in Greenland?

Publishers of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World scrambled Tuesday to correct a controversial statement that Greenland had lost 15 percent of its permanent ice cover over the last 12 years.

That’s an awful lot of missing bullshit I mean ice. So how much was really lost? Oh only a ‘whopping’ 0.1 percent or so. Just a ‘minor’ difference, eh? It gets better. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

“The conclusion that was drawn from this, that 15 percent of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover has melted away, was highlighted in the press release, not in the Atlas itself,” HarpersCollins said in a statement. “This was done without consulting the scientific community and was incorrect.

OK, sounds good on the face of it. We get the old we screwed up  and we’re sorry.  But, it gets even better.

Maintaining the accuracy of the new maps though, may not be enough. When comparing the maps to recent satellite images Christofferson and his team found “numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands.”

You decide! Do you think perhaps someone in the chain of publishing this atlas is a warmer who decided to put some propaganda out and got busted? Or, was it an honest mistake?

Source: Fox News

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Climate alarmist ABC busted

ABC's retraction of the article

In the continuing saga of how the non-stop bombardment of global warming BS by the climate alarmists are pushing people over the edge, some to the point of committing murder-suicide and making hostile takeovers of the Discovery Channel HQ in Maryland, we now get another falsehood that’s been busted.

Remember the headline flying around the warmer sites about how the melting snow and ice on Mount Everest was making it hard to climb? You can read ABC’s take down of the article here and the original BBC article that ABC used here.

Is Mount Everest melting? Evidently no one can find a credible source regarding this article. You can thank ABC News Watch and read about the whole dirty deal at the source below.

I’ll offer my sincere thanks to them for busting more warmer bull schiessen. Now I wonder if they can get the BBC to back down, too?

Shame on major news organizations like this publishing falsehoods! More CO2 Insanity.

Source: ABC News Watch

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See how they (Greenpeace) lie!

Here’s a good one from Gerd Liepold, outgoing Greenpeace leader telling you about how they exaggerate. No ice by 2030? That has about as much chance of happening as global warming, or Santa coming down your chimney, or Obama registering as a Republican. Again you have ecotards who think the general public are all morons.  I’m really amazed his nose wasn’t growing ala Pinocchio.

Sounds like them telling the truth has about as much of a chance, too.

Another case of CO2 Insanity.


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What came first Global Warming or El Niño?

El Nino globalssha_jas_2010

color bar El Nini pacificssha_jas_2010045_palette

NASA’s website has an interesting article titled Kelvin Wave Renews El Nino.  I find it interesting for many reasons, which prompts me to wonder what the deal is with El Niño?

  • “The climate pattern known as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, or “ENSO” for short, is the biggest cause of large-scale climate variability in the tropics.” (It also causes a lot of changes elsewhere).
  • The series of globes showing the progression of the Kelvin waves has zero in the center and shows +/- 220 millimeters of wave height.  220 mm = 8.6 inches.  So that’s a plus/minus of 17.2 inches in sea level.  (NOAA also advises the sea level can actually be about 1/2 meter higher off Peru than it is off Indonesia, about the same amount).
  • It also causes large differences in the surface temparature of the ocean.

I also find it can:

  • Affect weather in the Atlantic causing warming.
  • Affect the weather on the West Coast of the US and Canada (remember all the whining about the lack of snow at the Olympics in Vancouver? Guess why?).
  • That El Nino is being attributed to AGW by some of the usual suspects, some who claim it’s increasing in frequency.
  • The biggest one we’ve had was 1982-83. (Living in California I sure do remember it rain-rain-rain and more rain).
  • Past El Nino Years back to the turn of the 20th century are 1902-03, 1905-06, 1911-12,914-15, 1918-19, 1923-24, 1925-26, 1930-31, 1932-33, 1939-40, 1941-42, 1951-52, 1953-1954, 1957-58, 1965-1966, 1969-70, 1972-73, 1976-77, 1982-83, 1986-87, 1991-92, 1995-95, 1997-98, 2002-03, 2006-07, and the current 2009-10.

I’m not writing this to impugne this latest data.  It’s very recent (January 15, 30 and February 15, 2010), and I’d doubt in this case there’s anything amiss with it.  It’s done with satellite data and there is no reason for NASA or NOAA to spin it.  They obviously lean to the “it’s caused by AGW” side and probably beleive this helps prove their case.

Per the title, what this article did was cause me to wonder about is cause and effect.  To link what prompted this in my mind, it’s the fact that we have the AGW people believing CO2 causes warming, but we also have proof that the CO2 doesn’t cause the warming, that it actually follows it.

I question claims that AGW is causing El Niñ0, based upon the “tricks”, lies, errors, e-mails, consensus, etc., that have been used to promote the AGW.  Sorry, but some scientists should look into the mirror to see why their credibility is shot in many people’s minds.  Past performance does count, ask any jury.

Is it not entirely possible that El Niño is causing some global warming and not the other way around? That it will soon lessen as it always has, and so will its effect upon the Earths’ climate?

I’ve read the arguments that we’re having El Niño upon El Niño and no cooling in between, that global warming is causing it to increase frequency, and that eventually, all we’ll have is one big year-round El Niño.   (Frankly I’m not so certain that would be a bad thing as it seems to bring a lot of rain to areas like California, that were desperatly in need of it and now have water storage up to about 86.5% of normal in a matter of a few months).

I have to question the theory of more frequency.  If you look at the data for the previous 127 years of El Niños in the chart below, you can see some large gaps and years when it’s been one after the other.   I’d suggest using the frequency of recent years is just cherry picking data to prove AGW  is real and that is it causing El Niño to increase.  Perhaps it’s kind of a hocky-stick for El Niño?


The article also promps me to question if the sea-level and sea-temperature data isn’t being misconstrued to assist in proving we have AGW?  To reiterate, I have no basis for this other than past bad scientific behavior, (climategate, Pachaurigate, glaciergate, the hockey-stick, NASA’s using CRU data because their own was a mess, etc), and an inquiring mind.

I can see where it would be tempting to use some of the higher El Niño caused sea-levels and higher ocean-temperatures,  to try and foster the idea that AGW is causing the oceans to warm, which is causing the glaciers and ice to melt, which is in turn causing the sea-levels to rise.  Kind of all ties in neatly in my mind.  It’s been done with temperature data, why not El Niño data?

Chicken or Egg?  You tell me.

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