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Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’

Launching wasted tax dollars into space?

Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’ By: John O’Sullivan

Respected American physicist, Dr Charles R. Anderson has waded into the escalating Satellitegate controversy publishing a damning analysis on his blog.

In a fresh week of revelations when NOAA calls in their lawyers to handle the fallout, Anderson adds further fuel to the fire and fumes against NOAA, one of the four agencies charged with responsiblity for collating global climate temperatures. NOAA is now fighting a reargaurd legal defense to hold onto some semblance of credibility with growing evidence of systemic global warming data flaws by government climatologists.

NOAA Systemically Excised Data with ‘Poor Interpolations’

Anderson, a successful Materials Physicist with his own laboratory, has looked closely at the evidence uncovered on NOAA. He has been astonished to discover, “Both higher altitudes and higher latitudes have been systematically removed from the measured temperature record with very poor and biased interpolated results taking their place.”

Like other esteemed scientists, Anderson has been quick to spot sinister flaws in official temperatures across northern Lake Michigan as revealed in my earlier articles.

I had proven that the website operated by the Michigan State University had published ridiculously high surface water temperatures widely distributed over the lake many indicating super-boiling conditions. The fear is that these anomalies have been fed across the entire satellite dataset. The satellite that first ignited the fury is NOAA-16. But as we have since learned there are now five key satellites that have become either degraded or seriously compromised.

In his post Satellite Temperature Record Now Unreliable Anderson’s findings corroborate my own that NOAA sought to cover up the “sensor degradation” on their satellite, NOAA-16. The U.S. physicist agrees there may now be thousands of temperatures in the range of 415-604 degrees Fahrenheit automatically fed into computer climate models and contaminating climate models with a substantial warming bias. This may have gone on for a far longer period than the five years originally identified.

Anderson continues, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”

Indian Government Knew of Faults in 2004

I have further uncovered proof that the Indian government was long ago onto these faults, too. Researcher, Devendra Singh, tried and failed to draw attention to the increasing problems with the satellite as early as 2004 but his paper remained largely ignored outside of his native homeland.

Indian scientist, Singh reported that NOAA-16 started malfunctioning due to a scan motor problem that caused a ‘barcode’ appearance. Singh’s paper, ‘Performance of the NOAA-16 and AIRS temperature soundings over India’ exposed the satellite’s growing faults and identified three key errors that needed to be addressed.

Singh writes, “The first one is the instrument observation error. The second is caused by the differences in the observation time and location between the satellite and radiosonde. The third is sampling error due to atmospheric horizontal inhomogeneity of the field of view (FOV).” These from India thus endorse Dr. Anderson’s findings.

Photo of the barcode problem noted by Singh

NOAA Proven to have engaged in Long-term Cover Up

My investigations are increasingly proving that such data was flagged by non-NOAA agencies years ago, but NOAA declined to publish notice of the faults until the problem was publicized loudly and widely in my first ‘satellitegate’ article, US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced. Official explanations initially dismissed my findings. But then NOAA conceded my story was accurate in the face of the evidence.

My second article, shortly thereafter, exposed that a succession of record warm temperatures in recent years may be based on contaminated satellite readings. But NOAA spokesman, Program Coordinator, Chuck Pistis declined to clarify the extent of the satellite instrument problem or how long the fault might have gone undetected.

Thereafter, in my third article, Official: Satellite Failure Means Decade of Global Warming Data Doubtful we saw the smoking gun evidence of a cover up after examining the offending satellite’s AVHRR Subsystem Summary. The official summary shows no report of any ‘sensor degradation’ (NOAA’s admission) since its launch in September 2000.

Subsystem Summary Details Censored Between 2005-10

But even more sinister is the fact that the official online summary now only shows events recorded up to 2005. All subsequent notations, that was on NOAA’s web pages last week and showed entries inclusive to summer 2010, have now been removed. However, climatechangefraud.com is displaying a sample of the missing evidence copied before NOAA took down the revealing web pages after it entered into ‘damage limitation mode.’

As events have unfolded we are also learning that major systemic failures in the rest of the satellite global data-collecting network were also not reported. Such serious flaws affect up to five U.S satellites as reported in an excellent article by Susan Bohan here.

NOAA Tears Up its Own ‘ Data Transparency’ Policy

But rather than come clean NOAA has this week ordered their lawyers to circle the wagons.  Glenn Tallia, their Senior Counselor, wrote to advise me, “The data and associated website at issue are not NOAA’s but instead are those of the Michigan State Sea Grant program. Thus, we have referred your e-mail to the Michigan State Sea Grant program.”

Yes, Glenn, clearly the final data output was published by Michigan but the underlying fault is with your satellite!

With NOAA now hiding behind their attorneys we appear to see a contradiction of NOAA’s official pledge that “ The basic tenet of physical climate data management at NOAA is full and open data access” published in their document, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center Open Access to Physical Climate Data Policy December 2009.
Sadly, we may now be at the start of yet another protracted delay and concealment process that tarnished NASA’s and CRU’s reputations in Climategate. We saw in that scandal that for 3-7 years the US and the UK government agencies cynically and unlawfully stymied Freedom of Information requests (FOIA).

NASA’s disgrace was affirmed in March 2010 when they finally conceded that their data was in worse shape than the much-maligned Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the UK’s University of East Anglia. CRU’s Professor Phil Jones only escaped criminal prosecution by way of a technicality.
The attorney credited with successfully forcing NASA to come clean was Christopher Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Horner is now advising me as to how best to pursue a possible FOIA of my own against NOAA if they continue their obfuscation.

American Physicist Pick Out Key Issues

Meanwhile, back on his blog Anderson points to the key issues that NOAA tries to cover up. He refers to how Charles Pistis, Program Coordinator of the Michigan Sea Grant project, tried to pass off the dodgy data as being an accidental product of the satellite’s malfunction sensors taking readings off the top of clouds rather than the surface temperatures.

By contrast, Anderson cogently refutes this explanation showing that such bogus data was consistently of very high temperatures not associated with those detected from cloud tops. He advises it is fair to assume that NOAA were using this temperature anomaly to favorably hype a doomsaying agenda of ever-increasing temperatures that served the misinformation process of government propaganda.

As Pistis admitted, all such satellite data is fed automatically into records and apparently as long as it showed high enough temperatures to satisfy the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (AGW) advocates of those numbers were not going to make careful scrutiny for at least half a decade.

Anderson bemoans, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”

“Charles Pistis has evaded the repeated question of whether the temperature measurement data from such satellites has gone into the NOAA temperature record. This sure suggests this is an awkward question to answer.”

Now Satellites NOAA-17 and 18 Suffer Calamities

While NOAA’s Nero fiddles ‘Rome’ continues to burn and the satellite network just keeps on falling apart. After NOAA-16 bit the dust last week NOAA-17 became rated ‘poor’ due to ‘scan motor degradation” while NOAA-18’s gyro’s are regarded by many now as good as dead. However, these satellites that each cross the U.S. twice per day at twelve-hour intervals are still giving “direct readout”(HRPT or APT) or central processing to customers. So please, NOAA, tell us – is this GIGO still being fed into official climate models?

NOAA-17 appears in even worse condition. On February 12 and 19 2010 NOAA-17 concedes it has “ AVHRR Scan Motor Degradation” with “Product(s) or Data Impacted.”

Beleaguered NOAA customers have been told, “direct readout users are going to have to deal with the missing data gaps as best they can.”

On August 9, 2010, NOAA 17 was listed as on ‘poor’ with scan motor problems and rising motor currents. NOAA admits, “Constant rephase by the MIRP was causing data dropouts on all the HRPT stream and APT and GAC derivatives. Auto re-phase has now been disabled and the resulting AVHRR products are almost all unusable.”

NOAA continues with tests on ‘17’ with a view to finding a solution. On page 53 we find that NOAA-17 has an inoperable AMSU Instrument.  The status for August 17, 2010 was RED (not operational) and NOAA is undertaking “urgent gyro tests on NOAA 18.” For further details see here. More evidence proving NOAA is running a “degrading” satellite network can be read here.

Dr. Anderson sums up saying; “It is now perfectly clear that there are no reliable worldwide temperature records and that we have little more than anecdotal information on the temperature history of the Earth.”


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Satellitegate: Scientists Speak

GOES-8 Satellite that will be missing 14 sensors it should have to see if we have global warming or not

From John O’Sullivan, via Canada Free Press, we get further information on Satellitegate. Satellitegate refers to problems that have been discovered with old satellites, satellite data, and even problems with satellites that have yet to be launched. This evidently has caused lots of action about this at NASA, NOAA, GISS and elsewhere.

In his article titled “Top Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal” you can read about how this being exposed has affected things and some opinions of some scientists. It appears that one satellite has been shuttered and datasets may be disappearing.

US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” – temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out.

In an escalating row dubbed ‘Satellitegate’ further evidence proves NOAA knew of these faults for years. World’s top climate scientists and even prior governmental reports cite underfunding and misallocation as the trigger for spiraling satellite data calamities. Key flaws with five satellites undermines global data.

Most disturbing of all is that it took publication of my article last week to persuade the authorities to withdraw the errant NOAA-16 satellite from service. But as Dr. John Christy indicates, the real Satellitegate is not about one satellite. The scandal is endemic with comparable flaws across the entire network; the scandal is also that it took a tip off from a member of the public and the widespread broadcast of my article before one of the offending junk boxes, NOAA-16, got taken down.

If you want to read about the whole big and getting bigger all the time scandal here are the links to the other articles and posts about Satellitegate.

  • You can read the whole article at Canada Free Press here.
  • This link is to my post about John O’Sullivan’s article on thr 10-15 degree warming added by NOAA-16.
  • This link is to my first post about the article titled “Dimmer View of Earth” in the Contra Costa Times, by Susan Bohan.
  • This link is to John O’Sullivan’s original article at Climate Change Fraud.
  • This link is to my post about John O’Sullivan’s article about the 600+ degree city of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Sources: John O’Sullivan, Canada Free Press, Climate Change Fraud


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So much for ‘heat wave hysteria’

Warmer Swimming Pool

Another day another global warming “Oops!”

Remember we’ve about had mass media ‘heat wave hysteria’ over the heat waves of late.  First the hot air in the northeastern US and Canada, which was proven to be due to a perfect storm type weather event.

Next and currently (still)  running in your HSM (hysteria stream media), is the heat wave in the Moscow, Russia area. Warmers the world over have been blaming it on global warming and in some instances touting it as a preview of things global warming to come. Supposedly it’s even turned Russian President Medvedev into a “warmer.” Probably because Putin has him on the “hot seat.”

Seems this heat wave along with the flooding in Pakistan aren’t related to anthropogenic global warming, or even regular old-fashioned global warming, it’s related to the jet stream. (Can you say “oops!”?) According to the Daily Mail we get these tidbits of information regarding how we’re not going to have any excessive heat from global warming. (Unless you’re around Al Gore’s pants anyway).

A massive heatwave in Russia and the current devastating floods in Pakistan could be linked by the unusual behaviour of the jetstream, scientists believe.

The jetstream is the high-altitude wind that circles the globe from west to east and normally pushes a series of wet but mild Atlantic lows across Britain.

But meteorologists who study the phenomenon say that it is producing unusual holding patterns which keep weather systems in one place and produce freak conditions.

You can see per the below graphs the difference between what’s going on now vs. what is normally going on.

A graph for 24 - 30th July which shows a succession of meanders along the jet stream, with a northward meander (ridge of high pressure) over the Atlantic, a southward meander (trough of low pressure) over Europe. Here the jet splits, around a large 'blocking' anticyclone over western Russia. On the eastern side of this anticyclone, air moves into the southward meander (trough) close to Pakistan from quite far north

A graph from the same period over a number of years shows what scientists would normally expect over this period with calmer winds and fewer ‘trapped’ weather patterns

Why do we keep getting all this alarmist news from the mainstream media? Do they have their pensions vested in carbon trading schemes? I still find it rather incredible that you hear little or nothing about the record-setting cold in South America this year.

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“Sex Poodle” Investigtion Dropped

Al “Sex Poodle” Gore must be very relieved that the investigation of his alleged attempted “humpty-dumpty” with a local masseuse has been dropped due to insufficient evident.

Al was accused of trying to get fresh with her way back in 2006. Perhaps that global warming in his pants just got too hot?

There’s other accusations floating around, we’ll have to wait and see what goes on with those.

Until then, Al, I’d suggest that next time you call a masseuse you might consider applying an ice pack to your crotch to cool that global warming off before she arrives.

If you want to read all the “Gore”y details the Source: Washington Post

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09-10 Snow NOT Global Warming Caused

It's weather silly, not AGW!

Global Warming Oops!  I remember reading various “warmer” websites and/or comments touting all the snow in the UK and the US Northeast in the winter of 2009-2010 as being caused by global warming.

If you want to read about what kind of BS and see a video of what kind of BS I’m talking about you can go to the “warmer” site Climate Progress and read the article here, that was posted on February 10, 2020. To get an idea of the alarmism going on about it you can read the below quote from MSLSD’s Dylan Ratigan.

Here’s the problem – these ‘snowpocalypses’ that have been going through DC and other extreme weather events are precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, fearing and anticipating because of global warming.

Need I say more about the claims of “precisely what climate scientists have been predicting?”  Well it seems we do indeed have more on that subject from the “warmer” site named the New York Times’ Dot Earth blog.

To give them credit where credit is due, at least they had the guts to put this up even though it’s contrary to the “warmer” belief system that many of their readers probably practice.  The article is titled “Clashing pacific and Atlantic Patterns Shaped Super Snows.” Note this was not a “snowpocalypse” or “snomageddon” nor was it global warming. They cite a post from the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (link) that refutes any claim that all the bad weather last winter was global warming caused.  To quote the first paragraph of the article…….

The memory of last winter’s blizzards may be fading in this summer’s searing heat, but scientists studying them have detected a perfect storm of converging weather patterns that had little relation to climate change. The extraordinarily cold, snowy weather that hit parts of the U.S. East Coast and Europe was the result of a collision of two periodic weather patterns in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, a new study in the journal Geophysical Research Letters finds.

There’s a link to the study at Geophysical Research Letters in the quote if you want to read it, or you can click here.

Please note this was indeed weather and not caused by global warming. It was the “perfect storm” just like what happened in the movie by the same name. Weather…weather…weather!

Just more proof that the “warmers” will tout anything and everything as being global warming caused or that it will cause global warming. I cant’ wait to see the reaction to this study.  They’ll probably blame the study on global warming.

Source: New York Times Dot Earth

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New Low: Global Warming Causes Mexicans

So National Geographic appears to have hit the new low in the “fill in the blank” is caused by global warming race. Now global warming causes Mexicans to illegally enter the United States. That’s what I call frigging amazing!

Yes Mexicans! I never thought I’d see it but now race has entered into the global warming debate. It’s like “EEK! We’re going to have between 1.4 to 6.7 million more Mexicans.  They can’t even get the amount right, they’re computer model must be real high quality.

I mean we’ve had global warming causing more Cane Toads, more Poison Ivy, dead Polar Bears, melting glaciers by 2035, etc.,  but now we’re really hitting a new low with Mexicans.

According to National Geographic……

According a new computer model, a total of nearly seven million additional Mexicans could emigrate to the U.S. by 2080 as a result of reduced crop yields brought about by a hotter, drier climate—assuming other factors influencing immigration remain unchanged.

Can’ you believe the BS? Computer model means garbage in garbage out, or in this case Mexicans out Mexicans in. Then we get the old “assuming” that comes from the base word “assume” which according to the old and correct adage meane it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

It is more interesting that they only cherry-pick the data from 1995 through 2005. Ummmmm….what about 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010? Could these years have been conveniently eliminated because due to the sucking economy the amount of illegal Mexicans coming to the US has dropped recently?

The claim that reduced crop yield is causing this “trend” picked up on by computer models. Does National Geographic live in a cave nowadays with no communication to the real world? What about the fact you have a massively corrupt government? That drug dealers about run the country? That the poor there have virtually no chance at making it? I guess National Geographic’s computer models ignore some obvious basic facts about Mexico.  I guess they must think the whole country is like the last resort they stayed at in Cancun.

There’s more commentary on this showing that the reality is that they’re clueless. That their computer models are bullshit.

Barry Smit, a climate-impact scientist at the University of Guelph in Canada, agreed.

“I wouldn’t take these numbers to the bank,” said Smit, who also wasn’t involved in the research, which is published in this week’s issue of the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To reach their conclusions, the authors had to make some “heroic assumptions,” Smit said, such as that the current economic and political situations of the U.S. and Mexico won’t change for decades.

No “bank” would take those numbers! I think one could translate the word “heroic” to more like “science fiction.” Then there’s that “assumptions” word again. Make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

One of the co-authors even realizes this study is a piece of crap by making the following comment.

“This is the first time anybody’s built a model to do this,” Oppenheimer said. “It’s a simplification, and there are a lot of assumptions, but it’s the start of a learning process.

Oh my yes, “first time” and “learning process” means they have no clue what’s gong on, but it gets publicised in a science journal and then the boneheads at National Geographic pick up on it because it’s more global warming scare-a-rama to get the public on the “warmer” side of the fence.

They even present the argument that we should help Mexico adapt to global warming.  WTF? Mexico is a shit-hole, the drug dealers run the place, not the government. The government is corrupt. There is no hope for the average person. I don’t blame them for wanting to live someplace else.

Talk about a total crock of shit, this article is it. It’s a new low on trying to scare people about global warming.  Talk about timing.  Don’t you think it’s very convenient indeed that his article pops out of the woodwork about the same time we have all this stuff going on in Arizona about illegal aliens and their new law?

Let’s make sure we get everyone all upset that we’re going to have more Mexicans running about because of global warming so we’ll all cow-tow and pay all these carbon taxes and make Al Gore and his buddies rich.

This has to be the biggest load about global warming thus far. National Geographic should be ashamed for publishing this. But let’s not miss any chance to get everyone on the global warming side of things, no matter how ridiculous, insulting or racist.

Source: National Geographic

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So,where’s all the hurricanes?

The Atlantic hurricane season began June 1, 2010 and runs until November 30, 2010. We’re 54 days into the season with not much happening.

Thus far, according to the National Hurricane Center we’ve had one hurricane (Alex), one named tropical storm  (Bonnie, which just fizzled out and apparently hasn’t caused any big problems for the Gulf oil spill like the media have been screaming), and one unnamed tropical depression (Tropical Depression Two).

This prompts my question “So, where’s all the hurricanes?” Normally I don’t think I would care all that much about how many hurricanes but for the predictions made earlier this year by Colorado State University and NOAA. Since we’ve had all the wild predictions about global warming causing more hurricanes, I’ve become interested.

From Colorado State University we got…..

They predict that 15 named tropical storms will form in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico this year, of which 8 will become hurricanes. And of those eight, four are expected to be major hurricanes — Categories 3, 4 or 5 — with maximum wind speeds of 111 mph or greater.

From NOAA we got…..

The federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationcalled for an “active” to “extremely active” hurricane season this year. They predict anywhere from 14 to 23 named storms will form in the Atlantic Basin. Of those named storms, eight to 14 should become hurricanes, including three to seven “major” hurricanes with wind speeds above 111 mph.

They’ve never predicted a more prolific Atlantic hurricane season. So far their predictions don’t seem to be coming true.  I know we have awhile until hurricane season is over and things could change, but we’re certainly not off to a very good start prediction-wise.

Let’s see how CSU’s record stands for the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season.

As of June, 2009 they predicted 11 named storms, 5 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes  as you can see from the below originating with this PDF from CSU.

What we actually had in 2009, per NOAA here,  was 2 tropical depressions, 6 tropical storms and 3 hurricanes, you can see the storm track chart below.

So what did NOAA predict for the 20o9 Atlantic hurricane season?  You can see the below from their website here.

You can see for yourself their record for 2009 and make your own judgement.

I’m not going to predict anything, as I fail to see how you can do more than make an educated guess, regardless if you’re a scientist or not.  I remember most of my life complaining that being a weatherman was one of the few, if only professions where you can screw-up with regularity and still get your paycheck every week. Most of my life weather accuracy hasn’t been that important to me.

The shrill forecasts of global warming causing increased and larger hurricanes has stepped up the importance of their accuracy to me.  I now watch and wonder if they’re forecasts will be correct or not.

I do suppose that no matter what happens this Atlantic hurricane season, the “warmers” will be saying it’s caused by global warming.  Everything is, you know.

Sources: USA Today, NOAA, Colorado State University, CNN

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John Kerry the New Al Gore

The new Al Gore

Wow, I’m impressed, John Kerry, the ultimate “climatologist.” Who wouldathunkit.  So what’s so impressive about the man who got shot in the ass in Vietnam? Well………that bullet may have actually hit his brain.  You won’t believe this one, but here it is courtesy of CNS News.

Speaking at a town hall-style meeting promoting climate change legislation on Thursday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) predicted there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in “five or 10 years.”

“The arctic ice is disappearing faster than was predicted,” Kerry said. “And instead of waiting until 2030 or whenever it was to have an ice-free Arctic, we’re going to have one in five or 10 years.”

5 or 10 years? Very interesting indeed!  Are we talking Earth years? Or, perhaps years on Pluto? Even NOAA isn’t that retarded.

However, the Web site of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says: “Using the observed 2007/2008 summer sea ice extents as a starting point, computer models predict that the Arctic could be nearly sea ice-free in summertime within 30 years.”

At least they give it 30 years. So where does Kerry get this information from?

NSNews.com called Sen. Kerry’s office on Thursday to ask for the source of the senator’s assertion that there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in five to ten years. The office directed CNSNews.com to contact Kerry press secretary Whitney Smith by email. Smith did not respond to repeated emails asking the source for Kerry’s assertion about the Arctic ice

I bet I know….it’s called a brain-fart.  Or, perhaps he OD’ed on too much Heinz 57? Want to see another one?

In his talk on Thursday, Kerry said environmental degradation is happening faster than previously anticipated

Did he mean to say mental degradation?

“The Audubon Society – not exactly, you know, an ideological entity on the right or the left or wherever in America – has reported that its members are reporting a hundred-mile swath in the United States of America where plants, shrubs, trees, flowers – things that used to grow — don’t grow any more,” Kerry said.

Oh? Where is this? No comment? I Googled it, but I don’t see any 100 mile swath in the United States.  Is this a 100 mile swath like 100 miles wide that goes from the Canadian Border to Mexico? Or, does it go from the East to West coasts? Or, is it 100 miles long and 10 inches wide? I’d like to know. Or, could he be referring to Death Valley? It’s about 100 miles long and not  much grows there.

I wonder if Murmansk will have a yacht harbor where he can park his new yacht and save $400,000 dollars like he just did by putting it in Newport, Rhode Island? Will he get a sudden urge for a masseuse or four?

Well, I for one am waiting for the announcement that Mr. Kerry will be next years recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  I mean if they gave one to the IPCC  and Al Gore, then they should certainly give one to John Kerry, who actually makes the IPCC and AL look smart after this statement. Which actually is something I would have thought impossible, until today.

Source: CNS News

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Is Gore Smarter than a 4th Grader? Found to be fake!

Update: UPDATE: This was found to be a fake so it’s noted as such.  I did note this in the blog, but that wasn’t backed up from Blogetery, so I’m noting it as such here.

Well it seems this might be a case of life imitates TV.  They have that show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” it seems that we now have a real case of a 4th grader being smarter than Al Gore.  Per this article from MySouTex.com you can see why.

R.A. Hall Elementary School fourth-grader Julisa Castillo has been named junior division champion for the 2010 National Science Fair.

Her project, “Disproving Global Warming,” beat more than 50,000 other projects submitted by students from all over the U.S.

Julisa originally entered her project in her school science fair before sending it to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be judged at the national level.

Now I’d say that’s pretty darn good for a 4th grader, probably would be pretty amazing if most adults could do all that.

The NSF panel of judges included former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, 14 recipients of the President’s National Medal of Science, and four former astronauts.

“Before she sent it off, she just had to add more details, citations for her research, and the amount of hours she spent working on it,” said Julisa’s father, J.R. Castillo.

In addition to a plaque, trophy and medal, Julisa has won an all-expenses-paid trip to Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., which she plans to attend this summer.

Poor Al…….outsmarted by a 4th grader.  Sometimes truth is not only stranger than fiction it’s better.

Like the saying goes “You go girl!”

Source: MySouTex.com


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Maldives Not The Next Atlantis

Al Gore's Home in 20,000 Years?

Sorry to disappoint everyone but the Maldives aren’t sinking and won’t be underwater anytime soon, and shouldn’t get one damn penny of money under the guise of “we’re a poor little country suffering from anthropogenic global warming and all you big rich countries need to deposit money in our national treasury so we can get filthy rich, buy mansions, new Rolls Royce’s and have hookers 24 x 7 oops, I mean so we can fight this massive sea-level rise from global warming that will soon have my house under water.”

Here’s the reality of the situation in an open letter from Nils-Axel Mörner (a sea-level specialist) to the President of the Maldives, who’s been squawking like a baby buzzard waiting for its mommy to feed it some putrid dead rat meat.

Open Letter

October 20, 2009

To: President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives

From: Nils-Axel Mörner, Stockholm, Sweden

Mr. President,

You have recently held an undersea Cabinet meeting to raise awareness of the idea that global sea level is rising and hence threatens to drown the Maldives. This proposition is not founded in observational facts and true scientific judgments.

Therefore, I am most surprised at your action and must protest its intended message.

In 2001, when our research group found overwhelming evidence that sea level was by no means in a rising mode in the Maldives, but had remained quite stable for the last 30 years, I thought it would not be respectful to the fine people of the Maldives if I were to return home and present our results in international fora. Therefore, I announced this happy news during an interview for your local TV station. However, your predecessor as president censored and stopped the broadcast.

When you became president, I was hoping both for democracy and for dialogue. However, I have written to you twice without reply. Your people ought not to have to suffer a constant claim that there is no future for them on their own islands. This terrible message is deeply inappropriate, since it is founded not upon reality but upon an imported concept, which lacks scientific justification and is thus untenable. There is simply no rational basis for it.

Let me summarize a few facts.

(1) In the last 2000 years, sea level has oscillated with 5 peaks reaching 0.6 to 1.2 m above the present sea level.

(2) From 1790 to 1970 sea level was about 20 cm higher than today

(3) In the 1970s, sea level fell by about 20 cm to its present level

(4) Sea level has remained stable for the last 30 years, implying that there are no traces of any alarming on-going sea level rise.

(5) Therefore, we are able to free the Maldives (and the rest of low-lying coasts and island around the globe) from the condemnation of becoming flooded in the near future.

When I was president for the INQUA commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, we spent much effort on the question of present-to-future sea level changes. After intensive field studies, deliberation within the commission and discussions at five international meetings, we agreed on a “best estimate” for possible sea level changes by the year 2100. Our figure was +10 cm ±10 cm. This figure was later revised at +5 cm ±15cm (as given in Fig. 1). Such changes would imply small to negligible effects.

Such a small rise would pose no threat for the Maldives. Rather, it would be a natural return to the conditions existing from 1790 to 1970; i.e. to the position before the sea level fall in the 1970s.

So, Mr. President, when you ignore available observational facts, refuse a normal democratic dialogue, and continue to menace your people with the imaginary threat of a disastrous flooding already in progress, I think you are doing a serious mistake.

Let us, for Heaven’s sake, lift the terrible psychological burden that you and your predecessor have placed upon the shoulders of all people in the Maldives, who are now living with the imagined threat that flooding will soon drive them from their homes, a wholly false notion that is nothing but an armchair fiction artificially constructed by mere computer modeling constantly proven wrong by meticulous real-world observations.

Your cabinet meeting under the water is nothing but a misdirected gimmick or PR stunt. Al Gore is a master in such cheap techniques. But such misconduct is dishonest, unproductive and certainly most un-scientific.

Nils-Axel Mörner

Head of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University, Sweden (1991-2005); President of the INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution (1999-2003); Leader of the Maldives Sea Level Project (2000 on); Chairman of the INTAS project on Geomagnetism and Climate (1997-2003).

Source: Financial Post

Sounds to me like they need to find a new schtick to get some of that money they’re so greedy for.

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