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UN Spends $288,700 per green job


The UN - Ripping off the world since 1945


If this isn’t a good reason for the United States to quit sending money to the United Nations then I don’t know what is. According to Fox News they spent and astounding $288,700 per green job. Yes, that’s not a typo it’s two-hundred-eighty-eight thousand seven-hundred dollars for one job. While the UN claims less, this is what Fox has to say……

But according to documentation obtained by Fox News, the projects that generated those jobs have a total cost of about $1.68 billion—which would work out to a much more staggering average figure of about $288,700 per job.

I won’t spoil Fox’s fun so you can go to the source below and read all the sordid details. Why do we keep funding these crooks? Especially since we have an estimated deficit in 2011 of $1.5 trillion dollars. I say boot the UN out of New York and sell the property to Donald Trump so he can develop it into something that does something besides house a building full of useless bureaucrats.

Source: Fox News



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