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Atlasgate: Global warming error? Or was it deliberate?

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 13th edition

Hmmm….another inconvenient error? Or did the Times deliberately embellish how much ice is missing in Greenland?

Publishers of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World scrambled Tuesday to correct a controversial statement that Greenland had lost 15 percent of its permanent ice cover over the last 12 years.

That’s an awful lot of missing bullshit I mean ice. So how much was really lost? Oh only a ‘whopping’ 0.1 percent or so. Just a ‘minor’ difference, eh? It gets better. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

“The conclusion that was drawn from this, that 15 percent of Greenland’s once permanent ice cover has melted away, was highlighted in the press release, not in the Atlas itself,” HarpersCollins said in a statement. “This was done without consulting the scientific community and was incorrect.

OK, sounds good on the face of it. We get the old we screwed up  and we’re sorry.  But, it gets even better.

Maintaining the accuracy of the new maps though, may not be enough. When comparing the maps to recent satellite images Christofferson and his team found “numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands.”

You decide! Do you think perhaps someone in the chain of publishing this atlas is a warmer who decided to put some propaganda out and got busted? Or, was it an honest mistake?

Source: Fox News

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NASA designs new weapon for ICE Agents in Mexico


The latest technolgy from NASA?


Even after two unarmed ICE Agents in Mexico were murdered because they are left defenseless by government edict, Obama and Big Sis (Janet Napolitano) still do not want them to be armed. This is what I call a big fail!

This morning we had another failed satellite launch by NASA, that no doubt cost hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars, another bug fail!

I do not know who came up with this as I found it on Craigslist Rant & Raves, but it seems to me that based on the aforementioned, this just could be the latest in weaponry for ICE Agents in Mexico.  It seems logical to assume NASA may have invented this and it also seems logical to assume that Big Sis and Obama heartily approve of it.

Personally, regardless of what you think about Homeland Security or ICE, there are brave men and women going to Mexico unarmed. I find this rather appalling to say the least and I sincerely hope that the people in charge see the light and either start arming these agents or quit sending them to Mexico until the Mexican government relents. We’re sending these people to help them, not to start a revolution, or to usurp their authority. These people should be allowed be armed for self-protection – period.

Now, this is all just an educated guess, but if you connect the dots it makes sense to me anyway. More CO2 Insanity, minus the CO2.

Source: Craigslist Rants & Raves, San Francisco


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U.S. Winter 2010-2011 Global Warming Tally

Ice Falls from Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Stadium

I was looking at the Weather Channel this morning to see what the weather in Dallas, Texas will be for the Superbowl when I caught 2010-2011 Winter Seasonal Snow Totals to the right of the forecast. I appears that we have a lot more Global Warming this winter than even Al Gore dreamed of. Here’s a few so you can see what I’m talking about.

2010-11 Snowfall
Seasonal Average
88.0 inches
32.5 inches (+ 55.5 inches)
125.6 inches
71.3 inches (+ 54.3 inches)
80.6 inches
26.7 inches (+ 53.9 inches)
63.3 inches
13.6 inches (+ 49.7 inches)
70.7 inches
22.7 inches (+ 48.0 inches)
57.7 inches
12.0 inches (+ 45.7 inches)
56.4 inches
13.7 inches (+ 42.7 inches)
74.6 inches
33.6 inches (+ 41.0 inches)
92.1 inches
52.7 inches (+ 39.4 inches)

Based on Al and other warmers theories, this is all caused by global warming, which is an amazing after-the-fact prediction if I ever saw one.

I suppose this summer when it’s 110 in the shade in Dallas that will be global warming caused, too.  Or, if it doesn’t get hot enough this summer that will be global warming caused. All events will be predicted post-event as is normal with the warmers these days.

You can see how much global warming fell on other cities in the country at the source below.

Source: The Weather Channel

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Russians Bomb Global Warming

Russian JetRussia has such an abundant amount of Global Warming they have to bomb it.  Per this article on Monsters and Critics their rivers are so frozen they have to bomb them to free the ice up and prevent flooding.

Moscow – Russian military jets are waging war against an unusual enemy – ice.

A total of 15 Sukhoi fighter planes and Mi-8 combat helicopters have been deployed to bomb ice blocking rivers in Siberia and far Eastern regions to prevent flooding, defence spokesman Vladimir Drik told the state-run Ria Nowosti news agency Wednesday.

I wonder if Comrade Gore was over there?  Seems every place he goes gets record snow levels.

Source: Monsters and Critics

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