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Thousands Rally in Australia to Demonstrate Against Carbon Tax

By: John O’Sullivan

A concerted Australian grassroots campaign holds rallies in six major cities to protest the imposition of climate change taxes and demand new election.

Thousands of protestors are challenging Prime Minister, Julia Gillard’s, “undemocratic” climate policies demanding either an immediate election or that her government drops all such proposals. They say imposing the taxes would be a betrayal of democratic principles because Gillard was elected with no mandate to raise any such taxes.

Speaking at the event will be leading MPs and scientists opposed to climate taxes. In response one Government Minister (Albanese) labeled the rally participants as ‘ratbags.’

A press release by organizer, Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition (March 23, 2011) announces that 22 diverse associations representing tens of thousands of Aussies will put the Gillard government’s environmental tax policies to the test. The Carbon Sense Coalition claims “thousands of Australians all over the country have signed a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard opposing the carbon tax.”

Skeptics say the government is wrongly basing its decisions on the discredited science of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Climate Taxes Will Achieve Little or No Impact

Forbes adds:

“This tax on carbon dioxide will have no effect whatsoever on global climate, little effect on the production of carbon dioxide but a large effect on the cost of living and job prospects for Australians. This is merely a wealth redistribution scheme where most of the wealth will be consumed on compliance, regulation, red tape, subsidies and price supports for the Climate Change Industry.”

Protesters say any such tax would hurt the Australian economy and gravely impact families, imposing an additional $300 a year on household energy bills. Australia produces only one percent of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and, based on IPCC calculations, such a tax levied for 50 years will reduce global temperatures by an indiscernible 0.015 degrees centigrade and 2mm rise in sea levels.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Faces Protests - Adam Carr

Negative public opinion polls also appear to be linked to the growing number of embarrassing revelations undermining the credibility of the IPCC for using dubious non-peer reviewed findings.

Disillusionment in the greenhouse gas theory of climate change is increasing among independent non-government funded scientists. Carbon dioxide is a so-called greenhouse gas and comprises just 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. Environmentalists and leaders of some the world’s wealthiest nations championed the greenhouse gas theory as a promising vehicle for cap and trade green taxes.

No Discernible Human Influence on Climate

Aussie climate skeptics such as Malcolm Roberts, have been at the forefront of promoting science that discredits the IPCC claims. Roberts published his own lucid rebuttal of the man-made global warming theory with, ‘Two Dead Elephants in Parliament.’

Roberts drew attention to the IPCC’s Table 2.11 (2007) that reveals by the IPCC’s own admission, it has ‘low’ or ‘very low’ understanding of 80 percent of all factors impacting climate.

In their Third Report the IPCC claimed that as CO2 levels increased then global temperatures would increase. However, since 1998, despite unending rises in atmospheric CO2, global temperatures have fallen.

On such evidence, along with other arguments, the protesters say there is no compelling reason to show human emissions of carbon dioxide is causing any climate change. Thus the imposition of climate taxes is both scientifically unjustified and impacts negatively on economic freedom.

Wide Cross Section of Society Against the New Tax

Organizers claim these are gatherings of Australian citizens with a peaceful demonstration message. There are no projected figures of the expected turnout but interest has been considerable according to the Consumers and Taxpayers Association. They say they had over 100,000 hits on their website within the two weeks leading up to the rally.

The cities involved in the ‘No Carbon Tax’ protest are Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The six rallies are expected to comprise many representatives of diverse groups including “Young Australians, Working Families, Students, Workers, Small Business Owners and Senior Citizens.”

Source: John O’ Sullivan

You can read my Co2 Insanity take on this here.


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Australia: Classic – let someone else pay for the CO2 tax


Will bribing the poor will get Australian PM Julia Gillard her carbon tax approval?


What better way for a politician to connive voter approval on a new carbon tax than to let some groups think that they won’t pay for it, someone else will? That is a classic way liberals get voter approval by making the voters think that if you vote for this tax, you will not pay for it because some company or some rich guys will get stuck with the bill, but not you. It appears that the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, has added another dimension to that classic con by stating that some voters will even get someone else’s money back into their bank accounts! What a great way to get votes – hand out free money and they’ll rubber stamp whatever BS you come up with!

Gillard seems to be grasping at ways to get those carbon taxes going so the government has more money to blow on the typical useless crap governments blow money on, like those extravagant salaries, healthcare plans and golden retirement packages, not to mention things like studies on the sex life of the Tufted 3 Tit Bush Mouse and a myriad of other ‘important things’ that are usually a gigantic waste of your tax-dollars. What better thing to tax than that evil global warming causing carbon that’s going to kill us all? After all, we only need an impossible to attain $700 trillion dollars to lower the temperature of the globe by a whopping 1 degree.

In a fit of what I’d term a liberal Ponzi Scheme, Gillard wants to tax carbon to the tune of $5.78 billion and then use those misappropriated funds to bribe people into being on her side of the global warming taxation fence. This will get her a higher approval rating not to mention it will assist her in not getting tossed out on her head like her predecessor Kevin Rudd did. So, who’s she going to bribe? Well from the article at The Australian, we get these little snippets.

Ms Gillard said welfare recipients, who pay little or no tax, would not be ignored in the climate compensation package.

“We do need to remember, not everyone who is going to be in need of assistance is in the workforce. We’ve got around four million pensioners. So we’re talking about a balance here across the tax and transfer system.”

Ahh yes, there you have it, let’s get the poor people on our side by telling them they will be the benefactors of our giant Ponzi Scheme that will be used by the Australian government as a wealth redistribution program, which is what the real goal is anyway. If you are a corporation, or have money, you’ll be paying more for your supplies, food, fuel, heat, electricity, cars, tools, and anything else you care to name due to carbon taxes that are allegedly to save the planet from CO2. If you’re poor we’ll take care of you! As long as you vote for us you will not only get lower taxes, but free money, too! Just check the box next to ‘Yes, I want free money!’

If you’re on welfare or if you’re a pensioner with low-income, the government needs your support and what better way than to dangle dollar bills in front of them to get it?  Robin Hood could certainly be proud of Gillard for her latest ‘rob the rich, give to the poor’ scheme that is designed to screw their citizens out of more money and simultaneously get votes for her and her party, all while doing absolutely nothing to save the planet.

This is nothing other than more CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Australian



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