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Fartgate: Cow farts measured incorrectly!

OK, you know I’ve been waiting for this one. Fartgate! The malodorous scandal! Just when you thought the warmers couldn’t possibly get any nuttier, we get this one from the Daily Exchange titled “Cows’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measured Inaccurately, Study Finds.”

It was bad enough when we found they were trying to measure cow farts, now we find out that they measured the cow farts incorrectly. I’m still trying to get that one past my brain. For some silly reason every time I think about a scientist measuring cow farts I imagine a scientist in a white lab coat sitting on a stool behind a cow and taking in a good whiff every time the cow farts and making notes upon a chart on a clipboard.


Thar she blows!


Actually they use mathematics. Thank GOD those poor scientists don’t have to do that! It would be an udderly ridiculous job indeed!

Mathematical equations used in predicting cows’ methane emissions are inaccurate and need improvement to help dairy farmers mitigate greenhouse gas releases, says a new study by a research team including scientists from the University of Guelph.

The study, co-authored by Canadian and Dutch scientists, appears this month in the journal Global Change Biology.

But wait, it’s not just some scientist like Einstein writing long mathematical formulas on a chalkboard. It seems we have those “computer models” going again, you know, the garbage in garbage out ones where some scientists “conveniently” arrive at a conclusion and then feed in data to ensure the “computer model” arrives at that very same conclusion……

These researchers used data from studies in Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to assess how well widely used equations predicted methane production. They found that nine equations used in whole farm greenhouse gas models over- or underestimate cows’ methane emissions.

Uh oh! We even have the IPCC in on this, which should tell you the accuracy level probably sucks to say the least…..

For example, the equation currently used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change fails to distinguish the effects of simply feeding cows more from feeding them higher-fat diets. “A higher feed intake will increase methane production. A rise in dietary fat content will decrease methane production,” said Ellis, who has begun a post-doc at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Well, based upon this information I’d say the proper solution is to get Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the IPCC, give him a lab coat, and let him sit behind cows for the next few years smelling cow farts and trying to ascertain their impact upon non-existent anthropogenic global warming. It certainly couldn’t be any worse than their computer models are.

The thought makes my eyes water.

Source: Daily Exchange

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Beef! It's what's for dinner!

beeffordinner_f2You no longer have to switch to a diet of tofu and seaweed to save the environment from that nasty old CO2 and methane.  The Daily Mail Online reports in this article that…

Calls to save the planet by eating less meat are based on an exaggerated UN report linking livestock to global warming, according to an analysis of the study.

Sounds like the UN got it wrong again…..hmmmm….big surprise…

Dr Mitloehner says meat and milk production generates less greenhouse gas than most environmentalists claim – and highlights the source of confusion as a report from the UN.

The good Doctor points this out…

Dr Mitloehner, of the University of California, says the misleading claims emanate from a 2006 UN report which said livestock was ‘responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions’. ‘This is a higher share than transport,’ it added.

The figure was picked up and recycled by ‘eat less meat’ campaigners all over the world. But according to Dr Mitloehner the claim is inaccurate and ‘unscientific’ because the numbers for livestock were calculated differently from the transport figures, resulting in what he describes as an ‘apples-and- oranges analogy that truly confused the issue’.

Yes the cows do fart….but it ain’t THAT bad (unless you happen to be behind one when it cuts loose!)

He says there is no doubt that livestock are major producers of methane – a potent greenhouse gas.  But he argues that the focus of tackling climate change should be on ‘smarter farming’, not less farming.

The UN should claim a “mulligan” on their report and start anew.  Hmmmm should I go to In and Out?  Or, Burger King?

Source:  The Daily Mail Online

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Tundra Melting? Not!

TundraC3 reports that the tundra isn’t melting.  Methane will not be coming to an atmoshphere near you anytime soon!  Why?

Turns out that Arctic warming encourages growth of vegetation, especially dense, ground covering shrubs, which cause the ground to be shaded (go figure). As a result, the permafrost does not thaw as expected and large amounts of greenhouse gases are not released.  Voilà, a natural negative feedback!

You can read the whole thing here.  Poor Chicken Little…the sky is not falling!

Source: C3 Headlines

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"Beyond Doubt?"

Dr.-Megan-ClarkABC News in Australia reports here that CISRO says “Climatge chage is beyond doubt.”

The head of the CSIRO, Dr Megan Clark, says the evidence of global warming is unquestionable, and in Australia it is backed by years of robust research.

“Unquestionable?” ” Beyond doubt?”  Sounds pretty convincing, but I’m not biting.

“We know two things. We know that our CO2 has never risen so quickly. We are now starting to see CO2 and methane in the atmosphere at levels that we just haven’t seen for the past 800,000 years, possibly even 20 million years,” she said.

So, she only knows two things but she’s a know-it-all?  Here is a chart from Junk Science.com, you can again judge for yourself whether it’s reality or CO2 inasnity.  Looks like a downward trend to me.

Source: ABC News Australia

Frankly I think she’s basing her opinon on hysterical data and not historical data.

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