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More jobs leaving California for Mexico

The election is barely over and we already have jobs leaving California, and more jobs being terminated in spite of how “wonderful” AB32 is supposed to be for crating those green jobs. The pro Prop 23 crowd has been telling everyone that that the green jobs it may create will pale in comparison to other jobs it will cost, but it’s obvious a significant number of voters decided to believe in the green fantasy and ignore fact and common sense.

Again, mere days after the election, we have a new one to tell you about that may cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in California and perhaps some elsewhere. Not those green jobs, but regular jobs, held by blue-collar workers who will soon be in the unemployment line. Truckers and longshoremen will be taking it in the shorts because their California jobs will be heading to Mexico! Ever heard of Punta Colonet, Baja California, Mexico? From their own blog please read the following……


Jose Rubio Soto, Mexico’s Executive Coordinator of the Punta Colonet Multimodal Project, said yesterday that planning for the mega-port 130 miles south of Ensenada is completed, and construction will begin in 2011. Bids will be accepted in the first quarter of 2011. Speaking at a Tijuana Innovation forum, he said the project is Mexico’s #1 infrastructure initiative, and that 19 companies have expressed interest in bidding on its construction and operation. Depending on the final design that is selected, he said the cost could reach five billion dollars. The port is expected to handle six million containers per year, mostly from Asia and destined for the U.S. and Canada; a new rail line will connect the mega-port with a U.S. trans-shipping center. The project involves 33,000 hectares plus 9,000 in reserve, and envisions port services areas as well as industrial, residential and business zones.

Juan Molinar, head of Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Secretariat, in an interview yesterday, confirmed that improvement in the global economic environment has convinced his government to move ahead with the long-delayed Punta Colonet project. He said the tender for construction bids will be launched soon, and the project will be “scalable”, meaning it will be built in stages, growing over several years to its ultimate capacity of six million containers/year.

Now why would they want to put a mega-port in Baja, California, Mexico? The costs are much lower and there are far fewer regulations like AB32 to deal with. People in Mexico get paid significantly less than in California. No unions, no benefits, no overpriced worker’s comp, no pollution control laws, cheap land, cheap housing and bureaucrats who can usually be taken care of with a little mordita, make it all the better.

The steamship lines, truckers, railroads and shippers won’t have to put up with AB32 and CARB  (the California Air Resources Board). They won’t need to deal with an agency that has no compunction about lying by using phony Ph.D’s and inflating diesel emissions by 340%? They won’t have to deal with regulations that require diesel trucks to not idle for more than 5 minutes and they won’t have to hook their ships up to onshore energy while in port. The first onshore power unit recently installed in San Francisco cost $5.2 million, not cheap and many more need to be installed. Something else not required in Mexico no doubt.

Thousands of truckers going to/from ports with older diesels now have to retrofit them to reduce pollution at a cost of about $20,000 per truck, or buy a newer diesel truck that meet their emissions criteria. If they don’t they’re banned from the port. The Mexican truckers won’t have to put up with that, thus keeping the costs of trucking down.

California has even gone so far as to try to tell the railroads what to do about idling trains, but were shot down in Federal court on the basis of interstate commerce law. Had they not been shot down this would have again increased costs to the railroads, which we all know will get passed on to consumers in the end, not only in California, but elsewhere in the US.

Now that we’re stuck with AB32, south of the border down Mexico way is looking pretty good right now to the steamship lines, not to mention other businesses. Soon more and more  jobs will be leaving California, you can bet on it. NAFTA will allow the Mexicans to transport it across the border to hook up with US truckers and rail, avoiding the costs associated with the California ports and regulations. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mexicans avoid California totally and import into the US via Arizona or New Mexico.

The rich guys like Schwarzenegger, Cameron and Styer who promoted this, will merely move to greener pastures, leaving Californians stuck with the results of their vanity and greed. Those jobs that AB32 was supposed to provide will either be in another state, Mexico or offshore. While California might end up with cleaner air, the populace won’t have jobs, money, or food so it will be moot.

If you want an idea of the magnitude here are some pertinent facts about the ports of Oakland, Long Beach and Los Angeles:

  • The Port of Los Angeles 1st busiest port in the United States; 16th busiest in the world, 6th busiest in the world when combined with the neighboring Port of Long Beach
  • 80 shipping lines call at the port of LA
  • 2,179 vessels dock there per year
  • The port is responsible for 1.4 million jobs in California, 3.3 million jobs in the United States, $58.7 billion in California trade value, $240.4 billion in US trade value, $5.1 billion in state tax revenue and #21.5 billion in federal tax revenue
  • The port of Oakland claims nearly 200,000 jobs are related to cargo movement there
  • The Port of Oakland is the 4th largest container port in the United States and 20th in the world

I can’t say that Mexico will steal off of this, but money talks, green BS walks. There will probably be a lot of jobs heading south of the border forever.

More CO2 Insanity!

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New Low: Global Warming Causes Mexicans

So National Geographic appears to have hit the new low in the “fill in the blank” is caused by global warming race. Now global warming causes Mexicans to illegally enter the United States. That’s what I call frigging amazing!

Yes Mexicans! I never thought I’d see it but now race has entered into the global warming debate. It’s like “EEK! We’re going to have between 1.4 to 6.7 million more Mexicans.  They can’t even get the amount right, they’re computer model must be real high quality.

I mean we’ve had global warming causing more Cane Toads, more Poison Ivy, dead Polar Bears, melting glaciers by 2035, etc.,  but now we’re really hitting a new low with Mexicans.

According to National Geographic……

According a new computer model, a total of nearly seven million additional Mexicans could emigrate to the U.S. by 2080 as a result of reduced crop yields brought about by a hotter, drier climate—assuming other factors influencing immigration remain unchanged.

Can’ you believe the BS? Computer model means garbage in garbage out, or in this case Mexicans out Mexicans in. Then we get the old “assuming” that comes from the base word “assume” which according to the old and correct adage meane it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

It is more interesting that they only cherry-pick the data from 1995 through 2005. Ummmmm….what about 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010? Could these years have been conveniently eliminated because due to the sucking economy the amount of illegal Mexicans coming to the US has dropped recently?

The claim that reduced crop yield is causing this “trend” picked up on by computer models. Does National Geographic live in a cave nowadays with no communication to the real world? What about the fact you have a massively corrupt government? That drug dealers about run the country? That the poor there have virtually no chance at making it? I guess National Geographic’s computer models ignore some obvious basic facts about Mexico.  I guess they must think the whole country is like the last resort they stayed at in Cancun.

There’s more commentary on this showing that the reality is that they’re clueless. That their computer models are bullshit.

Barry Smit, a climate-impact scientist at the University of Guelph in Canada, agreed.

“I wouldn’t take these numbers to the bank,” said Smit, who also wasn’t involved in the research, which is published in this week’s issue of the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To reach their conclusions, the authors had to make some “heroic assumptions,” Smit said, such as that the current economic and political situations of the U.S. and Mexico won’t change for decades.

No “bank” would take those numbers! I think one could translate the word “heroic” to more like “science fiction.” Then there’s that “assumptions” word again. Make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

One of the co-authors even realizes this study is a piece of crap by making the following comment.

“This is the first time anybody’s built a model to do this,” Oppenheimer said. “It’s a simplification, and there are a lot of assumptions, but it’s the start of a learning process.

Oh my yes, “first time” and “learning process” means they have no clue what’s gong on, but it gets publicised in a science journal and then the boneheads at National Geographic pick up on it because it’s more global warming scare-a-rama to get the public on the “warmer” side of the fence.

They even present the argument that we should help Mexico adapt to global warming.  WTF? Mexico is a shit-hole, the drug dealers run the place, not the government. The government is corrupt. There is no hope for the average person. I don’t blame them for wanting to live someplace else.

Talk about a total crock of shit, this article is it. It’s a new low on trying to scare people about global warming.  Talk about timing.  Don’t you think it’s very convenient indeed that his article pops out of the woodwork about the same time we have all this stuff going on in Arizona about illegal aliens and their new law?

Let’s make sure we get everyone all upset that we’re going to have more Mexicans running about because of global warming so we’ll all cow-tow and pay all these carbon taxes and make Al Gore and his buddies rich.

This has to be the biggest load about global warming thus far. National Geographic should be ashamed for publishing this. But let’s not miss any chance to get everyone on the global warming side of things, no matter how ridiculous, insulting or racist.

Source: National Geographic

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