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Media caught hyping (lying) about science again


We already know the mainstream media lives on hype. They hype global warming on a constant basis and will hype away if some Republican or someone in the Tea Party is accused of doing something wrong. About all they don’t seem to hype is when a Democrat or a warmer gets caught with their finger in the pie, then they either put it on page 12 next to the obituaries or totally ignore it.

We now have more evidence of how they hype and blatantly lie about science. From Science Daily we have an article titled “Oceanic ‘Garbage Patch’ Not Nearly as Big as Portrayed in Media.” “Not nearly” is a gross understatement.

Per Science Daily…..

There is a lot of plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, but claims that the “Great Garbage Patch” between California and Japan is twice the size of Texas are grossly exaggerated, according to an analysis by an Oregon State University scientist.

So how ‘grossly exaggerated’ is it? Well while hyped to be ‘twice the size of Texas’ the reality of the situation is astoundingly less……

The studies have shown is that if you look at the actual area of the plastic itself, rather than the entire North Pacific subtropical gyre, the hypothetically “cohesive” plastic patch is actually less than 1 percent of the geographic size of Texas.

Yes, less than 1% folks. So, let this be a lesson about how the greentards and the mainstream media will lie-lie-lie to get their way by trying to constantly brainwash the public into believing total falsehoods about things like garbage and global warming.

To give you an idea about how gross of a lie this is, Texas is 268,601 square miles, twice this is 537,202 square miles. 1% of the 268,601 actual square miles of Texas is a measly 2,686 square miles. If you subtract the 2,686 from the 537,202 miles they lie about it works out to a gross lie of 534,516 square miles, or, a 20,000 % lie. Yes, 20,000%, not 2%, 20%, 200% or even 2,000%.

Another lie you can read is here, about how the California Air Resources Board inflated diesel emissions by 340% in an attempt to lie to get their way.

I urge you to read the whole article at the source link below. This is yet more greentard alarmism. You can also go to YouTube and search “Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch” and see how much more ‘garbage’ comes up about it that you can watch.

Source: Science Daily


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