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More alarmism:”Salmon decline due to global warming” false!

The Salmon are running in record numbers!

Remember hearing the harping about the salmon declining due to (what else?) global warming? Well, it appears perhaps we have another crock of global warming BS to flush down the toilet. We had this article in 2007 titled “Salmon and Global Warming”  stating…..

From high mountain streams to broad rivers, to estuaries and the ocean, salmon are our “canary in the coalmine,” alerting us to the impact of climate change on the health of our entire ecosystem.

Then we have this one titled “Salmon Decline is a Wakeup Call”  from Seattlepi.com, “conveniently” written by Doug Howell, regional executive director of National Wildlife Federation, Western Natural Resource Center, Seattle, stating things such as…..

First, we must curb greenhouse gas emissions; second, we need to invest in solutions such as reconnecting salmon to high headwater habitats and protecting health flows and cool waters in headwater areas to help those species cope with changes already under way.

The need for action is now. Fortunately, the Western Climate Initiative presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to lead the fight against climate change on both fronts.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions alone will not be enough to save salmon in our region. We must also help them cope with a changing climate. The solutions have been identified, but we need elected leaders to provide the proper investments so they can be implemented.

We even had the below video from YouTube about the “endangered” salmon due to “warmer water.” Sounds like they may be pre-cooked when we catch one from now on doesn’t it?

Well I hate to burst your anthropogenic global warming bubble but it all seems to be more scare-a-rama, designed by the warmers to get you all hot and bothered about global warming.

Here’s one from the Western Institute for Study of the Environment titled “Record Salmon Return Explained” about why we have a sudden resurgence of salmon. You can see from the first quote they even set a new record one day on the number of salmon going up the fish ladders at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River in Oregon. This was posted July 26, 2010.

The Bonneville sockeye counts peaked from June 20-25 when more than 160,000 climbed over the fish ladders. The counts during that period ranged from 25,011 on June 20 to 30,690 on June 24. The latter count is the highest ever, breaking a record set the previous day (30,374).

The record run is “unexpected and hard to explain,” said the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Kathryn Kostow, who also chairs TAC. The committee is made up of federal, state and tribal officials. TAC typically would investigate such “odd events” at season’s end. …

So what’s the deal here? The salmon that were fast disappearing due to global warming are now suddenly returning in record numbers. Mysterious or is there an explanation?

Hard for some people to explain. But the abundantly obvious and evident reason for record salmon runs is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation shift that occurred in 2008, when cool waters replaced warmer waters in the eastern Pacific. Upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water feeds plankton and subsequently the entire food chain, including salmon.

Oh my, the PDO, cooler ocean waters, hmmmmmm, doesn’t sound like that “unprecedented” ocean warming I’ve been reading about, unless you want to count the 600+ degree day in Lake Michigan at Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

Seems the Columbia River isn’t the only place we have record numbers of salmon returning to spawn. Per this article at Yahoo News titled ” Pacific Sockeye Salmon Return in Record Numbers” we get…..

After years of scarcity, the rivers of the US and Canadian Pacific Northwest are running red, literally, with a vast swarm of a salmon species considered to be in crisis.

Sockeye salmon, whose stocks ran perilously low last year, are gushing in record numbers from the Pacific Ocean toward their spawning grounds far inland.

Since mid-August, in a torrent expected to last through early October, sockeye have plunged and leapt up Alaskan streams, massed through the mouth of the mighty Fraser River in Vancouver, and filled Oregon and Washington waterways.

It’s even happening overseas…..

The Columbia River in Oregon has seen “the largest sockeye return since 1938,” he said, while Japan and Russia are enjoying “phenomenal returns.”

It’s also per this article from the Telegraph titled “Record Numbers of Salmon and Trout in British Rivers” happening in the United Kingdom….

More than 15,000 salmon and sea trout have already been recorded migrating this year up the River Tyne – a waterway in which no salmon and trout were seen 50 years ago – the highest number since records began.

Record numbers of sea trout have been recorded in the Thames, a river once declared biologically dead.

They attribute this to cleaning up the rivers, which isn’t a bad thing in my book. Certainly not global warming caused salmon decline though is it?

Yup, sure sounds like global warming is killing off all those salmon.  Just another case of “alarmist” bullshit go me. It seems to be if we had that global warming going on we wouldn’t be seeing record salmon runs this year. More CO2 Insanity foisted upon the public by the scaremongers.

Sources in links in the article.

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