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British Weather Guru Labels Met Office as Evil Dictator of Science

By: John O’ Sullivan 

February 20th, 19:53

As more evidence shows the sun drives our climate a leading forecaster labels the cult of man-made global warming  “the Mubarak regime of Science.”

Britain’s best independent weatherman, Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction launches a blistering attack on the UK’s Met Office for repeatedly trumpeting claims that floods can be attributed to human impacts on climate. The Met Office has long been a key supporter of climatologists claiming carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by humans will bring about catastrophic climate change.

Corbyn counters:

“If there were any truth in their claims we would have seen a continuous increase in floods (and other extremes according to their catechism) during the last century and also in the last ten years because CO2 has been rising continuously.”

With his usual flamboyant cut and thrust the maverick marvel from WeatherAction puts the doomsaying cult to the sword with a visual presentation created specifically for a new series of talks and seminars. Corbyn claims his set of damning slides are based on indisputable facts and are geared towards better explaining the basics to non-scientists.

In his easy to follow step-by-step analysis Corbyn expertly debunks the claims of a clique of self-serving “carbon crazy” climatologists. He asks us to compare their forecasts to his own sensational results. This, he says, is the best evidence to show who is more credible on the science. Corbyn is adamant that climate varies strictly according to changes in our enormous and powerful sun and not in any way determined by a tiny amount of CO2 (under 0.04 percent) in our atmosphere.

More Extreme Weather Events Coming Says Corbyn

After years of being shunned by a mainstream media that are still sold on the doomsaying spin, Piers has nonetheless become a notable figure always pressured to speak at meetings and conference events across Britain whenever he can. Attentive listeners are most impressed with his masterful display in what is such a contentious field of applied science.

Dismissive of the billion dollar propaganda machine that has been touting the global warming scare for two decades, Corbyn insists changes in solar activity are, and always will be, the key and humans have no measurable effect whatsover on our climate.

Speaking recently in front of a packed audience the guru from WeatherAction spelled out the facts:

“It’s time for a reality check. What works works and what doesn’t doesn’t. We can now show the events on the sun which precede our predicted extreme events which we can usually get right 85% of the time to a day or so from months ahead.”

Corbyn is a tough cookie to eschew. With his uncanny knack of foreseeing a long list of extreme weather events – including the Russian heatwave and Pakistan floods; the coldest December for 100 years in Britain; the series of giant blizzards in America and supercyclone Yasi that thrashed Queensland – no one can doubt his success rate.

In acknowledgement of his astonishing achievements 2010 ended as an award-winning year for Corbyn as he scooped the Stairways Press Ernst-Georg Beck Award plus a check for $10,000.

Adding further authority to Corbyn’s claims a recent BBC news broadcast highlighted how the sun has lately been threatening to wreak further havoc on our weather. A burst of solar flares came close to knocking out satellites, electrical power supplies and communications networks worldwide (February 17-20 2011).

BBC viewers were shown how a newly released archive of geomagnetic records stretching back to the Victorian era allows us to comprehend for ourselves just how powerful “space weather” really is. Such solar storms in the past have caused huge disruption and there is little, if anything, we can do about them.

How is Corbyn Right Time after Time?

WeatherAction uses all such geomagnetic records as shown in the above BBC report along with a set of Corbyn’s bespoke mathematical indicators, or parameters. These include “lunar modulators” added to the mix which are then compared to past weather sequences to identify similarities with current trends.

By applying Corbyn’s inimitable technique WeatherAction has found that past patterns are extraordinarily useful as guides to predicting future weather. At no time does Corbyn apply any data related to carbon dioxide or other so-called ‘greenhouse gases.’

Instead, Corbyn aligns himself with those many scientists and writers who devastatingly disproved the greenhouse gas theory in the current best-seller, ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon.’

Piers explains to intrigued spectators why the latest crop of freak weather events are happening.

“The first thing to get clear is that simultaneous superstorms on different sides of the globe are meteorologically disconnected – it would take weeks for air to blow between them – so the reason for their simultaneity can only be by external solar-based cause which (with lunar modulation) has a world-wide simultaneous effect.”

Unlike those “junk climate scientists” playing with computer models, Corbyn always factors into his calculations solar and lunar influences. The latest output of his number crunching has prompted WeatherAction to issue three more worrying “level red warnings” for upcoming extreme weather events.

To find out more about this modern marvel of meteorology and get the full details of what’s in store for your weather in 2011 check out the award-winning wonder at his WeatherAction website.

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Top Scientists in Heated Debate over ‘Slaying’ of Greenhouse Gas Theory

By: John O’Sullivan

Top Scientists in Heated Debate over ‘Slaying’ of Greenhouse Gas Theory

One of the greatest open debates of modern times concerning the greenhouse gas theory is set to start in earnest. Critics predict an almighty global warming showdown between ‘deniers’ and ‘doomsayers.’

This author, project coordinator of the recently published book ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ can report that the books has ignited controversy and temperatures are set to rise on the blogosphere next week.

The authors of the two-volume publication insist that they have refuted the greenhouse gas theory of climate change and last week triggered an impromptu and vigorous exchange of emails among a host of luminaries from the world of climate science.

Key figures in the hullabaloo are Dr. Judith Curry, Lord Monckton and Roy Spencer. However, Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat disappointed many by quickly withdrawing from the discussion soon after it started. It was left to Monckton, Spencer and Curry to defend the established theory.

Others involved in the email correspondence include Richard Lindzen of MIT, Fred Singer of SEPP, Miso Alkalaj, a mathematician and Head of the Center for Network Infrastructure at the J. Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia,  Joe Olson PE is an internationally respected science writer, Brazilian Geraldo Lino, a Brazilian geologist and author of the book ‘The Global Warming Fraud: How a Natural Phenomenon was Converted into a False World Emergency.’

Mainstream Book Deal in New York the Prize?

The books’ authors, who are currently being courted by leading lights in the New York publishing world, took umbrage at a comment Curry posted on her blog last week in which she stated,

“I’ve read Slaying the Sky Dragon and originally intended a rubuttal,[sic] but it would be too overwhelming to attempt this and probably pointless. “

Lord Monckton quickly ran to Curry’s defense but inflamed the book’s authors with his comment, “There is unfortunately a great deal that is wrong with the book.”

Not wishing to allow such a slight to pass O’Sullivan emailed Dr. Curry and challenged her to debate the issue but she declined. However, after several days of discussion both parties finally agreed to an open debate to begin next week on Curry’s blog.

Thereupon, ‘Slayers’ co-author Hans Schreuder took Monckton to task for apparently making past contradictory statements of his own on the theory citing a paper where Monckton had asserted there was no greenhouse signature in the atmosphere.

Dr. Roy Spencer then waded in as Siddons  and Dr, Martin Hertzberg launched into what Siddons dismissed as “lukewarmists” or in other words, climate sceptics who believe that “some” warming is due to the “greenhouse” effect and that human emissions may play a part in it.

Dr. Martin Hertzberg has lately had an important new paper, published on Energy and Environment further attacking the greenhouse gas theory.  World leading independent long-range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction.com has towelled himself down and sat ‘ringside’ ready to tag team his co-authors from the ‘Slayers’ stable. But all proceedings so far have been in good spirits. In light of Dr. Curry graciously agreeing to stage this debate Professor Claes Johnson, who was recently banned from teaching any such material to his students by the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden posted his response here.



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Biased Greentards Ban Professor

Global Warming University in Shock Ban on Academic Freedom and Debate by: John O’Sullivan

Extremist pro-green Swedish university shackles academic freedom and bans all teaching that doesn’t conform to dogma of human-caused global warming.

The latest victim targeted by global warming fascists is Swedish professor, Dr. Claes Johnson who is smacked down for speaking the truth by his employers, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Ban Linked to Sensational Revelations in Johnson’s New Book

It’s no coincidence that Johnson, a world-leading mathematics professor has been silenced in the very week his co-authored climate skeptic book, ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ stormed has stormed the science best seller listings after rave reviews.

Johnson is among 22 leading international experts who have dared to join forces and speak out in a blockbuster of a book that exposes the fraudulent science and calculations built into the theory of man-made global warming. The two-volume publication skillfully shreds the lies of government climatologists that faked the warming effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by falsely multiplying the numbers three times over.

Cynics are claiming the teaching ban is a knee-jerk panic reaction to these startling revelations that Johnson had dared to explain in-depth to his inquisitive students.

Academic Censorship Gone Mad

The math professor reports that this latest gagging is most extreme because it includes required material for his students and may be fatally damaging to their studies.

The highly experienced and respected professor has been banned by his bosses from teaching any “part of course material in the course Numerical Methods II.” The material is also found in his e-book, ‘BodyandSoul.’

Dr. Johnson laments, “the course, has been “stopped” by the President of the Royal Technological Institute KTH, because the book contains a mathematical analysis of some models related to climate simulation.”

It appears the blanket ban was precipitated after a small clique of pro-green student activists protested to the university that Johnson was daring to address both sides of the global warming debate. The story is also reported by DN.SE, a popular Scandinavian publication who added, “the school took away pages of the book.”

The ban is likely to be seized upon as yet further proof of undemocratic and politicized corruption of academia; adding strength to claims that global warming propagandists have systematically hijacked educational standards.

More details on this disturbing new development on the professor’s blog, ‘Claes Johnson on Mathematics and Science.’


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Book Launch Exposes UN Climate Science in Another Scandal

by: John O’Sullivan

Newly released science book revelation is set to heap further misery on UN global warming researchers. Will latest setback derail Cancun Climate conference?

Slaying the Sky Dragon Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory is now #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List in the Science category.

Authors of a new book  ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ claim they have debunked the widely established greenhouse gas theory climate change. In the first of what they say will be a series of sensational statements to promote the launch of their book, they attack a cornerstone belief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – what is known as the “carbon isotope argument.”

Mišo Alkalaj, is one of 24 expert authors of this two-volume publication, among them are qualified climatologists, prominent skeptic scientists and a world leading math professor. It is Alkalaj’s chapter in the second of the two books that exposes the fraud concerning the isotopes 13C/12C found in carbon dioxide (CO2).

If true, the disclosure may possibly derail last-ditch attempts at a binding international treaty to ‘halt man-made global warming.’ At minimum the story will be sure to trigger a fresh scandal for the beleaguered United Nations body.

Do Human Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Exhibit a Distinct Signature?

The low-key internal study focused on the behavior of 13C/12C isotopes within carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules and examined how the isotopes decay over time. Its conclusions became the sole basis of claims that ‘newer’ airborne CO2 exhibits a different and thus distinct ‘human signature.’ The paper was employed by the IPCC to give a green light to researchers to claim they could quantify the amount of human versus natural proportions just from counting the number of isotopes within that ‘greenhouse gas.’

Alkalaj, who is head of Center for Communication Infrastructure at the “J. Stefan” Institute, Slovenia says because of the nature of organic plant decay, that emits CO2, such a mass spectrometry analysis is bogus. Therefore, it is argued, IPCC researchers are either grossly incompetent or corrupt because it is impossible to detect whether carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is of human or organic origin.

Skeptics Out to Derail Cancun Climate Conference?

Cynics are already claiming ‘Isotope-gate’ is more than just a promotional stunt to hype this book launch. They say its also deliberately timed to disrupt the latest major international climate conference in Cancun, Mexico (November 29th – December 10th).

The Cancun Climate conference (COP 16) is seen as a make or break attempt by world leaders to secure a binding international treaty to limit emissions of carbon dioxide after the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Summit last year. Copenhagen was undermined by the Climategate revelations and this latest attempt by skeptics may be a repeat.

The ‘Isotope-gate’ story is one of many planned promotional releases from the book and this publication is bound to cause embarrassment to delegates in Mexico if the revelations it contains become widely known.

Worryingly for Cancun (and the IPCC) this new book makes far bolder claims than have been made before by skeptics. Its authors say they have scientifically and mathematically disproved the greenhouse gas theory. The theory is the bedrock of all scientific claims that humans are responsible for climate change.

‘Slayers’ Book Reveals New Evidence of UN Climate Fraud

The  13C/12C argument being attacked by Mišo Alkalaj may be found in IPCC’s AR4 – The Physical Science Basis Working Group. The IPCC clarifies its position on Page 139 of that chapter.

According to Miso the fatal assumption made by the IPCC is that the atmospheric concentration of the 13C isotope (distinctive in prehistoric plants) are fixed. They also assume C3-type plants no longer exist so would need to be factored into the equations. Indeed, as Miso points out such plants, “make up 95% of the mass of all current plant life.”

Therefore, decay of 95% of present-day plant material is constantly emitting the 13C-deficient carbon dioxide supposedly characteristic of coal combustion—and CO2 emitted by plant decay is an order of magnitude greater than all human-generated emissions.

‘Isotope-gate’ is Twin Brother of Himalayagate

But a more sinister twist to the story is not just that the researchers erred in mistakenly overlooking the flaws about the 13C isotope, but that they never referred the analysis to outsider verification.

As with the Himalayagate controversy, the Prentice paper was never reviewed beyond the secretive four walls of UN climate alarmism; it relied entirely on an internal uncorroborated source.

On this cynical practice Mišo observes, “Few readers will be bothered to follow the trail all the way and especially not the ‘policymakers.’ But the few that do frequently find out that the argument is circular (A quotes B and B quotes A), etc.”

Thus, there exists no proof of any such distinct ‘human signal’ anywhere in samples of atmospheric CO2 and the IPCC is discredited. Therefore, once again, the public has been shown compelling evidence of how it was duped by junk science promoted knowingly by an international gang of fraudsters.


IPCC (TAR) Third Report (2001), ‘The Scientific Basis,’ Working Group 1
IPCC  (FAR) Fourth Report (2007) ‘The Physical Science Basis,’ Working Group 1
Ball, T., Johnson, C., Hertzberg, M., Olson, J.A., et al., ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,’ (November, 2010), accessed online at: amazon.com (November 26, 2010).

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Slaying the Sky Dragon

Effective 11/29/10, Slaying the Sky Dragon is now #1 on the Amazon best seller list in the science category.

We have a new must read book out today by authors: John O’Sullivan (Author), Hans Schreuder (Author), Charles Anderson (Author), Claes Johnson (Author), Tim Ball (Author), Alan Siddons(Author), Oliver K. Manual (Author), Joseph A. Olson (Author), Martin Hertzberg (Author), et al. Get a no nonsense read about the fraud surrounding  anthropogenic global warming – Editor.  Below is a description of the book and where you can order it from.

One year after Climategate the greenhouse gas theory, the absolute cornerstone of IPCC ‘science,’ is torn to shreds. In an unprecedented achievement 24 international experts (over 2 volumes) have worked tirelessly to compose the definitive masterpiece of skeptical science.


To mark the book launch the ‘Slayers’ will publish a series of articles to highlight their scandalous findings.

The first revelation comes from Mišo Alkalaj, a mathematician and head of Center for Communication Infrastructure at the “J. Stefan” Institute, Slovenia. Alkalaj refutes a fundamental claim made by the IPPC – in which ‘scientists’ have asserted they can distinguish between human-emitted carbon dioxide (CO2) and its naturally occurring equivalent.

The claim is exposed as being without any scientific basis. It is an unsupported concoction of a lone UN insider cynically and fraudulently inserted into the UN literature as if it was accepted science.


Each week further such telling revelations will be made. But don’t wait weeks to discover what you can read today and risk missing an even bigger opportunity.

For a limited period we are making a special offer – not one volume but two groundbreaking books. Yes, as a special introductory promotion we are making an extraordinary ‘two for one’ holiday season deal.  Buy Book One now for just $10.79 and get Book Two free!

*** ‘Sky Dragon Slayers 2’ ***

Make no mistake – readers of Book One will find the second volume as devastating as the first. ‘Sky Dragon Slayers 2’ (RRP $8.99).

‘Sky Dragon 2’ showcases the work of other authors in this extraordinary team. Among them is world-leading sea level expert, Nils-Axel Mörner, UN IPCC author Dr. Vincent Gray, renowned climatologist Hans Jelbring and leading Brazilian geologist and climate writer, Geraldo Luís Lino.

So hurry, avoid disappointment this winter holiday season and order now by debit/credit card to have both books (value $19.78) for only $10.79. Remember, this is a limited offer and will not last.

You can order the United States version here, or the British version here.

Avail yourself of this historic opportunity to be among the first to own the epic work that finally kills off the greatest science fraud of all time. Share our message and play your part in bringing an end to the most costly science fraud in history!


John O’Sullivan


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