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U.S. Winter 2010-2011 Global Warming Tally

Ice Falls from Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Stadium

I was looking at the Weather Channel this morning to see what the weather in Dallas, Texas will be for the Superbowl when I caught 2010-2011 Winter Seasonal Snow Totals to the right of the forecast. I appears that we have a lot more Global Warming this winter than even Al Gore dreamed of. Here’s a few so you can see what I’m talking about.

2010-11 Snowfall
Seasonal Average
88.0 inches
32.5 inches (+ 55.5 inches)
125.6 inches
71.3 inches (+ 54.3 inches)
80.6 inches
26.7 inches (+ 53.9 inches)
63.3 inches
13.6 inches (+ 49.7 inches)
70.7 inches
22.7 inches (+ 48.0 inches)
57.7 inches
12.0 inches (+ 45.7 inches)
56.4 inches
13.7 inches (+ 42.7 inches)
74.6 inches
33.6 inches (+ 41.0 inches)
92.1 inches
52.7 inches (+ 39.4 inches)

Based on Al and other warmers theories, this is all caused by global warming, which is an amazing after-the-fact prediction if I ever saw one.

I suppose this summer when it’s 110 in the shade in Dallas that will be global warming caused, too. ¬†Or, if it doesn’t get hot enough this summer that will be global warming caused. All events will be predicted post-event as is normal with the warmers these days.

You can see how much global warming fell on other cities in the country at the source below.

Source: The Weather Channel


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