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Record Summer Night Temperatures?

You have to appreciate the timing on this one. Yesterday the Watts Up With That? website published this article titled “They only come out at night: “The Dark Side of Climate Change” and today (it doesn’t take long!) we get this article in USA Today titled “Summer sets records for nighttime temperatures.”

So, what’s so funny about it? Well, the people at “Watts Up With That?” must have predicted that articles about this would quickly show up and they got the quick-draw on the warmers.

The article shows you (literally with a couple of photos) how the warmers get these astoundingly warmer record nighttime temperatures. The warmers, as usual, are hollering about how this is more proof-positive we have global warming.

Just look at the photos to see what I am laughing about. You can easily see that they “conveniently” place the sensors around paved areas that retain heat long after the sun has gone down and thus raise the nighttime temperatures. How tricky indeed. They also like to place them near air conditioning exhausts and at the end of airport runways subjected to heat from jet engine exhausts day and night.  I even saw a photo of one in California mounted on  a fireplace chimney with the sensor above the flue.

So, today (they don’t wait long) we get the USA Today item touting record temperatures after dark per the study cited on Watts…..

This past summer didn’t set U.S. records for just daytime temperatures but also for nighttime ones, posing a danger to the elderly and low-income people who depend on overnight cooling, a new study reveals

Of course this has to be a danger, they have to keep that alarmism going yanno. They then go on to blather about how…..

The report, released Thursday, says nighttime temperatures are more sensitive to greenhouse gases than daytime ones because increases in cloud cover and atmospheric aerosols counteract some of the heat effect during the day.

Yes indeed folks! Has to be those greenhouse gases that are now amazingly (conveniently?) working their global warming voodoo at night more than in the day.  Perhaps they’re “vampire” gases that only come out at night? Or, perhaps it’s just hot pavement?

More in a seemingly never-ending supply of CO2 Insanity.

Source: Watts Up With That?

Source: USA Today


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Instead of “Where’s Waldo?” it’s “Where’s Warming?”

From C3 we get the above chart showing the maximum temperature records set and the fact that the last one was set 33 years ago. No warming here, nothing to see, please go home, nothing “unprecedented” going on like the “alarmist warmers” would have you believe, just more global warming fraud. Can  you say “busted?” Yet more climate “alarmist” BS. You can read all about it at the source below. More proof that CO2 Insanity exist with the “alarmist” pulling out all the stops because frankly, they’re getting desperate.

UPDATE: You can go to Iceage Now here and read about the early cold weather thus far like early snow in china and killer frost in Alberta, Canada.

Source: C3

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