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Met Chief: UK Snomageddon ‘is merely a natural fluctuation’

Wow! Finally, someone has come up with a new line of BS about all the recent total bombardment of snow and cold in Great Britain! No, it’s not ‘weather’, nor is it ‘climate change,’ or ‘global warming,’ or even ‘climate disruption. It’s astoundingly not even that Arctic cold that is now claimed to be caused by global warming!

Today it’s ‘merely a natural fluctuation!’ Yes that’s right ‘natural fluctuation!’ Amazing!

So, who came up with this? Why it’s the nutty British MET Office again in the winner’s circle. It’s even the MET Offices’ Chief Scientist, Professor Julia Slingo! While I’ll give her an “A” for this comment, I will still give her an “F” for FAIL as she still believes in the global warming fairy. (Al Gore?)

Still, it’s damn amazing someone’s finally admitted we have good old-fashioned weather events that are not driven by global warming. I think I’ll get a Scotch on the rocks and give the good Professor a toast.

I wonder what kind of odds I can get in Vegas that she’ll lose her job by New Years Day?

Definitely a new kind of CO2 Insanity. Please read the whole thing with amusement at the link below.

Source: The Independent

Edit: Here’s another link to Real Science. They think she can’t read a map. I agree.

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