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Global Warming Committee D.O.A.

Well, it looks like the Republicans may be off to a good start in 2011 as the Republicans have already killed the Gl0bal Warming Committee. It is D.O.A., hopefully for good as in my opinion it’s been a gigantic waste of tax dollars that would be better spent elsewhere on real problems instead of non-existent global warming.

Per the Guardian today……

The kick-off of the 112th Congress on Wednesday also marked the end of an era in the House – the demise of a committee devoted solely to climate change and energy issues. The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, created by Nancy Pelosi in 2006, has been shuttered under the new Republican leadership. In the final days of the committee, staffers released a report on what the committee accomplished in its brief tenure – an epitaph of sorts.

Finally what I hope is the start of some CO2 Sanity instead of CO2 Insanity. Now if they’d start vetting the warmers in government like James Hansen of GISS who amazingly arrives at higher temperatures than everyone else and John B. Miller of NOAA, who’d probably like genocide as a solution to non-existent global warming, we might have something going, like perhaps the truth for a change.

Source: The Guardian

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