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"Warmers" Freeze to Death in Antarctica

You think the people on the Jerry Springer show do some wierd stuff, this one is about living (dying?) proof that the “warmers” even outdo the people on Jerry’s show.  I really hate that they died because it was totally unnecessary, but it does show you how CO2 Insanity can affect even intelligent people.   This guy was a Professor for Pete’s sake.  Per the EcoEnquirer article

(Punta Arenas, Chile) Famed global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend were both found frozen to death on Saturday, about 90 miles from South Pole Station, by the pilot of a ski plane practicing emergency evacuation procedures.

Yes the “warmers” froze to death.

Apparently, while all of Prof. Schneider’s friends were assuming that the July trek would be to Greenland, during Northern Hemisphere summer, his plans were actually to snowmobile to the South Pole – which, in July, is in the dead of winter.

Antarctica  in winter is not a warm place to be, but I guess they didn’t realize how cold it gets there.

Mr. Dolittle related how some people do not realize that, even if there has been warming in Antarctica, the average temperature at the South Pole in July still runs about 70 degrees F below zero. “Some people think that July is warm everywhere on Earth.”

“And I was surprised to see how close they got to South Pole Station. They ran through all of their gas supplies for the snowmobiles”, explained Doolittle. “They had cold weather gear and clothes, but during this time of year you just don’t go outside unless it is an emergency.”

I guess the “warmers” have their first martyr.  My condolences to family and friends, this was totally unnecessary.

Source:  EcoEnquirer

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